How to Replace a Drivers License in Georgia

In Georgia, you must take the steps to replace a lost drivers license, which may be due to various circumstances. Sometimes, a replacement drivers license needs to be issued to those who have had their licenses stolen, as well. Since a drivers license is a vital form of government identification and gives the license holder legal permission to operate a vehicle, it is important to replace your drivers license as quickly as possible in the event that it goes missing. A Georgia drivers license replacement is administered through the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS). You may be wondering how to replace drivers license credentials in Georgia and where you should go to get a duplicate drivers license if you have misplaced your license. Read more details about these processes by reviewing the sections below.

Replacing Drivers License Online in Georgia

Knowing how to replace drivers license credentials online is important when determining how to get a replacement drivers license as quickly as possible. Thankfully, the DDS allows certain functions to take place online. This online system enables you to replace lost drivers license documents as long as you meet the qualifications to use the system. To get a copy of drivers license credentials online in the event that one is lost or stolen, you first must:

  • Be a Georgia resident.
  • Be a United States citizen.
  • Only be replacing a non-commercial drivers license.
  • Not have a revoked or suspended license.

The DDS will use the details on your online account to send you a DMV duplicate license in the mail, which should arrive in one to two weeks. You can replace a learners permit and an ID card in Georgia through this system as well. If you don’t have an online account through the DSS, you can follow the prompts to create an account online or go to your local DDS office, where you can set up an account during your visit. Note that while replacing your drivers license is one of the tasks that can be completed online, certain activities, like learning how to get a new drivers license if you recently relocated to GA, can only be done in person.

Replacing Drivers License in Person in Georgia

You may be wondering, “Where can I get a copy of my drivers license?” if you do not wish to – or are unable to – use the online DDS system. You may go to your local DDS office to get a new drivers license. You can get a GA drivers license copy in person if you are not a U.S. citizen, but you will need to make sure you have all of the required documentation at the time you visit the DDS.

Documents Needed to Replace Lost or Stolen Drivers Licenses in Georgia

The rules regarding the documents needed for getting a Georgia drivers license duplicate require that you do not use copies, only originals. If you are a U.S. citizen, you may use your passport and your birth certificate to validate your identity and your citizenship status. If you are an immigrant with legal status, you can bring items like a Permanent Resident Card or a Naturalization Certificate. Other documents like your Social Security card or your recent tax return may be required to further prove the information you have provided to the DDS. Before you begin to replace your driving license online or in person, be sure you have any and all required documents or pieces of information handy.

If you are a legal immigrant and are living permanently in Georgia, you are required by law to have a Georgia drivers license, a permit or an ID card. After moving to Georgia, you will have one month to obtain this piece of identification.

Updating Drivers License Credentials in Georgia

Many people wonder how to update drivers license credentials in Georgia, even if the licenses have not been stolen or lost. You will have to keep your drivers license up-to-date with important information like your address and your name. If you have moved or changed your name, you will need to report to the DDS about these changes and be issued a new drivers license to reflect this information, even if you have not lost your drivers license.

The Risks of Lost Licenses in Georgia

If you believe you have lost your drivers license, it is important that you inform the DDS of this and start the process of getting a new license to drive immediately. Your identity can be stolen, and financial and legal actions may be taken under your name, such as opening lines of credit, charging bills to your name and committing various crimes. In these cases, it may take a lot of work to prove to banks or law enforcement that it was the identity thief who committed these acts, as you may be held responsible until identity theft can be proven.