Home Services You Will Have to Install in Your New Home

Without a doubt, there are many things to keep track of and plan for when you move into a new home. Whether that home is just across town, in a new state or you have moved from an apartment into a new house, there are services that you are going to want to have installed. Some services, such as water and electricity, can be arranged prior to the move, while others can only be done once you have moved in to your home. Trash pickup, cable and internet and phone service top the list of must-haves. If you are moving from one state to the next, then transferring services may not be possible. Having a checklist and a strategy for turning services on, finding services in your area and transferring existing services can make your Moving Day less hectic. The following offers a short list of the major services that you should have installed in your new home.

Utilities in Your New Home

If you are moving to a new area, town or city, then you will have to set up utilities, and there is a good chance that the utility service that you now enjoy will not be offered in your new home. If this is the case, then you will have to make arrangements for the electricity to be turned on prior to your arrival. Moving in to a home that does not have the electricity turned on can make the move-in day difficult. First, check to see if your current provider operates in your new area. If so, simply inform the company of the move, update the address, and set a date for the services to be switched over. At one point, you could have services on in both homes, allowing you to have electricity in your old place while you finalize packing.

The local service providers can be found online, and most chamber of commerce sites offer information for new arrivals, including information on the utility companies, water services, trash pickup and others. Most experts suggest making these types of arrangements at least two weeks before the move-in date, giving the electric company time to set things up. If you move during the summer months, for example, it can sometimes take longer.

Most utility companies require a deposit prior to connection, though if you are an existing customer, it may not apply. In many instances, you will receive the deposit back, or it will be credited back to your account toward services. Most companies use some sort of application, and most of them have this application online.

Entertainment, Internet and Cable

For most cable companies, transferring the service to a new place is as easy as making an online request. Many companies will call to verify that you want the service moved, and to establish a cutoff and transfer date. In order to do this, most companies require that the person requesting the transfer be the primary person listed on the account, and that the request is being transferred to an area of the country where they offer service. Most require that the account be up-to-date and current before making the transfer of services. In the case that the cable company does not service your new area, then you will have to make arrangements to take any components back to the cable company’s office prior to your move (otherwise you will be charged for the equipment). Many cable companies bundle cable and internet together, making it easy to transfer both if they service your new area. However, if you have had each separately, then you will need to research internet provider companies in your new area. Many phone companies will also offer a bundle package, which includes both home phone service and internet. Many small, local phone companies also offer these types of packages, and are often cheaper than their larger national counterparts. If you have cut the cable and are using a streaming service, such as a Roku, then simply take your box with you when you move. Since it is a virtual setup, all you need to do is update the billing information and address.

Home Security

While you will most likely not be able to move the home security components, the service, itself, can be transferred if the area you are moving to is within the company’s servicing area. Depending on the home security service you are with, you may be asked to purchase new equipment for the new home, but at a possible discount. Still, others, such as those home security systems that are part of a Smart House package (which you install yourself), are completely transferrable and portable. All you will have to do in that instance is to make sure that the company is updated on the new address, and you will need to update any billing that is involved.

Trash Service

Depending on where you are moving, you are going to need someone to pick up the garbage on a weekly basis. In rural areas, residents are often required to haul their own garbage to centrally located dumps in the county. However, most suburban and urban areas have trash pickup. You can find out which companies service your area by checking online. You will want to arrange for service to begin one week prior to your move to ensure that service will pick up all of the collected garbage left over from your big move.