Driving Exams in Georgia

Taking a drivers test is an important way to prove to the state of Georgia that you are knowledgeable and skilled enough to safely operate a motor vehicle. The Georgia drivers license test is administered to those who are seeking their Class D licenses (provisional drivers licenses) or their Class C licenses (full drivers licenses). However, you must take a written drivers test in certain situations, such as when following the steps to obtain a learners permit. While most drivers license applicants across the country will take a DMV drivers test, the state of Georgia does not have a DMV. Instead, the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) manages the issuance of driver licenses, permits and other forms of identification. If you are looking to get your learners permit or your drivers license, you may be asking, “Will there be a drivers ed test?” or, “What is involved in a drivers test in Georgia?” You can get answers to these questions and more by reading the rest of the details on this page.

Before the Drivers Test in Georgia

Before you are able to take the drivers exam, there are some other exams you will need to pass. The first type of exam is a vision exam. Every applicant taking the drivers license exam or the test for a learners permit will need to have his or her vision tested. Since good vision is key to staying safe on the road, all those interested in driving vehicles must have vision scores no greater than 20/60 in one eye, with or without glasses or contact lenses. A field of vision that is at least 140 degrees wide is required as well. If you cannot pass this test, you will not be able to take the written knowledge test or the drivers test. If you are having trouble with your vision, you may want to see an eye doctor before going to the DDS to make sure you can pass the vision exam. To review more about driver exams, download our free guide.

The Driving Knowledge Test in Georgia

Before the driving exam can begin, most must pass the written drivers exam, called the knowledge exam, beforehand. Those who have applied for learners permits between the ages of 15 and 18 will have to take this exam. If a drivers license applicant is over the age of 18 and has not received a learners permit, he or she will need to take the written drivers test before attempting the physical driving test. The knowledge exam is 20 questions in length, and the applicant will need to get at least 15 questions correct to pass. To prepare for this exam, applicants are strongly encouraged to get a copy of the DDS Driver Manual and supplementary practice tests. The exam will be based on state laws regarding safety, traffic procedures and road signs. Review more information about written drivers tests in Georgia by downloading our guide.

Taking the Drivers License Test in Georgia

You will need to take the Georgia driving test at one of the DDS testing locations after you have passed the vision exam and the written exam. You must use a car that is fully insured and has up-to-date car registration documents and license plates. The vehicle will also need to be inspected for safety to make sure that it is in good enough condition to be used during the test. When the road skills driving exam begins, applicants will be tested on their abilities to parallel park and to brake safely, along with additional driving skills.

Those who take the drivers licensing test and score 75 percent or higher will be allowed to receive their drivers licenses. Those who fail the test will be told what areas they need to improve upon before taking the test again. The GA drivers test can be retaken the next day. However, if the applicant fails the second time, he or she must wait at least seven days before trying to take the test again. The same rules go for those taking the written driving test. Applicants will need to pay the drivers license test fee or the permit test fee again if they wish to retake either exam. If the applicant causes an accident or commits a major driving violation while taking the test, he or she will have to wait longer before taking the test again.

The Georgia drivers test requires an appointment. In some cases, you may be able to get an appointment on the same day you are scheduling, but most appointments need to be made a few days in advance.

If you feel unprepared to take the drivers exam, you can take a drivers education course. Many courses will provide a drivers ed test that is made to mimic the test you will be asked to take by the DDS so you will feel more prepared. By state law, those who are 16 years old at the time they apply for their Class D licenses must take drivers education to learn the necessary skills to stay safe on the road. Learn more about drivers education and driving test preparation by downloading our complimentary guide.