Jobs That Are On the Rise in Georgia

For both students and adults, picking a career is very difficult. Naturally, workers want something that is interesting to them, but at the same time, they also have to take into account what sorts of jobs are available in the state. Many students make the mistake of picking very specialized degrees that have few career opportunities associated in Georgia. This forces the student to either accept work in a completely different field, or he or she has to move out of the state to someplace with better employment rates. When considering career choices in Georgia, it is important to look at the growing job industry. Students or workers cannot just focus on the most popular fields. Just because a field is popular does not mean it is a growing industry. Some of the most popular jobs can ultimately end up becoming stale, since there is an overabundance of workers in that field. Listed below, in no particular order, are some of the fastest growing careers in Georgia, as of 2017.

Commercial Truck Driving in Georgia

One of the biggest benefits of commercial truck driving is the fact that it is applicable in any state, not just Georgia. Commercial truck driving has seen a huge increase in recent years due to the number of companies that sell products online. Since so many transactions do not take place at a physical store, commercial truck drivers are needed to carry products.

Commercial truck drivers are required to get certified before they can start working. Truck driving pays well, but has long hours. However, it is a good job for any workers that want a high-paying job that does not require going to college for several years.

Public Transport Drivers in Georgia

While public transportation has always been popular, it has seen a recent increase in the last few years. Many counties are trying to improve their public transportation options, especially in larger neighborhoods. Public transport drivers do not make as much as commercial truck drivers, but they have much easier hours, and they do not have to worry about driving out-of-state. It is another good job option for workers that do not want to spend years in college to get their degrees.

Medical Jobs in Georgia

Medical jobs are consistently on the rise not only in Georgia, but also in most other states. It is considered one of the few truly reliable jobs, since people are always going to need medical assistance. There are many different medical fields which workers can consider – each with different levels of required training. Nurse practitioners are always in high demand in Georgia, and it is a career that does not require as much medical training as a doctor. Medical technicians are also in high demand. While these jobs require technical training, workers are not required to get any sort of medical degrees.

Other popular medical jobs that require minimal training include physician assistants and physical therapist aides. Physical therapists, themselves, are also in high demand, although this does require additional medical training. Home health aides are equally sought after. Higher medical positions, such as surgeons, are always in need, as well.

Medical jobs pay well, but getting medical degrees is often expensive. Many medical students end up building up hefty student loans, but this is typically balanced out by how much they can make on the job. It is not uncommon for medical students to work in lower positions while they are attending school. While this ultimately takes longer, it gives them practical experience and lets them actively pay off student loans.

Something else to keep in mind regarding medical jobs is the possibility of loan forgiveness. Some workers are able to work in lower income areas, or areas that have a lack of medical professionals. In exchange for working in these high-demand areas, workers can get loan forgiveness, which reduces how much they owe.

Computer Technology Jobs in Georgia

Computer technology refers to multiple types of jobs, including web and application development, database techniques and general technical support. Computer-related jobs have varying degrees of payment, depending on the position of the worker. In addition, whether or not the worker is employed with a company or a freelancer has a big impact on how much he or she can make.

Freelancers have the benefit of setting their own hours and choosing who they work for, but there is also the added difficulty of having to approach clients and arrange their own work. Working with a company eliminates the need to meet with clients, but workers are limited to traditional company hours. Depending on the job, workers may also be required to drive to different parts of Georgia to provide support.

Another possible benefit is that workers may be able to apply for jobs outside of the state, especially if they are web developers. These types of jobs are not limited to a specific location, so workers can get everything done from home. While it is more common for freelancers to work from home, it is not uncommon for businesses to allow certain tech workers to do everything from home, as well.