Georgia Commercial Driver License Exams

The commercial driver license test in Georgia must be passed by all potential CDL license holders. Passing the CDL test indicates that the commercial driver is well-equipped with the knowledge and understanding of how to safely operate a commercial motor vehicle in Georgia. There are different CDL tests that are necessary in order to receive a commercial license, and it is important for drivers to understand the tests in which they need to pass. For instance, certain CDL endorsements might only require a CDL knowledge test, rather than a road skills test. However, it is important to know about all the tests involved in commercial driving, from the CDL written exam to the CDL knowledge exam, and beyond. To find out more information about the exam for CDL license types expected for each driver, including information regarding how to pass the CDL exam, continue reviewing the sections below.

Types of Georgia Commercial Driver License Tests

There are various CDL driving exams in Georgia that must be taken in order to be approved for the necessary CDL drivers license. Not all CDL tests will need to be taken by every commercial driver, which is why it is important to understand the differences between each, as well as what to expect. One of the most important commercial tests drivers should familiarize themselves with involves the CDL knowledge test. The CDL knowledge exam will cover different areas of commercial driving, and depending on the class of the vehicle or the CDL endorsement needed, the knowledge test required will vary. For instance, a knowledge test for a passenger commercial vehicle will be very different from the CDL knowledge test for a tank with hazardous materials. The actual CDL knowledge test will cover a variety of areas that are imperative to safely operating a commercial motor vehicle, including pre-trip inspections, safety in backing up a commercial vehicle, the time/distance for looking ahead and the intricacies of a commercial steering system. Download our free guide to read more about CDL knowledge tests.

Another important commercial driver license test involves the skills or road test. Very different from the knowledge test for CDL, the road test will allow the driver the opportunity to practice his or her skills on the road with a licensed professional. Going through the different scenarios a commercial driver will be faced with is an important way for a professional to decide if the driver is ready to receive his or her CDL license. Applicants can expect the CDL road test to include basic vehicle control testing, an actual on-the-road test, as well as a vehicle inspection test. The vehicle inspection test is a critical component of the skills test, as it demonstrates that a commercial driver has a Georgia Department of Driver Services-inspected vehicle to operate on the road. The basic vehicle control test will allow the driver to demonstrate that he or she can maintain the basic function and controls of the commercial motor vehicle without putting himself or herself – and other drivers – in danger. Finally, the actual road skills test will be the chance for the driver to prove how the knowledge gained from the CDL manual can translate into operating a commercial vehicle safely and sufficiently.

Learn more about CDL road tests by downloading our comprehensive guide.

How to pass the CDL exam in Georgia

So, how can an applicant pass the CDL exam in Georgia? For starters, all commercial drivers should thoroughly read their CDL manuals, front-to-back, multiple times. The CDL manual is the best resource for CDL test practice that a driver can have. Not only will the CDL manual cover all the necessary areas of safety and inspection, but it will also provide detailed knowledge in operating a commercial vehicle. In fact, the CDL written exam is created based on the topics covered in the manual, with some questions coming directly from the manual pages. So, for any commercial driver looking to study for their CDL written test, the manual is the best place to begin. A few key areas from the CDL manual to keep an eye on include: gear shifting, speed control, communication with other drivers and anticipating hazards.

Another simple way to prepare for the CDL knowledge test is by taking a practice exam. While the Georgia Department of Driver Services does not offer a CDL practice exam, there are many tests on the internet which can be taken for free. CDL practice exams allow drivers the chance to test their knowledge of commercial driving without any repercussions of failure. Drivers can also see what types of questions will be posted on these CDL practice tests, and anticipate similar questions on the actual CDL knowledge test. Prospective commercial drivers can take the practice tests as many times as they wish, in order to fully feel prepared for taking the real CDL test in person.

It is important for all Georgia drivers to understand that a CDL knowledge test is also required to obtain a CDL permit. Drivers need to get CDL permits before actually applying for their CDL licenses. The CDL permit written exam will be provided to commercial drivers addressing a variety of topics, in order for the driver to prove his or her knowledge on operating commercial vehicles in safe and standard fashions. For more information about the exam for CDL license types, download our complimentary guide.