All Your DMV Motorcycle Needs

A Georgia motorcycle license is necessary for any driver who is looking to legally operate a motorcycle or a motor-driven cycle. Many drivers wonder what a Class M license covers, and if acquiring the M Class license is necessary. In Georgia, a motorcycle driving license is necessary for any motor vehicle that has a saddle and is designed to travel on no more than three wheels in contact with the ground, but operates faster than a tractor or a 50CC moped. There are many different steps necessary to getting your motorcycle license, and with just a bit of understanding and know-how, applicants can get licensed for motorcycles in no time. It is important for all motorcycle drivers to understand how to register motorcycle vehicles, besides just acquiring the full bike license. It is also crucial to learn about the motorcycle bill of sale offered in Georgia that is necessary in order to purchase a motorcycle. But before shopping for motorcycles in Georgia, all drivers should know what to do to obtain the Class M endorsement on their licenses and other key information, such as the motorcycle license cost and associated fees.

To drive a motorcycle legally in Georgia, all drivers need to pass a motorcycle license test, as well as a safety inspection of the motorcycle to be operated. The motorcycle license safety program offers critical information for beginner drivers and advanced drivers, alike so that they can safely operate motorcycles on the road. The DMV motorcycle license safety course focuses on sharing the road with other drivers, as well as promoting motorist awareness programs and highway safety. Taking the motorcycle safety course is an important first step in obtaining a Class M license, which eventually will lead to motorcycle registration. Much like registering a car, Georgia motorcyclists will need to register their bikes in Georgia before legally driving on the road. Yet, there are different ways of registering a motorcycle, whether in person or online, that can make the process much simpler in the long run. For more information about motorcycle registration in Georgia, along with how to get a motorcycle license and the requirements associated, continue on to the topics below.

How to Obtain a Class M Motorcycle License in Georgia

Obtaining a motorcycle license in Georgia can be completed with ease, as long as drivers understand what to expect from the program. A Class M license endorsement allows a driver to legally operate a motorcycle, which is defined as a saddle seat motorbike traveling on no more than three wheels on the ground, excluding tractors and mopeds. It is important for any interested driver to learn the steps needed to receive a Class M endorsement or a Class M permit in Georgia. Georgia drivers should understand that getting your motorcycle license involves much more than just filling out an application and receiving approval from the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS). Eligibility can be a great place to start in applying for a motorcycle drivers license. After determining eligibility, drivers can then learn where to get motorcycle license documents in Georgia, as well as the motorcycle license cost. Read More

How to Register a Motorcycle in Georgia

All drivers must complete motorcycle registration in Georgia in order to legally operate motorcycles on roads and highways. New bike owners often wonder how to register motorcycle bikes, and the steps needed to complete the process. Registering motorcycle vehicles and maintaining current bike registration is critical to being a responsible driver in Georgia. To register motorcycle bikes in Georgia, drivers should first understand the steps necessary, as well as ways in which the registration can be completed. All drivers should understand the requirements to register a motorcycle in Georgia, as well as the difference in registration procedures between dealer-purchased motorcycles and private motorcycle purchases. Learning about motorcycle registration fees that are associated with registering a motorcycle are also vital to those who wish to own motorbikes in GA. Read More

Motorcycle Basic Riders Courses in Georgia

A Georgia Motorcycle Basic Riders Course is offered throughout the state to new or experienced motorcycle riders, so they can learn more about the state laws and safe operation. The Motorcycle Basic Riders Courses in Georgia are not mandatory for motorcycle riders to obtain motorcycle licenses or permits. However, completion of a new motorcycle rider course allows the motorcycle license applicant to skip the motorcycle drivers license test if a license is applied for within 60 days of course completion. Since the GA motorcycle safety course adequately teaches safe operation of a motorcycle, the Department of Driver Services (DDS) allows graduates of the course exemption from the drivers license test portion of the application process. Potential motorcycle riders should learn how to enroll in the Motorcycle Basic Riders Course, so they can find out more about the important safety features of a motorcycle and how to ride properly in traffic. The motorcycle safety course covers important subjects that are helpful for new riders or riders who need to brush up on Georgia road laws and motorcycle operation. Read More