How to Obtain an Identification Card in Georgia

A Georgia ID card is an alternative form of identification that does not authorize the card holder to operate a vehicle. There are many types of ID cards and reasons to obtain this government-issued credential. Some ID card applicants do not want to drive, while others need this form of ID to verify their identities if they are too young to get new driver licenses. If you want an ID card, you may be asking, “Can I get an ID card online?” or, “How do I get an ID card in Georgia?” To find out about the ID card application process in Georgia, read the following details in the sections below.

Georgia ID Card Information

Applicants cannot be issued new identification cards online, as they must verify their identities by appearing in person. The DMV ID card is offered through the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS), which also oversees the DMV ID card application process. If you want a new ID card, you will need to go to your local Customer Service Center that is managed by the DDS to get the card.

Georgia does not have a minimum age requirement for those who want ID cards. If a child can sign his or her name, then he or she will be allowed to get a Georgia identification card from the DDS. Keep in mind that all ID card applicants will need to bring in certain documents to prove that they can legally get ID cards in Georgia. To learn about these documents and other information that is required during the application process, download our free guide.

Apply for an ID Card in Georgia

Anyone who needs a new Georgia identification card will need to bring required documents in order to complete the process. The documents required to apply for ID card credentials in Georgia include the following:

  • Proof of legal name/identity
  • Social Security Number
  • Current address
  • Citizenship proof or legal status

If an applicant is younger than 18 years old, he or she will need a parent or a guardian to sign the ID card application form, which can be found at the DDS center.

If an ID card applicant has had a drivers license in another state, he or she is required to bring that license in to the DDS. If this license has been lost or stolen, a driving record from the other state will need to be brought in to the DDS center. Make sure all documents that are being shown to the DDS are in English. Review more information about ID card requirements by downloading our complimentary guide.

Surrendering Other Forms of ID in Georgia

The GA identification card is available to anyone who already holds a valid, expired or suspended/revoked drivers license. However, the applicant will need to surrender his or her drivers license and driving privileges if he or she wishes to have an ID card, instead of a license. In most cases, those who have lost their driving privileges due to traffic or criminal violations will still be allowed to get Georgia ID cards, so they can legally prove their identities.

If an applicant is from out-of-state, he or she will need to surrender any DMV-related credentials in order to get an ID card from the Georgia DDS. Yet, if an applicant holds a valid drivers license from another county and is seeking an ID card in Georgia, he or she will be allowed to keep the foreign license.

Renew ID Card Credentials in Georgia

The DDS will require you to renew your ID card leading up to the expiration date. Luckily, you can use the renew ID card online system via the DDS if you meet the qualifications for using it. The online ID card renewal system is only open to Georgia residents and U.S. citizens. Legal aliens will need to go to their local DDS centers to renew their GA identification cards. You should try to renew your identification card before it expires. The DDS allows you to renew as early as 150 days before expiration.

Replace ID Card Credentials in Georgia

If you are dealing with a stolen or lost ID card, you need to report this to the DDS as soon as possible. Getting a replacement ID card will help you make sure you have a legal form of identification, and it can prevent someone with your stolen ID card from using it in certain situations if it has been flagged as such. You cannot replace a Georgia ID card online; you will have to replace it in person while bringing in required documentation that proves your identity, address and citizen status. There will be a small fee for getting an ID card copy from the DDS Customer Service Center.