How to Reinstate a CDL in Georgia

Any Georgia driver who receives a suspended CDL should understand the steps needed to reinstate suspended CDL license credentials. Commercial drivers license suspensions or disqualifications can happen for a variety of reasons, and can essentially be avoided with just a bit of understanding. Georgia drivers with commercial licenses are subject to twice as many laws and regulations, such as those set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, or FMCSA, as well as Georgia state traffic laws. A suspended CDL license can occur for a variety of reasons, most frequently due to traffic violations. It is important to understand what exactly causes a CDL license to be suspended, as some CDL license suspensions can lead to being disqualified from having a CDL license. To find out more about reinstating suspended CDL license credentials, including how to avoid a commercial drivers license suspension, entirely, continue reviewing the information outlined below.

What results in a commercial drivers license suspension in Georgia?

CDL license holders can be faced with suspended CDL licenses in Georgia for a variety of reasons. There are several kinds of CDL license suspension violations in Georgia that can lead to drivers trying to reinstate CDL licenses. Some of the most common CDL license violations include:

  • Traffic violations.
  • Out-of-service order violations.
  • DUI or DWI violations.
  • Railroad crossing violations.
  • Accumulation of driver’s license points.
  • Failure to appear in court.
  • Failure to produce proof of insurance.

Traffic violations are the most common reasons for suspended CDL license credentials in Georgia. Different traffic violations are ranked by frequency, as well as major violations versus minor violations, each with their own penalties. For instance, multiple serious traffic violations can be drawn from excessive speeding, reckless driving or failing to have a CDL license when operating the commercial motor vehicle. Major traffic violations can include racing in any vehicle, commercial or personal, hit-and-runs in any vehicle and negligent commercial motor vehicle operation, which results in a fatality.

Railroad crossing violations are taken very seriously, and will also result in commercial drivers license suspension. Specific railroad crossing violations can include not stopping when the tracks are not clear, before driving across the crossing or failure to slow down to check if the tracks are clear. In addition to railroad crossings, DUI violations and DWI violations will immediately result in a suspended CDL license. Any driver driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol will receive a CDL disqualification, and will not have the option to reinstate his or her suspended CDL license.

Drivers should also be aware of the Georgia point system, and how it applies to CDL license suspension. Traffic violations can ultimately result in points being accumulated on a driver’s license, and the more points a license has, the likelier it is to be suspended. Drivers license points will become a part of your Georgia driving record, and in order to reinstate a suspended CDL license, points must be reduced. Drivers can complete defensive driving courses and ultimately request that their points are reduced, as approved by the Georgia Department of Driver Services.

Length of CDL Suspensions in Georgia

Different CDL suspensions in Georgia will carry different lengths in which the suspension is enforced. The duration of the suspended CDL license is based solely on the type of violation, as well as the number of violations that have been accumulated. For instance, serious traffic violations have a suspension period of at least 60 days for two violations in three years and 120 days for three violations or more. It is important for drivers to understand that suspended CDL licenses can occur for any length of time, especially if the offense has occurred frequently. The worst case scenario from a suspended CDL in Georgia is the license being disqualified, completely.

What steps are needed to reinstate a suspended CDL license?

It is important for any driver to learn how to reinstate a suspended CDL license in Georgia, especially once he or she is involved in such a situation. Reinstating a suspended CDL license will almost always result in paying an applicable fee, which can range from $25 to over $400. The fees for reinstating a commercial drivers license vary depending on the reason why a CDL license is suspended. Extra fees may be necessary to reinstate a CDL license, such as court fees, testing fees and extra application fees. In addition to paying a reinstatement fee for a suspended commercial license, drivers will also need to reapply for their CDLs and retake any CDL licensing tests.

Download our comprehensive guide to review more information about the steps to reinstate CDL licenses in Georgia.

CDL Suspension Hearings and Appeals in Georgia

If a driver finds his or her CDL license suspended in Georgia, then he or she will need to notify the associated employer within two business days. After notifying the employer of a suspended CDL, many drivers ask, “What comes next?” If the Department of Driver Services suspends or appeals a CDL license, then drivers have the opportunity to appeal the suspension. A CDL appeal does not necessarily mean that suspended CDL license reinstatement will occur, and in fact, the appeal is only meant to determine if the CDL license was suspended legally. Drivers must request a commercial driving license appeal in writing within 10 days of the date of the suspension. For more information about commercial driving license suspension, including reinstating a suspended CDL license in Georgia, download our comprehensive guide.