Motorcycle Basic Riders Courses in Georgia

A Georgia Motorcycle Basic Riders Course is offered throughout the state to new or experienced motorcycle riders, so they can learn more about the state laws and safe operation. The Motorcycle Basic Riders Courses in Georgia are not mandatory for motorcycle riders to obtain motorcycle licenses or permits. However, completion of a new motorcycle rider course allows the motorcycle license applicant to skip the motorcycle drivers license test if a license is applied for within 60 days of course completion. Since the GA motorcycle safety course adequately teaches safe operation of a motorcycle, the Department of Driver Services (DDS) allows graduates of the course exemption from the drivers license test portion of the application process. Potential motorcycle riders should learn how to enroll in the Motorcycle Basic Riders Course, so they can find out more about the important safety features of a motorcycle and how to ride properly in traffic. The motorcycle safety course covers important subjects that are helpful for new riders or riders who need to brush up on Georgia road laws and motorcycle operation. To find out more about the Georgia Motorcycle Basic Riders course, what is taught in the courses and how to enroll in the Motorcycle Basic Riders Course, review the sections below.

Georgia Motorcycle Basic Riders Course Curriculum

Motorcycle Basic Rider Courses in Georgia cover a variety of important safety and operation issues throughout the class. The motorcycle safety course reviews the mental keenness and relaxed, yet cautious attitude a motorcycle rider must maintain while operating a motorcycle through traffic. The Georgia Motorcycle Basic Riders Course also covers:

  • Strategies for efficiently and safely dealing with stressful situations in traffic.
  • Riding in a straight line and performing turns.
  • Shifting gears and stopping.
  • Emergency braking, swerving and when to use these techniques.
  • Different types of motorcycles and how they function.

Additionally, the new motorcycle rider courses in GA teach students about the importance of avoiding drugs and alcohol before operating a motorcycle. The experienced instructors provide examples of unsafe and devastating situations that can occur if a motorcycle rider attempts to ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The motorcycle safety course covers the most effective and comfortable wear for new motorcycle riders, including eyewear, boots, a jacket and a properly fitting helmet. Motorcycle safety relies on an operator’s ability to see clearly, have good range of motion and feel comfortable and confident on the bike. To review additional concepts that are covered in a Georgia Motorcycle Basic Riders Course, download our free guide.

Why the Georgia New Motorcycle Rider Course Is Important

The Motorcycle Basic Riders Courses in Georgia are an important part of motorcycle rider education, because they teach the basic skills a rider needs in order to safely operate a bike on public roads. Not only does a GA motorcycle safety course help a new rider to learn more about safe operation, it also ensures the rider learns state road laws and respect for fellow drivers and pedestrians. Before a Georgia motorcycle license is issued to a rider by the DDS, he or she must pass a driving test. The new motorcycle rider course covers all the concepts the rider needs to safely operate the motorcycle on highways and roads throughout the state. After completing a motorcycle riding safety course in GA, motorcycle riders have reviewed in-depth explanations of motorcycle riding laws. The motorcycle safety classes analyze the effects and consequences of not following all motorcycle safety rules, so students not only learn the rules, but why it is so important to follow them.

Motorcycle Basic Riders Courses in Georgia allow motorcycle license applicants to waive the drivers license test requirement if a certificate of course completion is turned in with the license application within 60 days. However, a motorcycle license applicant must still pass an inspection, and a permit applicant must pass a motorcycle knowledge exam. The GA motorcycle safety course assists riders in obtaining the knowledge needed to successfully complete these DDS motorcycle license and permit requirements. If you are still considering whether or not to take the motorcycle safety course in Georgia, review the detailed information in our free, downloadable guide.

How to Enroll in the Motorcycle Basic Riders Course in Georgia

The Georgia Motorcycle Basic Riders Course is offered at 22 training sites and 14 private training sites throughout the state. Not only are new motorcycle rider courses available through the safety program, there are also courses available for experienced riders who need to sharpen their riding skills or brush up on safe operation training. The process for how to enroll in the Motorcycle Basic Riders Course can be followed by a potential motorcycle rider. He or she does not need to bring a registered motorcycle to the new motorcycle rider course, but appropriate attire should be worn, including:

  • Long pants that cover the entire leg when in a seated position.
  • Sturdy boots above the ankle.
  • A bandana and full-fingered gloves.
  • A long-sleeve shirt or jacket.

The Motorcycle Basic Riders Courses in Georgia provide state-approved helmets for students. To enroll in a Motorcycle Basic Riders Course, an interested potential student must first choose a convenient training site. He or she can contact the site and sign up for the next available motorcycle riding course. The fees due for the new motorcycle rider course may vary by site and the course chosen. Upon completion of the basic motorcycle safety course, a GA motorcycle safety course completion certificate is presented to the graduate. To find out more about how to enroll in the Motorcycle Basic Riders Course for a certificate of completion, download our comprehensive guide.