Home Services You Will Have to Install in Your New Home

Without a doubt, there are many things to keep track of and plan for when you move into a new home. Whether that home is just across town, in a new state or you have moved from an apartment into a new house, there are services that you are going to want to have installed. Some services, such as water and electricity, can be arranged prior to the move, while others can only be done once you have moved in to your home. Trash pickup, cable and internet and phone service top the list of must-haves. If you are moving from one state to the next, then transferring services may not be possible. Having a checklist and a strategy for turning services on, finding services in your area and transferring existing services can make your Moving Day less hectic. The following offers a short list of the major services that you should have installed in your new home.

Utilities in Your New Home

If you are moving to a new area, town or city, then you will have to set up utilities, and there is a good chance that the utility service that you now enjoy will not be offered in your new home. If this is the case, then you will have to make arrangements for the electricity to be turned on prior to your arrival. Moving in to a home that does not have the electricity turned on can make the move-in day difficult. First, check to see if your current provider operates in your new area. If so, simply inform the company of the move, update the address, and set a date for the services to be switched over. At one point, you could have services on in both homes, allowing you to have electricity in your old place while you finalize packing.

The local service providers can be found online, and most chamber of commerce sites offer information for new arrivals, including information on the utility companies, water services, trash pickup and others. Most experts suggest making these types of arrangements at least two weeks before the move-in date, giving the electric company time to set things up. If you move during the summer months, for example, it can sometimes take longer.

Most utility companies require a deposit prior to connection, though if you are an existing customer, it may not apply. In many instances, you will receive the deposit back, or it will be credited back to your account toward services. Most companies use some sort of application, and most of them have this application online.

Entertainment, Internet and Cable

For most cable companies, transferring the service to a new place is as easy as making an online request. Many companies will call to verify that you want the service moved, and to establish a cutoff and transfer date. In order to do this, most companies require that the person requesting the transfer be the primary person listed on the account, and that the request is being transferred to an area of the country where they offer service. Most require that the account be up-to-date and current before making the transfer of services. In the case that the cable company does not service your new area, then you will have to make arrangements to take any components back to the cable company’s office prior to your move (otherwise you will be charged for the equipment). Many cable companies bundle cable and internet together, making it easy to transfer both if they service your new area. However, if you have had each separately, then you will need to research internet provider companies in your new area. Many phone companies will also offer a bundle package, which includes both home phone service and internet. Many small, local phone companies also offer these types of packages, and are often cheaper than their larger national counterparts. If you have cut the cable and are using a streaming service, such as a Roku, then simply take your box with you when you move. Since it is a virtual setup, all you need to do is update the billing information and address.

Home Security

While you will most likely not be able to move the home security components, the service, itself, can be transferred if the area you are moving to is within the company’s servicing area. Depending on the home security service you are with, you may be asked to purchase new equipment for the new home, but at a possible discount. Still, others, such as those home security systems that are part of a Smart House package (which you install yourself), are completely transferrable and portable. All you will have to do in that instance is to make sure that the company is updated on the new address, and you will need to update any billing that is involved.

Trash Service

Depending on where you are moving, you are going to need someone to pick up the garbage on a weekly basis. In rural areas, residents are often required to haul their own garbage to centrally located dumps in the county. However, most suburban and urban areas have trash pickup. You can find out which companies service your area by checking online. You will want to arrange for service to begin one week prior to your move to ensure that service will pick up all of the collected garbage left over from your big move.

How to Maximize Living Room Space

Maximizing living room space can be difficult, whether you have a small living room, one that is oddly shaped or includes obstructions, such as heaters or fireplaces. It can also be a challenge if your living room has a lot of windows or doorways you do not want to block. However, every living room has its own unique elements which can be used to your advantage. Therefore, regardless of the living room layout you have, there are ways to make the space suit your needs. You may have to come up with an unconventional design scheme based on the materials and space available to you, but a little creativity can go a long way toward creating a cozy area in which you can relax. Below are several tips, which can help you to make the best use of your furniture and other elements in order to create the living room you want.

Use Color to Make the Living Room Seem Larger and Brighter

The proper color scheme can make your living room look larger and brighten it up. Darker color schemes make rooms look small and uninviting. Avoid putting dark furniture in your living room if the space is small. Instead, use living room window treatments, furniture and paint colors that are bright and warm. This will make the space seem less confining.

Invest in Multiple-Function Living Room Furniture

If you are struggling with a small living room or one with an inconvenient shape, then one of the best tools at your disposal is proper furniture selection. Look for a coffee table with either concealed storage inside or an open shelf underneath. A coffee table with storage will give you a place to put magazines, television remote controls and other clutter, which would otherwise make your living room seem smaller or less appealing. You can also invest in a trunk or hollow ottoman if you need a place to store larger items, such as blankets or extra pillows.

You must also decide if your living room is going to function only as a living room or as a multipurpose area. A sofa which pulls out into a bed can be an excellent investment if you want the living room to also be a guest room. When dealing with a small apartment space, another option is to purchase a flat desk, which can function as both a work surface and a dining table, as needed.

Do Not Put the Sofa Directly Against the Wall

A floating living room sofa can help you to maximize your living room space in two distinct ways. First, you can arrange the sofa in such a way that it will create an inferred wall. Creating a fake wall using furniture can help you to distinguish between your living area and your dining or kitchen area, if you have an apartment with undefined rooms.

A second option is to arrange your sofa in front of a wall, but not directly against the wall. Leaving some space behind the sofa can provide another walkway within the small area, so you can move around the space more easily. Alternatively, you can fill the space between the wall and sofa with a shelf, table or trunk to create storage space, or a surface on which to put reading lamps or other necessities.

Wall Mount Your Living Room Lights

If your living room has no overhead lighting and few or no windows, then you will require reading lamps. However, floor lamps may take up valuable space, as might table lamps. Wall mounting your living room lights can serve the dual purpose of giving you more surface space for other items and functioning as an artistic design element. You could surround them with shelving or artwork to make them further blend in, while still maximizing your use of the space.

Display Family Photos Efficiently in Your Living Room

Displaying family photos is a common practice in most living rooms, but if yours is already small and cluttered, then you must do so efficiently. Some options include hanging photos on the wall or investing in a digital picture frame, which will display a slide show of different images. You can also create a photo album and leave it out as a permanent fixture on your coffee table to show your guests. If the bookcases in your living room have some space, then you can place framed family portraits among the books to break up the space and provide stylish flair to your bookshelf organization.

Create Custom Living Room Shelving

When decorating a living room with sloped ceilings, small nooks or other frustrating design elements may encourage you to invest in custom shelving for those spaces. Creating custom shelves will maximize the use of the space. However, if your budget will not allow for custom shelving, then you can reduce your shelving costs by repurposing and painting wood or metal scraps from other projects.

Use All of the Living Room Space That You Have

In order to maximize the living room space that you have, you must not ignore the space above eye level. Hang artwork higher to draw the attention of your visitors upward, and make the space look larger. You can also install shelving over doorways and windows to create more display space for books or collectibles.

In addition to using the space near your ceiling for display purposes, you can also display items on unusual surfaces. For example, if you have a thick support beam in your living room, add display shelves to it. Similarly, you can add a shelf or a hollow window seat to a bay window in order to create an extra storage area or display space.

Advantages and Drawbacks of Installing a Home Security System

If you own your home, then keeping it secure should be one of your top priorities, especially if you have a family or valuables to protect. There are many ways in which to secure your home. One potential option is to install a home security system to help you monitor what goes on in your home at all hours of the day. Installing such a system may seem like an obvious choice because of the peace of mind it can offer to your family and you. However, home security system installation has both advantages and drawbacks, which must all be considered before you make a decision about whether or not to purchase an alarm system to protect your home and your family. Evaluating the positives and negatives of installing home security systems in the list provided below will help you to decide whether or not installing this type of protection is the right choice for your family.

A Home Security System May Scare Away an Intruder

The most obvious home security system advantage in installing the alarm system in your home is that it may scare away an intruder attempting to harm your family or looking to steal your valuables. Most alarm systems are quite loud. Intruders often do not want to attract attention, and will leave when confronted by such loud noises.

Home Security Systems Protect Against More Than Just Home Invasions

An often-overlooked home security system advantage is that alarm systems do not just keep intruders outside; they can also help keep people and pets inside. For example, if you have a cat, a dog or a young child who can open doors, then your alarm system may be able to alert you when the door opens from the inside. Alarm systems can also help you monitor elderly relatives with dementia or family members with other mental illnesses.

Police Respond to Home Security System Alarms Quickly

If you install a home security system, you will have better police protection in the event of a break-in or an emergency. Your security company will dispatch the police to your home at the first sign of trouble. You will not have to call emergency services yourself. Automatic and quick police response can be particularly advantageous if you cannot get to the phone when an intruder breaks into your home.

Modern Home Security Systems Offer Mobile Monitoring Options

Depending on the home security system you purchase, you may have access to mobile monitoring options and remote video surveillance tools. Mobile monitoring can be used from any cellular phone or computer. Therefore, you will be able to monitor your home while you are at work, on vacation or away from home for any other reason.

Not All Burglars Are Deterred by Home Security Systems

One drawback of installing a home security system is that it may not give you total security. Some burglars are not deterred by alarm system signs or even the noise of alarm sirens. Trained thieves know how to get in quickly and remove items of value before police arrive on the scene. Therefore, your alarm system may only be partially effective.

Not All Home Security System Companies Offer Legitimate Services

Another disadvantage of installing a home security system is that you will have to be aware of and able to avoid security system scams. Due to the fact that not all security system services are legitimate, you must carefully research your security company of choice. Never sign a contract, unless the security company is clearly authorized or licensed.

Some Home Security System Companies Require Long Term Contracts

When considering home security system drawbacks, you must also decide whether or not you are willing to sign a long-term contract with a specific company. Many home security companies require contracts which can last for two to five years. Companies not requiring such contractual obligations may not be as reliable or as diverse in their services offered as more well-established firms.

Home Security System False Alarms Sometimes Occur

Home security system technology has advanced dramatically in recent years, but false alarms are still possible. Heating and cooling systems can change the air currents in your home, causing objects like balloons to trigger motion sensors. If you have pets, then you may also have difficulties, because your pets could trigger your home security system when you are sleeping or are not at home.

You May Need to Give Others Your Home Security System Code

If you have a lot of people coming into your home on a regular basis, then a home security system may be problematic for you, because all authorized people will need your security clearance code. Such individuals include, but are not limited to: gardeners, housekeepers, babysitters, pet sitters and relatives. The more people you give your security code to, the greater the chances are that someone who is not authorized will learn how to access your home.

You Must Remember to Set Your Home Security System

Another drawback of home security systems is that you must remember to set them. If you are unlikely to remember to do so on a regular basis, then a standard security system may not be a worthwhile investment for you. However, it is possible to purchase a home security system you can set remotely from a computer or a cellphone if you forget to do so before leaving your home.

Ways to Save Money When Furnishing Your Home in Georgia

Buying or renting a new home can be an expensive process. New homeowners and tenants have to be careful about sticking to their budgets, especially since they now have new monthly expenses related to their homes. At the same time, new homeowners and tenants also want to decorate their new spaces and make them truly feel like it belongs to them. Even if they do not plan on buying a lot of decorations, they need to expend at least some money to furnish their new homes with the basic necessities.

Fortunately, there are many ways that homeowners or tenants can decorate their new homes, even when they are on tight budgets. One of the reasons new homeowners or tenants often overspend when furnishing their homes is because they do not plan what they need beforehand, and end up making impulse purchases. Therefore, it is highly recommended that homeowners or tenants make lists of exactly what type of furniture they need.

Planning for a Move in Georgia

When planning, homeowners or tenants should have in mind a general vision of the kind of style they want their living spaces to look like. If they are unsure, it is a good idea to look at different magazines or websites to get ideas for potential styles for the house. This makes it much easier to pick out furniture, and limits how much browsing they have to do at the store. Picking a style in advance also gives the homeowner or tenant a chance to do more research to get an estimate for how much he or she will have to spend on all the furniture.

Something else that is important to keep in mind when planning out purchases is the overall size of the house. Ideally, shoppers will go to a physical store for the larger items they want to purchase, such as refrigerators, couches or beds. Otherwise, a buyer might end up purchasing a piece of furniture that may not actually fit in its intended space.

Another part of planning involves scheduling when purchases are made. A lot of homeowners or tenants make the mistake of trying to furnish their entire houses, all at once. It makes much more sense to set reasonable goals for furnishing a house, such as focusing on certain rooms each month or pay period. Otherwise, the homeowner may end up settling for furniture that he or she does not actually enjoy, just because he or she felt like it was necessary to finish furnishing before a personally set deadline. When creating a schedule, it also helps to have some flexibility, since furniture and other items often go on sale, which makes them higher-priority items during that limited time.

Repurposing Furniture in Georgia

Repurposing is much easier for homeowners, since tenants are often limited by what sort of changes they can make in an apartment. However, it really comes down to what sort of repurposing the homeowner wants to do. With a house, it is sometimes much cheaper, and just as effective, to reface kitchen cabinets instead of replacing them with newer models. A lot of repurposing can be done by the homeowner without hiring a professional, which drastically cuts down on the costs.

With furniture, the options are generally more limiting. Usually, furniture repurposing has to do with making minor changes to an existing object, so it better suits the style of the rest of the furniture, like painting a table to match the rest of the room. Crafty homeowners or tenants may also be able to purchase furniture that has not been varnished or painted. If they are willing to do these projects themselves, it can often save a decent amount of money.

Hiring a Student Designer in Georgia

Not all homeowners or tenants have an idea of how they want to decorate their houses. Many turn toward an interior designer to help them make decisions, but this can be a large expense. One alternative is to hire a student designer, instead. Many student designers have plenty of experience, but offer discounted prices, because they need more positive recommendations to help promote their services. Student designers are especially grateful if the homeowner or tenant allows the student designer to take pictures of the home once it is complete, to use in their portfolios.

Using Old Furniture in Georgia

Anyone that is moving from a previous home should already have some furniture. If the furniture does not match the house, or if the homeowner or tenant wants to upgrade, he or she should first try selling the old furniture to help raise funds for the new house. Depending on the condition, he or she may not be able to get much for the furniture, but it is better than just throwing it away or leaving it at the old home.

In addition to what the buyer already owns, it is worth seeing if the seller is leaving behind any furniture. This is much more common with houses, but occasionally, some rented property has furniture that was left behind that the landlord did not take as his or her own. If the furniture matches the homeowner or tenant’s desired style, it makes sense to use those items, instead of buying brand new ones.

Tips for Saving Money on Electricity in Georgia

Creating a budget can be very challenging, but it is one of the best ways to save money. When creating a budget, it helps to focus on specific areas, especially ones that are consistent costs. One of the regular payments that Georgia residents must incur surrounds their utilities bills, with electricity often being one of the highest to pay. Part of what makes the electric bill so high is how many household devices constantly use electricity.

Unfortunately, many of these devices are an important part of the household, so simply getting rid of them is not an option. However, there are oftentimes more energy-efficient replacements on the market. Many of these replacements make small changes to how much power is consumed and used by the product. It may not seem like it at first, but all these small changes quickly add up to create sizeable savings. In addition to using more energy-efficient products, there are also ways to be more energy conservative around the home, which leads to additional savings.

Avoiding Standby Power Loads in Georgia

One of the first tips on saving money on electricity has to do with standby or vampire power. Standby power refers to the electricity that is consumed and is ultimately wasted by an electronic device not in use. Common examples of standby power include lights that are left on inside of an empty room, or heating an area of the house that nobody is in. Standby power is not always obvious. For example, even when they are powered off, some electronic devices still continue to consume small amounts of power.

There are a few different ways to deal with standby power. One common option is to use a timer for electronic devices. Timers are great for any Georgia residents with a consistent schedule, since they can set devices to turn off at specific times and not have to worry about devices shutting off when they are still needed. While it is not applicable for all electronic devices, a similar variant is to use a motion sensor, which will shut off electricity when movement has not been detected near the device for usage in a certain amount of time.

The other popular option to stop standby power is to use a power strip. Power strips are especially good for devices that consume power, even when they are turned off. For example, many computers and televisions use standby electricity, even if they are just set to rest or idle, and are not actively in use. By turning off the power strip these electronic devices are attached to, they are no longer able to draw that idle power.

Energy Star Appliances in Georgia

As previously mentioned, one of the best ways to save on the cost of electricity is to make the switch to more energy-efficient products. When households are looking for more efficient products, they can search for the brand Energy Star. Replacing appliances can be very expensive, but using Energy Star products leads to significant savings. By replacing older models with more energy efficient products, households can save approximately $500 to $600 each year. Even replacing a few big appliances, such as an old refrigerator or an old washer and dryer, can save around $100 each year.

Ideally, households will be able to prioritize the bigger appliances which use the most energy. However, homeowners on a budget can start small by switching incandescent lightbulbs with Energy Star compact fluorescent lightbulbs, which can save around $60 each year.

Even if a household is unable to afford Energy Star certified products, it is worth looking into newer appliance models. New appliances are designed to be more efficient, so even if they are not specifically designed to use less electricity, they will still be an improvement over an older model.

Home Changes to Save Electricity in Georgia

Heating and cooling a house are some of the biggest electricity drains. There are a few different home changes which drastically reduce how much energy is required to heat or cool a house. Depending on the home, some of these changes might be difficult to implement. When trying to lower the air conditioning usage, one change that households can make is to paint the roof white. Buildings with white roofs heat up significantly slower than buildings with black roofs, which means less energy is used to cool the building.

Houses that have a harder time retaining heat should focus on sealing cracks. Cracks are most commonly found along doorways and in windows. Even small leaks can have a drastic impact on how much electricity is used to heat a home. Sealing these cracks is relatively inexpensive and simple, as it only requires the use of expanding foam or caulk to be placed in the cracks. In addition to windows and doorways, residents should check for holes in the wall around the locations where pipes enter or exit the building.

Natural Energy in Georgia

One of the most effective ways to save on electricity is to switch to using a renewable energy source, with the most popular option being solar energy usage. Solar energy is not only efficient, but also is much healthier for the environment. Houses that have excess solar energy may even be able to sell the unused energy to electric companies. However, making the switch to solar can be pricey, and some houses may not be positioned in the right location to fully utilize solar energy. Another possible alternative is to use a small wind turbine to generate electricity.

How to Jumpstart a Career in Health Care

There are few job industries that are always in high demand. One of the safest careers that a worker can choose is healthcare, since people are always going to need medical assistance. In addition, there are a lot of different jobs in health care, all which are in high demand. Having so many jobs also means there is a lot of room for advancement and improvement.

Advancing in health care can be very profitable for workers, but with so many different career options, it can sometimes be confusing to identify which option will actually help for a particular field. Something else to take into consideration with jumpstarting a career in healthcare is how long it takes. Many of the options to advance require a significant time advancement, but these ultimately end up being some of the most rewarding career advancements.

Before considering how to jumpstart a career in healthcare, it is important to go over all of the different career options. Healthcare workers should pick careers that best suit their talents; otherwise, it will be much harder to advance. The type of work also determines what the worker is required to do in order to advance. The following offers information on how to get a career in health care started, or restarted, in Georgia.

Allied Health Careers in Georgia

Most workers begin their careers with allied health jobs, which is why it has the largest job growth potential. Allied health careers are focused around helping health practitioners in their day-to-day work. Some common examples include EMT workers, paramedics and home health aides. Allied health workers are not required to have nearly as much training as health care practitioners. Because of that, one of the easiest ways to advance in an allied health career is simply to get a higher degree. Many entry-level positions only require a bachelor’s degree. Having a master’s degree opens up higher-paying allied healthcare positions. Simply having the degree guarantees higher wages for the worker. In order to transition into a higher-paying job, most workers are required to have at least some kind of experience as an allied health worker.

Supportive Healthcare Careers in Georgia

Supportive healthcare careers refer to any job where the worker acts as an assistant to a more experienced practitioner. Common examples include nurses and dental or pharmacy aides. There are many different levels to supportive healthcare careers. For example, just among nursing jobs there are certified nursing assistants, licensed practitioner nurses and fully registered nurses. The advancement for these types of jobs is fairly straightforward, since it primarily involves taking classes for the next level of advancement. However, the classes, themselves, are very lengthy, so it can take several years to move through the ranks in supportive healthcare positions.

In addition to nursing and aid positions, supportive healthcare jobs also include workers with specialized skills, such as radiology technicians. As with nursing jobs, these careers simply require additional education in order to advance. Typically, these specialized programs do not take as long as some of the nursing programs, but it does vary depending on the job.

Any sort of scientific degree will often help with jumpstarting a supportive healthcare career. Scientific skills and knowledge are particularly helpful for lab technician jobs, since understanding how to work in a lab is just as important as medical knowledge for those careers.

Healthcare Practitioners in Georgia

Healthcare practitioner jobs are very technical, and require a lot of hands-on work. Healthcare practitioners spend a lot of their time directly working with patients. Although it is not technically a requirement, healthcare practitioners benefit from strong social skills. Some common examples of healthcare practitioners include surgeons, dentists or therapists.

Healthcare practitioner careers are some of the most rewarding job choices in the healthcare industry. There is not a lot that healthcare practitioners can do to advance their careers. Many healthcare practitioners that are unhappy with their positions go on to start their own private practices. Starting a private practice is risky, although a lot of the financial risks are offset by how much healthcare practitioners normally make.

The other option for healthcare practitioners is to move into a more administrative position, such as advancing to chief of surgery. Earning these positions can take years. One way to help with advancement is to develop more managerial skills, since overseeing other workers is just as important as medical qualifications for the higher ranked administrative positions.

A great way to get managerial healthcare experience is to spend time with volunteer groups. Again, this can be a timely investment, but it can lead to extremely lucrative jobs in the healthcare industry.

Administrative Healthcare Jobs in Georgia

Not all healthcare jobs require directly interacting with patients, but they still require some specialized education. Hospitals require some sort of clerical staff to help organize medical records, and to do billing and coding. These jobs are primarily administrative, but workers with any sort of medical training will improve their career options. In addition, any sort of business training is highly sought after for these positions.

5 Benefits of Enrolling in the Lifeline Program (Obama phones)

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) operates the Lifeline Program, a government program which can provide you with free monthly telephone service if you cannot afford it due to earning a low income. The Lifeline Program is also known as the Obama Phones Program, because cellphone benefits through Lifeline became popular during the Obama administration. However, landline phone benefits through the Lifeline Program have existed since the Reagan Administration established the program in 1985. In order to qualify for Lifeline, you must meet annual income requirements, which vary based on the average Federal Poverty Level at the time of your Lifeline Program application. You may qualify to receive assistance through Lifeline but are unsure as to whether having an Obama Phone would benefit you. Below is a brief description of five of the primary benefits of enrolling in the Lifeline program and how you can use these benefits to improve your life.

The Lifeline Program Encourages Family Connections and Networking

It can be difficult to stay in touch with your family at the best of times. If you have no telephone service, then it can be nearly impossible. However, studies have shown that people with close family ties tend to be happier and more productive members of society. The Lifeline program can help you to maintain those close family connections, regardless of where your family members are located. Emotional support from your family can be invaluable when you are struggling with a job that is not paying you well enough or you are temporarily out of work.

You can also use your Obama Phone to network with family, friends and other contacts in order to improve your current financial situation. By keeping in touch with friends and acquaintances on a regular basis, you are likelier to hear about job openings or other resources which could benefit you. Networking in such a way can also help you to find related services, such as babysitters to watch your children while you look for work.

A Lifeline Phone Can Directly Help You Obtain Better Employment

If your income is low enough for you to qualify for an Obama Phone and other related assistance programs, then searching for a new job must be one of your top priorities. Your Lifeline phone service can assist you during your job search by providing a way for you to set up interviews with potential employers, stay in contact with temporary work placement agencies and contact potential employers you locate online or in newspaper advertisements. Making such calls if you did not have your own telephone would be far more difficult and time consuming, because you would have to use telephones in public areas or ask friends to assist you.

In addition to helping you make employment contacts, your Lifeline phone will also be essential after initial job interviews or application submissions are over. Potential employers may call you back with job offers or request you meet with them for more interviews or training sessions. Without an Obama Phone, you would have difficulty following up with potential employers in such ways, because they would be unable to contact you directly, as needed.

Lifeline Phones Can Help You Schedule Other Appointments and Services

If you do not have a telephone, it can be difficult to schedule necessary dental appointments, as well as appointments related to your physical or mental health. By enrolling in the Lifeline Program and obtaining free phone service, you can easily schedule such appointments and improve your health. You will also be able to receive notifications regarding pharmacy prescriptions, medical assistance tool deliveries and related services.

Medical services are not the only services that can be scheduled when you are enrolled in the Lifeline Program. You can also call local taxi companies and grocery delivery services, if need be. Additionally, you can order from restaurants that provide delivery services and take advantage of any other telephone-accessible services you require in your area.

A Lifeline Phone Can Help You Maintain Your Independence

Lifeline phone service can provide links to the outside world, which can help you maintain your independence if you are elderly or disabled. For example, if you are unable to drive a car then you can use your phone service to call a company, a friend or a family member for a ride to the grocery store, a medical appointment or any other essential destination. Your Lifeline Program service can also help you if you ever experience a medical problem and need to call someone for immediate assistance. If you could not access such services through Lifeline, then the possibility exists that you would be forced to move out of your own home and into a care facility.

You Can Use a Lifeline Phone to Contact Emergency Services

Americans who cannot afford telephones and do not sign up for Lifeline services are often caught in situations where they require help and cannot get assistance in time. Enrolling in the Lifeline Program can prevent you from becoming one of those Americans. If you have a working cellphone or Lifeline service on your landline phone, then you will be able to call the police in the event of a domestic disturbance, a robbery or another incident that may require law enforcement. You will also have quick telephone access to ambulance assistance for medical emergencies and the fire department in case of a fire or a gas leak.

The Importance of Immunization for Children

Immunizations are very important, especially for children. As babies, children receive antibodies from their mothers, which make them significantly less likely to contract many diseases. However, these antibodies are not permanent, and by the time they turn 1 year old, children lose this natural immunization. After that period, children are actually significantly more vulnerable, because they have such young immune systems. That is why there are so many diseases which specifically effect young children.

However, many of these diseases that target young children have been eliminated through vaccine immunizations. Vaccines contain a small sample of the virus it is meant to protect against. By exposing a child to a tiny amount of the virus, that child’s immune system is able to adapt and develop antibodies to combat the disease. Since it is only a small amount of the virus, the germs are not strong enough to cause a full-on outbreak. Once exposed to a full version of the disease, the child is protected because of the antibodies he or she develops.

Safety Concerns for Immunizations in Georgia

While many parents understand that immunizations are very important for their children, they are also worried about possible side effects. For many parents, the idea of injecting their child with a disease makes them uncomfortable, even if it is only a small strain. A lot of science has gone into creating vaccines, and part of the process involves reviewing the best time to provide vaccination for a child. Healthcare practitioners will only provide immunizations for a child when they believe that child is ready.

Another concern that parents have is possible long-term side effects from immunizations. While there are stories about children receiving side effects from immunization, there is no scientific evidence to support these claims. The American Academy of Pediatrics, Center of Disease Control and Prevention and the American Academy of Family Physicians have all performed their own studies to determine the safety of vaccines, along with many other independent scientific and medical experts. None of them have found any negative long-term effects related to vaccine immunizations.

Even short-term side effects are very rare. At worst, some children experience an allergic reaction after receiving a vaccine. These cases are incredibly uncommon, and ultimately, any allergic reaction is minor, compared to the damage caused by contracting a disease that is preventable from a vaccine. For example, serious diseases, such as measles, whooping cough and mumps are all preventable because of vaccines. Without proper immunization, these diseases lead to long-term and very expensive hospitalization for children. Many diseases also have severe side effects, including amputation, brain damage and paralysis. In many cases, these diseases can even prove fatal.

Consequences of Not Receiving an Immunization in Georgia

One of the most common reasons that parents cite for not getting immunizations for their children is that the majority of diseases vaccines are meant to prevent are no longer present. While this is technically true, the whole entire reason that these diseases are not as common is because immunizations provide protection for children, not because they no longer exist. Unfortunately, many of these diseases are still very common in certain parts of the world. It is worth noting that there are some diseases that have actually been completely eradicated because of vaccines, with smallpox being one of the most notable examples.

It is also important to note that children with immunizations can still act as carriers for diseases. Children with immunizations still receive the virus just like normal, but they do not suffer any of the symptoms because their bodies are already prepared to protect against the diseases before doing any damage. However, other children can still receive those same germs, and if they do not have the proper immunizations, they will be unable to fight off the disease. That is why the majority of Georgia schools require students to be up-to-date with their immunizations before being enrolled. Immunizations are important, not only for protecting the child receiving the vaccination, but also everyone with whom the child interacts.

Protecting Future Generations in Georgia

Another reason that immunizations are so important is because they help protect future generations, as well as the current ones. As previously mentioned, smallpox was completely eradicated, thanks to children receiving vaccinations in previous years. It is possible that even more diseases will be completely wiped out through children receiving immunizations. Even if a disease cannot be fully eradicated through vaccination, the likelihood of it occurring significantly decreases.

This is very important, as some diseases get passed on to children through their mothers at birth. There is a type of measles which is specifically passed down from parent to child. While babies are born with stronger immune systems from inheriting antibodies, they are not completely immune to diseases. In addition, the strength of those inherited antibodies is also effected by whether or not the mother received all of her immunizations when she was a child.

The Importance of Exercise for Office Workers

Everyone knows that exercise is healthy, which is why many people exercise in gyms or in the comfort of their own homes. However, there is an increasing trend of companies offering workplace exercise programs for employees, as well. Even companies which do not offer specific exercise programs or equipment are at least encouraging workers to exercise more. The reasons for the increase in office exercise trends are both physical and financial. Evidence clearly illustrates that there are extra benefits of exercise, specifically for office workers and the companies they serve. When such benefits are clearly understood, workplace productivity can be greatly increased, leading to higher profits and business stability. Exercise can also help to improve social situations in the workplace and boost morale among workers. Below is information about each of the primary benefits of exercise for office workers, as well as how those benefits can positively impact entire companies.

Exercise for Office Workers Improves Worker Health and Reduces Medical Costs

Regular exercise for office workers can improve the health of workers over time. Workers with improved health typically require fewer sick days and medical leaves of absence. They may also not need to leave work early for medical appointments or related reasons very often. Therefore, healthier workers can get more work done each week, benefiting their companies.

Companies with employee wellness routines or programs in place also typically spend far less money on employee medical expenses than other companies. When health costs are lower for a company, costs to workers may also be lower. Therefore, workers may be able to save on medical insurance costs through their companies when those companies receive monetary breaks due to offering exercise programs.

Workplace Exercise Programs May Help Workers Maintain Healthy Habits

Many office workers want to improve their own general health, but find it difficult to find personal time in which to exercise. Office workers working for companies with workplace gyms, exercise equipment or daily exercise routines are more likely to maintain long-term exercise habits, improving their overall health.

Multiple studies have shown that office workers who exercise regularly are more likely to establish other healthy habits, such as improved eating habits. Establishing or supporting such habits in the workplace with regular exercise and healthy food access can help office workers to maintain those healthy habits outside of office hours. In many cases, workers who exercise in their workplaces can also spread those healthy habits to their co-workers.

Workers Who Exercise Work More and Have Better Mental Focus

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) statistics indicate that companies lose billions of dollars each year, because workers have health-related problems. Some of those health problems cause workers to miss time at their jobs. Other health problems, such as chronic pain, can become distracting in the workplace. In either case, workplace productivity may be greatly reduced.

According to the CDC, health-related workplace productivity issues can be partially prevented through exercise. Exercising on a regular basis can reduce pain from certain chronic diseases. Mental focus is also greatly improved when office workers exercise on a regular basis. The combination of feeling physically better and focusing more can make those office workers perform their jobs in a more efficient way. Workers with improved concentration and general focus levels may also be likelier to make suggestions and implement changes to enhance productivity within their companies.

Exercise in the Workplace Can Improve Sleep Habits Leading to Other Benefits

Many office workers are under constant stress, which can take a toll on their sleeping patterns at night. However, studies have shown that office workers who exercise tend to sleep for longer periods of time at night. They also have more restful sleep patterns on average, as opposed to workers who do not exercise as much, if at all. Improved sleeping patterns can also lead to other benefits for office workers, such as boosting their immune systems, reducing depression and allowing their bodies to heal faster after illnesses or injuries.

Office Worker Exercise Programs May Lead to Improved Coworker Interactions

Regular exercise is beneficial to office workers from a social standpoint because, exercise releases mood-enhancing endorphins, which can help to foster happier moods and better relationships with coworkers. Workers who can take exercise breaks during their work days can also use exercise time to break up what would otherwise be monotonous days, and reduce workplace boredom or complacency. Less boredom and better moods can improve coworker interaction, helping office team members work together efficiently and respectfully. Consistent, positive interactions between coworkers can, in turn, improve each company’s productivity and potentially raise company profits.

Workplace Exercise May Lead to General Job Satisfaction and Less Stress

Although every workplace can be stressful at times, regular exercise can reduce general stress levels for office workers. Lower stress levels combined with other exercise benefits, like more physical comfort, less boredom and better social interactions, may improve job satisfaction. Office workers who are satisfied with their jobs are less likely to seek work elsewhere, allowing companies to keep more long-term workers. Such workers are likely to take more pride in their companies and work harder to improve workplace productivity.