Senior Drivers in Georgia

Knowing safe driving tips can help seniors improve their performance on the road and maximize the number of years enjoyed safely behind the wheel. A Georgia mature driver education course helps senior drivers stay on top of any changes that may impact their driving abilities, including problems with their vision, hearing and physical condition. Many companies offer car insurance discounts for seniors that are linked to safe driving performance or driving under a set number of miles per year. You can learn more about how to become a safer driver in GA as a senior by reading the information below.

Driving Safety Tips in Georgia

Understanding how to drive a car safely helps senior citizens and drivers of all ages who want to improve their performance on the road. Knowledge of road safety rules can fade over time, which puts seniors at a disadvantage unless they take proactive measures to stay on top of changes. Senior drivers wondering how to become a safer driver in GA can begin by considering these road safety tips:

  • Stay physically active: Exercise improves flexibility, strength and cognitive ability, which are all important factors in driving a car safely after certain physical functions begin to weaken.
  • Schedule regular vision and hearing tests: Safe driving techniques are of little use if you have trouble seeing the road or hearing what is happening around you. Correcting vision or hearing problems can go a long way in improving safe driving ability as you grow older.
  • Know how medications affect you: This safe driving tip is essential, because accidents are frequently caused by medication-induced drowsiness. Heed any safety driving tips printed on your prescription labels, and use extreme caution in mixing any medication with alcohol.
  • Understand your limitations: Acknowledging ones’ own limitations is one of the most important road safety tips, because ignoring them can be a matter of life or death for you, your passengers and other drivers on the road. If you need an assistive device to make driving more comfortable, such as larger mirrors or a soft-grip steering wheel cover, make the investment in your safety now.

Mature Driver Courses in Georgia

A mature driver education course in Georgia can help you improve your knowledge of driving laws and procedures, especially if it has been a while since you first studied to earn your driving credential. Various agencies and organizations in Georgia offer a defensive driver course for seniors, such as the AAA mature driver course available to AAA club members. Mature driving lessons are also provided through senior community centers, while some companies offer online driving school for seniors who are unable to attend classes in a regular classroom setting. A driving course for seniors may even include a behind-the-wheel assessment in which a professional observes how you fit into your vehicle and how it influences your physical capabilities while driving. An advantage to investing in a mature driver improvement course in GA is that your insurance company will usually reward you with a discount.

Senior Car Insurance Discounts in GA

Car insurance discounts for seniors in Georgia are more common than many realize, and they can be awarded for several different reasons. Senior car insurance quotes can be cheaper than those for younger drivers simply because older drivers tend to spend less time behind the wheel. Seniors car insurance discounts can be obtained by installing a diagnostic device that monitors driving performance, or by proving that you drive under a certain number of miles annually. To learn more about discount auto insurance for seniors in GA, you can download our comprehensive guide today.

How to Surrender Drivers License Privileges in Georgia

It may be time to surrender drivers license credentials if you find yourself becoming confused or lost while driving, or if you are involved in too many minor accidents. While a senior’s voluntary surrender of driving license credentials is a major life event, sometimes it is the only real choice to keep everyone safe. Voluntary surrender forms for seniors in GA are available at any Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) customer service center. When seniors surrender driving license privileges, they should obtain a DDS photo ID card to replace their drivers license card and use for identification purposes. If you are the friend or relative of a senior citizen who needs to surrender drivers license credentials, but refuses to, you may contact the DDS and submit a request for a medical review.

How to Cancel Car Insurance in Georgia

If you have decided to give up driving, you must understand the steps to cancel your car insurance in GA so that you are not continuing to pay for coverage that you no longer need. Cancelling car insurance must happen after you cancel your car registration, to avoid fines and penalties for not having insurance coverage on your vehicle. After cancelling your registration, you can cancel car insurance policy coverage by contacting your insurance agent and letting him or her know that you have decided to stop driving. To learn more about auto insurance cancellation for seniors in Georgia, you can download our comprehensive guide.