Veteran Drivers in Georgia

Georgia driver’s license veteran designation, veterans ID card credentials and veteran license plates are available to qualified drivers in the state. For Georgia veterans who have served the country, there are driver-related veteran designations to help to showcase your contributions. You can discover requirements for veterans license plates, as well as the veteran ID card application process, if you wish to have your service to the country honored by the Department of Driver Services (DDS) and/or the Department of Revenue (DOR). If you would like to apply for veteran designation on license documentation, continue reading the sections below.

What is a veteran designation on a driver’s license in Georgia?

Veteran designation on Georgia license can be obtained through the Georgia Department of Driver Services. Veterans who have served in the military can obtain a driver’s license that indicates and celebrates their service. Driver’s license veteran designation can be obtained if a veteran has served in the U.S. Armed Forces and received honorable discharge. Additionally, members of the National Guard who complete a designated period of service can also apply for this license designation. Veteran license designations require specific application standards. To receive classification as a veteran on your Georgia driver’s license, you must be a resident of Georgia. Additionally driver’s license veteran designation requires a vision test. This vision test must be renewed as a veteran with license designation becomes a senior. Read more about vision tests and other DDS exams by downloading our free, comprehensive guide.

To begin your application for veteran license classification, you must present required documents, including residency verification and identity verification. To verify identity for veteran designation on license credentials, you must present your Social Security Number. To qualify for veteran driver’s license documents you must also present your verification of eligibility from the Georgia Department of Veterans Services. In addition, you must be a Georgia resident for a specified amount of time before receiving a GA driver’s license.

For veterans who wish to apply for a veteran license, your active service must fall under a recognized service time frame. Georgia service eras that qualify for veteran driver’s status include World War II, Korea, the Persian Gulf, Vietnam and the Berlin Conflict. These veteran drivers licenses are provided free of charge to qualifying veterans. Qualified veterans can apply for driver’s license veteran designation if they were discharged honorably.

There is a second set of veteran DL classifications available for veterans who do not meet the service period restrictions for free driver’s licenses. These veteran designations on Georgia licenses can be obtained through paying a fee during the application process.

Note that if you possess a veteran driver’s license, you are not required to pay fees for license renewal or application fees.

Service members are not eligible for a veteran driver’s license designation if they are still in active service. However, there are Georgia driver’s license designations available for active service members.

Your veteran designated driver’s license can also feature your disability status, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. To add your PTSD or other disability to your veteran designation, you must complete an additional application.

Spouses of approved veterans can also obtain a veteran’s driver’s license, in some cases. The requirements for spouse-issued veterans drivers designations must be met to receive a free driver’s license. Proof that the veteran’s spouse has a qualifying disability that will not allow him or her to drive a vehicle is necessary. Additionally, to be issued a spouse veteran DL, the spouse must visit the Georgia Department of Veterans Services Office to present required documents. The Georgia Department of Veterans Services Office will issue the spouse an eligibility certificate if he or she meets all necessary requirements.

How to Get a Veterans ID Card in Georgia

In addition to veteran designated driver’s licenses in GA, veterans can obtain veteran identification cards. These cards operate very similarly to drivers licenses with veteran designations. Veterans can add disability and other medical data to the veterans ID card. Veterans identification card credentials are also available free of charge for qualifying veterans. The veteran ID card application process involves verifying service, discharge method and identity. If you do not have a driver’s license in Georgia, you will need to present another approved form of identification at the time of application. The veteran GA ID card application process must be completed in person at your closest DDS Customer Service Center.

How to get a Veteran License Plate in Georgia

If you’re wondering how to get a veteran license plate in Georgia, you must first review the requirements for veterans license plates . Veteran license plates in Georgia are issued to qualifying veterans who can produce verification of service in specific conflicts. Requirements for veteran license plates include service in World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War or the Global War on Terrorism. There are additional conflicts that also qualify. If you do not meet the designated conflict criteria, you may still obtain a veteran license plate if you can produce proof of duty and honorable discharge.

Disabled veterans can also review the requirements for GA veteran’s license plates that allow them to park in disabled parking spaces. To qualify, you must meet specific disability criteria and provide proof to the DOR. Learn more about driver-related services for Georgia veterans by downloading our guide.