How to Obtain a Commercial Drivers License in Georgia

Many drivers wonder how to obtain a CDL drivers license in Georgia when looking to haul commercial goods or drive commercial vehicles. The CDL license requirements are extremely straightforward, and with just a bit of know-how and further understanding of what is necessary, a driver will have a CDL license in no time. Understanding how to apply to a commercial drivers license is the most beneficial task a commercial driver can perform, as it will eliminate the chance of being denied a license for a reason that could have been avoided. Getting a commercial drivers license is important for any and all drivers who wish to drive a school bus, a semi-truck or any other commercial vehicle within the state of Georgia. It is highly encouraged that all prospective drivers understand what it takes to obtain a commercial drivers license, as well as learn all the necessary CDL information that accompanies the program. Continue below to review more about CDL qualifications in Georgia.

Before You Obtain a Commercial Drivers License in Georgia

For petitioners wondering how to get a commercial drivers license in Georgia, there are important steps to take prior to beginning the application process. Before an applicant can get a commercial drivers license in Georgia, he or she needs to obtain a Georgia commercial learner’s permit. Applicants need to make appointments at local Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) Customer Service Centers in order to obtain their permits. Getting a commercial drivers license permit means that the applicant will need to submit a driving record of the past 10 years, pass driving tests, complete the CDL application and undergo a vision exam. Once each of these requirements for a CDL permit is complete, then the applicant will be able to take the first step toward receiving his or her actual CDL license in Georgia. To learn more about the preparations to get a Georgia CDL, download our free guide.

How to Apply to a Commercial Drivers License in Georgia

The first step in applying for a commercial drivers license in Georgia involves understanding the types of vehicles that require a CDL license. A CDL drivers license is necessary for combination vehicles weighing 26,000 pounds and more, a single vehicle with a gross vehicle weight of 26,001 pounds or more, a single vehicle designed to transport more than 15 people, including the driver, and any size vehicle which has hazardous material placards. If you would like to drive any of the above-mentioned vehicles, then a commercial drivers license is necessary in Georgia.

The CDL application process is quite simple. In order to obtain a CDL in Georgia, prospective petitioners will need to acquire the application from the DDS Customer Service Center. The application must be completed in full and submitted back to any Customer Service Center for the DDS in Georgia. Applicants must also submit the CDL application fee, which will be required in conjunction with the completed application. Both items must be submitted before an applicant meets the CDL qualifications and attempts to take the CDL license tests. Additional fees may be required in order to retake the test and to reapply for a commercial drivers license in Georgia. Download our free, informative guide to review more information about CDL applications.

Required Documents to Obtain a commercial drivers license in Georgia

There are certain documents necessary to provide in order to obtain a commercial drivers license in Georgia. These CDL license documents serve as supporting proof to determine that a driver is, in fact, eligible to receive a license for CDL. Without the appropriate paperwork and required documents, drivers will have a difficult time receiving their commercial licenses. The necessary documents to bring to the DDS office include:

  • A current commercial learner’s permit
  • A current Georgia drivers license
  • Any necessary fees (application and testing fee)
  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of address, including Georgia residency
  • The applicant’s Social Security Number
  • S. citizenship proof or proof of lawful status within the United States

Certain CDL license fees can be waived for certain circumstances. For instance, veterans and school bus drivers can bring a completed exemption certification in order to avoid paying any application fees.

Additional CDL License Requirements in Georgia

An important part of getting a commercial drivers license includes scheduling a skills or road test in Georgia. The CDL license skills test can be scheduled at a Georgia Customer Service Center – only where the test is offered. The following locations in Georgia offer the commercial drivers license road test:

  • Albany
  • Between
  • Brunswick
  • Dalton
  • Gainesville
  • Jackson
  • Milledgeville
  • Thomson

All applicants taking the CDL license road test should always take the test in the same vehicle they plan on driving with the CDL drivers license. Otherwise, if an applicant brings a different vehicle to the test, a CDL drivers license restriction may be added. If the applicant does not meet the CDL qualifications for passing the road test the first time, then the or she will need to reschedule to take the test again, as well as pay another testing fee. Applicants who do not appear for their scheduled CDL road test dates or do not reschedule at least one business day in advance will lose their testing fees as well.

After obtaining a CDL in Georgia, the commercial driver is responsible for keeping up with medical certifications, endorsement requirements and commercial license renewal.