Advantages and Drawbacks of Installing a Home Security System

If you own your home, then keeping it secure should be one of your top priorities, especially if you have a family or valuables to protect. There are many ways in which to secure your home. One potential option is to install a home security system to help you monitor what goes on in your home at all hours of the day. Installing such a system may seem like an obvious choice because of the peace of mind it can offer to your family and you. However, home security system installation has both advantages and drawbacks, which must all be considered before you make a decision about whether or not to purchase an alarm system to protect your home and your family. Evaluating the positives and negatives of installing home security systems in the list provided below will help you to decide whether or not installing this type of protection is the right choice for your family.

A Home Security System May Scare Away an Intruder

The most obvious home security system advantage in installing the alarm system in your home is that it may scare away an intruder attempting to harm your family or looking to steal your valuables. Most alarm systems are quite loud. Intruders often do not want to attract attention, and will leave when confronted by such loud noises.

Home Security Systems Protect Against More Than Just Home Invasions

An often-overlooked home security system advantage is that alarm systems do not just keep intruders outside; they can also help keep people and pets inside. For example, if you have a cat, a dog or a young child who can open doors, then your alarm system may be able to alert you when the door opens from the inside. Alarm systems can also help you monitor elderly relatives with dementia or family members with other mental illnesses.

Police Respond to Home Security System Alarms Quickly

If you install a home security system, you will have better police protection in the event of a break-in or an emergency. Your security company will dispatch the police to your home at the first sign of trouble. You will not have to call emergency services yourself. Automatic and quick police response can be particularly advantageous if you cannot get to the phone when an intruder breaks into your home.

Modern Home Security Systems Offer Mobile Monitoring Options

Depending on the home security system you purchase, you may have access to mobile monitoring options and remote video surveillance tools. Mobile monitoring can be used from any cellular phone or computer. Therefore, you will be able to monitor your home while you are at work, on vacation or away from home for any other reason.

Not All Burglars Are Deterred by Home Security Systems

One drawback of installing a home security system is that it may not give you total security. Some burglars are not deterred by alarm system signs or even the noise of alarm sirens. Trained thieves know how to get in quickly and remove items of value before police arrive on the scene. Therefore, your alarm system may only be partially effective.

Not All Home Security System Companies Offer Legitimate Services

Another disadvantage of installing a home security system is that you will have to be aware of and able to avoid security system scams. Due to the fact that not all security system services are legitimate, you must carefully research your security company of choice. Never sign a contract, unless the security company is clearly authorized or licensed.

Some Home Security System Companies Require Long Term Contracts

When considering home security system drawbacks, you must also decide whether or not you are willing to sign a long-term contract with a specific company. Many home security companies require contracts which can last for two to five years. Companies not requiring such contractual obligations may not be as reliable or as diverse in their services offered as more well-established firms.

Home Security System False Alarms Sometimes Occur

Home security system technology has advanced dramatically in recent years, but false alarms are still possible. Heating and cooling systems can change the air currents in your home, causing objects like balloons to trigger motion sensors. If you have pets, then you may also have difficulties, because your pets could trigger your home security system when you are sleeping or are not at home.

You May Need to Give Others Your Home Security System Code

If you have a lot of people coming into your home on a regular basis, then a home security system may be problematic for you, because all authorized people will need your security clearance code. Such individuals include, but are not limited to: gardeners, housekeepers, babysitters, pet sitters and relatives. The more people you give your security code to, the greater the chances are that someone who is not authorized will learn how to access your home.

You Must Remember to Set Your Home Security System

Another drawback of home security systems is that you must remember to set them. If you are unlikely to remember to do so on a regular basis, then a standard security system may not be a worthwhile investment for you. However, it is possible to purchase a home security system you can set remotely from a computer or a cellphone if you forget to do so before leaving your home.