5 Benefits of Enrolling in the Lifeline Program (Obama phones)

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) operates the Lifeline Program, a government program which can provide you with free monthly telephone service if you cannot afford it due to earning a low income. The Lifeline Program is also known as the Obama Phones Program, because cellphone benefits through Lifeline became popular during the Obama administration. However, landline phone benefits through the Lifeline Program have existed since the Reagan Administration established the program in 1985. In order to qualify for Lifeline, you must meet annual income requirements, which vary based on the average Federal Poverty Level at the time of your Lifeline Program application. You may qualify to receive assistance through Lifeline but are unsure as to whether having an Obama Phone would benefit you. Below is a brief description of five of the primary benefits of enrolling in the Lifeline program and how you can use these benefits to improve your life.

The Lifeline Program Encourages Family Connections and Networking

It can be difficult to stay in touch with your family at the best of times. If you have no telephone service, then it can be nearly impossible. However, studies have shown that people with close family ties tend to be happier and more productive members of society. The Lifeline program can help you to maintain those close family connections, regardless of where your family members are located. Emotional support from your family can be invaluable when you are struggling with a job that is not paying you well enough or you are temporarily out of work.

You can also use your Obama Phone to network with family, friends and other contacts in order to improve your current financial situation. By keeping in touch with friends and acquaintances on a regular basis, you are likelier to hear about job openings or other resources which could benefit you. Networking in such a way can also help you to find related services, such as babysitters to watch your children while you look for work.

A Lifeline Phone Can Directly Help You Obtain Better Employment

If your income is low enough for you to qualify for an Obama Phone and other related assistance programs, then searching for a new job must be one of your top priorities. Your Lifeline phone service can assist you during your job search by providing a way for you to set up interviews with potential employers, stay in contact with temporary work placement agencies and contact potential employers you locate online or in newspaper advertisements. Making such calls if you did not have your own telephone would be far more difficult and time consuming, because you would have to use telephones in public areas or ask friends to assist you.

In addition to helping you make employment contacts, your Lifeline phone will also be essential after initial job interviews or application submissions are over. Potential employers may call you back with job offers or request you meet with them for more interviews or training sessions. Without an Obama Phone, you would have difficulty following up with potential employers in such ways, because they would be unable to contact you directly, as needed.

Lifeline Phones Can Help You Schedule Other Appointments and Services

If you do not have a telephone, it can be difficult to schedule necessary dental appointments, as well as appointments related to your physical or mental health. By enrolling in the Lifeline Program and obtaining free phone service, you can easily schedule such appointments and improve your health. You will also be able to receive notifications regarding pharmacy prescriptions, medical assistance tool deliveries and related services.

Medical services are not the only services that can be scheduled when you are enrolled in the Lifeline Program. You can also call local taxi companies and grocery delivery services, if need be. Additionally, you can order from restaurants that provide delivery services and take advantage of any other telephone-accessible services you require in your area.

A Lifeline Phone Can Help You Maintain Your Independence

Lifeline phone service can provide links to the outside world, which can help you maintain your independence if you are elderly or disabled. For example, if you are unable to drive a car then you can use your phone service to call a company, a friend or a family member for a ride to the grocery store, a medical appointment or any other essential destination. Your Lifeline Program service can also help you if you ever experience a medical problem and need to call someone for immediate assistance. If you could not access such services through Lifeline, then the possibility exists that you would be forced to move out of your own home and into a care facility.

You Can Use a Lifeline Phone to Contact Emergency Services

Americans who cannot afford telephones and do not sign up for Lifeline services are often caught in situations where they require help and cannot get assistance in time. Enrolling in the Lifeline Program can prevent you from becoming one of those Americans. If you have a working cellphone or Lifeline service on your landline phone, then you will be able to call the police in the event of a domestic disturbance, a robbery or another incident that may require law enforcement. You will also have quick telephone access to ambulance assistance for medical emergencies and the fire department in case of a fire or a gas leak.