How to Register a Motorcycle in Georgia

All drivers must complete motorcycle registration in Georgia in order to legally operate motorcycles on roads and highways. New bike owners often wonder how to register motorcycle bikes, and the steps needed to complete the process. Registering motorcycle vehicles and maintaining current bike registration is critical to being a responsible driver in Georgia. To register motorcycle bikes in Georgia, drivers should first understand the steps necessary, as well as ways in which the registration can be completed. All drivers should understand the requirements to register a motorcycle in Georgia, as well as the difference in registration procedures between dealer-purchased motorcycles and private motorcycle purchases. Learning about motorcycle registration fees that are associated with registering a motorcycle are also vital to those who wish to own motorbikes in GA. To learn more about motorcycle registration topics in Georgia, review the sections below.

Requirements to Register a Motorcycle in Georgia

For a driver to register a motorcycle in Georgia, he or she must first understand the registration process. Registering a motorbike from a dealership versus registering a motorcycle from a private seller includes different steps, so make sure to learn what needs to be done in order to effectively and efficiently register a motorbike. Many times, registering a motorbike through a dealership is the easiest method, especially because the dealership takes care of most of the necessary steps. The dealership associate will not only register the motorcycle, but usually, he or she will also ensure that the motorbike passes the inspection. Registering the motorcycle through a dealership is part of the purchasing process, and most of the important documents will be registered on the driver’s behalf. Also, registering motorcycles through a dealership will include the necessary fees and costs within the price of the bike, itself.

Purchasing a motorcycle in Georgia through a private seller essentially means that registering the motorcycle will be the responsibility of the new owner. Georgia law states that a privately purchased vehicle must be registered within seven days of purchasing it. As soon as the seller signs the title over to the new owner, then the new owner is responsible to gather the following documents for the local county tag office:

  • A completed and signed title
  • If the bike model is older than 1985, then a title is not required, just a bill of sale
  • A completed Affidavit of Fact for a Motorcycle or Motor Scooter, notarized through the seller
  • The Certificate of Inspection by a Duly Constituted Georgia Law Enforcement Officer from the seller
  • Proof of Georgia motorcycle insurance
  • Georgia driver’s license or ID
  • Payment of the necessary fees and applicable taxes

When compiling register motorcycle online information, several of the above forms are available.

If the seller did not have the motorcycle inspected prior to purchase, then the new owner will need to have the inspection completed on his or her own. The above-mentioned required documents can either be mailed to the local county tag office, or they can be delivered in person.

Application Procedure for Registering a Motorcycle in Georgia

To complete an application for registering a motorbike in Georgia, you should first learn what to expect from the application process. A motorcycle registration application will require a specific set of information, such as the Vehicle Identification Number, the year/make/model of the bike, legal owner information, seller information or lessee information. The application must be signed by the owner – or owners, if there will be more than one owner of the motorcycle who will be part of the bike registration. A motorbike registration application is a straightforward form that can be completed online, or printed out to complete by hand. To learn more about motorcycle registration application procedures, download our free guide.

Registering a Car Versus Registering a Motorcycle in Georgia

To register a motorcycle in Georgia and registering a car both have similar procedures. There are still applications that need to be filled out and inspections that need to be completed, regardless of the motor vehicle being registered. The one main difference between registering motorcycles and registering cars in Georgia is that a motorcycle will not require smog checks in order to pass the inspection. Cars do require smog checks in order to pass, and without the smog check, cars will fail inspection and not be able to be registered. However, a motorcycle registration inspection will need to be completed without a smog check in order for the bike to be approved by the county agency.

Fees for Georgia Motorcycle Registration

In order to register motorcycles in Georgia, drivers need to pay the annual fees necessary by the Department of Revenue. Fees can be paid online or in person, depending on the circumstances and what the driver has available. There are different fees associated with registering motorcycles, which include the actual motorbike registration fee, as well as any applicable taxes. Depending on the county in which the motorcycle is registered, local fees or taxes may also apply.