How to Renew a CDL in Georgia

Renewing CDL license credentials in Georgia is an important step to take when your CDL license is close to expiring. All drivers must renew commercial drivers license documents in order to continue operating commercial motor vehicles in the state of Georgia. It is important for drivers to understand the basics behind CDL renewal in terms of where to renew CDL license credentials and how often the CDLs should be renewed. Many drivers misunderstand the necessities surrounding renewing CDL licenses, for example if any further testing is necessary for the renewal. To participate in a CDL renewal, it goes beyond just knowing the cost of commercial driver license renewal and where to complete the renewal process. There may be additional requirements necessary for a CDL drivers license renewal, for instance if there is a hazardous material endorsement involved. To find out more information about CDL drivers license renewal, including when should you renew a CDL license in Georgia, continue reading the information below.

When should you renew a CDL License in Georgia?

It is important for all commercial drivers to know when to renew their CDL licenses in Georgia. To begin, drivers should begin their CDL renewals at least 60 days before the CDL is set to expire. In terms of frequency, Georgia drivers should complete the CDL renewal every five years, unless reported otherwise. There are certain conditions in which a CDL license cannot be renewed, like when a CDL license is stolen or lost. In those circumstances, a CDL license cannot be renewed, and a replacement CDL must be obtained. The good news is, renewing CDL licenses is much simpler than actually learning how to apply for a CDL license, and with just a bit of information, can be completed with ease.

How to Renew a Commercial Drivers License in Georgia

Renewing a Georgia CDL license is only possible in person, at a local Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) Customer Service Center. Thus, a CDL renewal cannot be completed by mail or online. All drivers must complete the following steps in order to renew their CDL drivers licenses in Georgia:

  • Visit the local DDS office
  • Pay the required renewal fee
  • Determine if a vision test will be needed
  • Determine which CDL endorsements will need to be added, or restrictions need to be removed
  • If adding an endorsement, additional fees and testing may be required
  • Determine if another road skills test will be necessary
  • If a road test is required, then an appointment will need to be scheduled

How much does it cost to renew commercial drivers license credentials in Georgia?

There are different fees associated with renewing a CDL license in Georgia. There is an initial CDL renewal fee, which must be paid at the local DDS office. However, there may also be other fees involved in renewing a CDL license. While it may not be easy to specifically determine the cost to renew commercials drivers license credentials in Georgia, there are estimates of fees which can be provided. For instance, each endorsement will have a $5 fee attached, so depending on the amount of endorsements needed, the cost of commercial driver license renewal will change. While different testing may not be necessary, any additional tests can influence the overall cost that a driver will need to take on in order to complete commercial drivers license renewal.

To review more information about CDL fees in Georgia, download our comprehensive guide.

Additional Information About Renewing a CDL License in Georgia

There are other key pieces of information regarding renewing a CDL license in Georgia that should be understood, depending on the driver’s circumstances. For instance, a commercial drivers license renewal that has a hazardous material endorsement will need further steps to complete. While many of the steps to renew a CDL with a hazmat endorsement can be completed online, drivers will need to give a fingerprint and undergo a background check by the Transportation Security Administration. An appointment will also need to be made for drivers to bring in valid documentation and necessary proof.

Applicants should always keep a copy of the Commercial Driver’s Manual handy, in case they need a refresher of information before the CDL renewal process. Drivers should understand that they will not need to take any additional tests unless a license has expired, or if they wish to upgrade any of their endorsements. Many drivers can expect to have a new medical examination as part of their DMV CDL renewal, too, which will determine that you are still physically fit to operate a commercial motor vehicle in Georgia.