CDL Endorsements in Georgia

There are different CDL endorsements in Georgia available to certified commercial drivers. The process for getting a CDL license is crucial for Georgia drivers who wish to drive commercially, but what is equally important is adding the necessary CDL endorsements to the license. Many applicants wonder, “Which CDL endorsements should I get for my license?” Since there are different types of CDL endorsements that pertain to different commercial vehicles, applicants should learn about the CDL endorsement types available. An endorsement for CDL can be added to any commercial driver license in order to satisfy the requirement necessary for operating a commercial vehicle. All applicants should understand the CDL license endorsement types available in Georgia and which ones pertain to their circumstances, specifically. To find out more about CDL endorsements information, including how to add endorsements to your CDL license in GA, continue reading the information below.

Types of CLP & CDL Endorsements in Georgia

Getting a CDL or a commercial learner’s permit (CLP) in Georgia is the first step to operating a commercial vehicle legally in the state. However, after obtaining a CDL license or permit, it is important to understand how to add the necessary CDL and CLP endorsements to the license. The CDL endorsement list found below is a great resource to illustrate the types of CDL endorsements available, as well as which endorsement you should get for your CDL:

  • T Endorsement (Double/Triple Trailers): This CDL endorsement is needed for drivers who wish to pull double and triple trailers with their haul. A knowledge test will be required.
  • P Endorsement (Passenger Endorsement): This CDL endorsement is necessary for drivers who wish to drive a school bus or a commercial vehicle with 15 passengers or more, including the driver. A knowledge and skills test will be needed.
  • N Endorsement (Tank Vehicle Endorsement): This CDL endorsement is needed for applicants who will be driving a tank vehicle exceeding a 1,000-gallon capacity. A knowledge test is required.
  • H Endorsement (Hazardous Materials Endorsement): This CDL endorsement is necessary for drivers who will be carrying hazardous materials that require a placard. A knowledge test will be required.
  • X Endorsement (Combination of Tank Vehicle and Hazardous Material Endorsements): For this combination endorsement, a knowledge test will be required.
  • S Endorsement (Georgia School Bus Endorsement): Allows drivers to operate school buses. A knowledge and a skills test are required.

In addition, there are three CDL endorsements allowed on a Georgia learner’s permit – the P Endorsement, the S Endorsement and the N Endorsement. Any CDL license endorsement that falls outside of those three is strictly intended for the CDL license, only.

Are there CDL endorsement restrictions?

There are many different CDL endorsements codes in Georgia to be added to a license; however, there are CDL restriction codes, too. Different from endorsements, CDL restriction codes can be added to a driver’s commercial license in order to prohibit him or her from operating specific commercial vehicles. The most common CDL license restriction codes include:

  • L Restriction: If a driver does not pass the Air Brakes Knowledge Test, does not properly identify the air brake system or does not conduct an air brake system check correctly, then this restriction code will be added to the CDL drivers license.
  • Z Restriction: This prohibits the commercial driver from operating a commercial motor vehicle with full air brakes. This occurs when a driver takes a test in a vehicle with an air over hydraulic brake system.
  • E Restriction: If a driver takes a test in a vehicle with an automatic transmission, then the no manual transmission restriction will be placed on the commercial license.
  • O Restriction: This restriction is placed if a driver takes the road test in a Class A vehicle with a non-fifth wheel connection or a pintle hook.
  • M Restriction: If a driver has a Class A CDL but obtains a P or an S endorsement in a Class B vehicle, this restriction is issued. It means the driver can only operate a motor vehicle in Class B and C passenger vehicles or school buses.
  • N Restriction: If a driver possesses a Class B CDL but obtains the P or S endorsement in a Class C vehicle, this restriction is issued.
  • V Restriction: If the state is notified of a medical variance issued to the driver, this restriction code indicates that there is medical information on record for the commercial driver.

Commercial applicants should understand that despite being issued a CDL restriction on the commercial license, there is opportunity for this code to be removed from the license through proper testing via the Georgia Department of Drivers Services.

Review more information about CDL restrictions in our comprehensive, downloadable guide.

Other Important Georgia CDL Endorsements Information

Getting a CDL endorsement in Georgia is significant for commercial drivers. Not only is learning the necessary testing an important step in adding endorsements to your CDL, but knowing what endorsements are needed is critical, too. It is important to understand, however, that adding endorsements is separate from getting a CDL license. The endorsements for a commercial vehicle can only be added once the CDL license is acquired in Georgia. All applicants should understand what to expect from each knowledge and skills test associated with their CDL endorsements. Once drivers understand what their tests for CDL endorsements will include, they will have much better chances at being approved for the license.