Tips for Saving Money on Electricity in Georgia

Creating a budget can be very challenging, but it is one of the best ways to save money. When creating a budget, it helps to focus on specific areas, especially ones that are consistent costs. One of the regular payments that Georgia residents must incur surrounds their utilities bills, with electricity often being one of the highest to pay. Part of what makes the electric bill so high is how many household devices constantly use electricity.

Unfortunately, many of these devices are an important part of the household, so simply getting rid of them is not an option. However, there are oftentimes more energy-efficient replacements on the market. Many of these replacements make small changes to how much power is consumed and used by the product. It may not seem like it at first, but all these small changes quickly add up to create sizeable savings. In addition to using more energy-efficient products, there are also ways to be more energy conservative around the home, which leads to additional savings.

Avoiding Standby Power Loads in Georgia

One of the first tips on saving money on electricity has to do with standby or vampire power. Standby power refers to the electricity that is consumed and is ultimately wasted by an electronic device not in use. Common examples of standby power include lights that are left on inside of an empty room, or heating an area of the house that nobody is in. Standby power is not always obvious. For example, even when they are powered off, some electronic devices still continue to consume small amounts of power.

There are a few different ways to deal with standby power. One common option is to use a timer for electronic devices. Timers are great for any Georgia residents with a consistent schedule, since they can set devices to turn off at specific times and not have to worry about devices shutting off when they are still needed. While it is not applicable for all electronic devices, a similar variant is to use a motion sensor, which will shut off electricity when movement has not been detected near the device for usage in a certain amount of time.

The other popular option to stop standby power is to use a power strip. Power strips are especially good for devices that consume power, even when they are turned off. For example, many computers and televisions use standby electricity, even if they are just set to rest or idle, and are not actively in use. By turning off the power strip these electronic devices are attached to, they are no longer able to draw that idle power.

Energy Star Appliances in Georgia

As previously mentioned, one of the best ways to save on the cost of electricity is to make the switch to more energy-efficient products. When households are looking for more efficient products, they can search for the brand Energy Star. Replacing appliances can be very expensive, but using Energy Star products leads to significant savings. By replacing older models with more energy efficient products, households can save approximately $500 to $600 each year. Even replacing a few big appliances, such as an old refrigerator or an old washer and dryer, can save around $100 each year.

Ideally, households will be able to prioritize the bigger appliances which use the most energy. However, homeowners on a budget can start small by switching incandescent lightbulbs with Energy Star compact fluorescent lightbulbs, which can save around $60 each year.

Even if a household is unable to afford Energy Star certified products, it is worth looking into newer appliance models. New appliances are designed to be more efficient, so even if they are not specifically designed to use less electricity, they will still be an improvement over an older model.

Home Changes to Save Electricity in Georgia

Heating and cooling a house are some of the biggest electricity drains. There are a few different home changes which drastically reduce how much energy is required to heat or cool a house. Depending on the home, some of these changes might be difficult to implement. When trying to lower the air conditioning usage, one change that households can make is to paint the roof white. Buildings with white roofs heat up significantly slower than buildings with black roofs, which means less energy is used to cool the building.

Houses that have a harder time retaining heat should focus on sealing cracks. Cracks are most commonly found along doorways and in windows. Even small leaks can have a drastic impact on how much electricity is used to heat a home. Sealing these cracks is relatively inexpensive and simple, as it only requires the use of expanding foam or caulk to be placed in the cracks. In addition to windows and doorways, residents should check for holes in the wall around the locations where pipes enter or exit the building.

Natural Energy in Georgia

One of the most effective ways to save on electricity is to switch to using a renewable energy source, with the most popular option being solar energy usage. Solar energy is not only efficient, but also is much healthier for the environment. Houses that have excess solar energy may even be able to sell the unused energy to electric companies. However, making the switch to solar can be pricey, and some houses may not be positioned in the right location to fully utilize solar energy. Another possible alternative is to use a small wind turbine to generate electricity.