Georgia DMV Online Services

Georgia drivers education is one of the first crucial steps that many young drivers take in learning how to operate motor vehicles. A DMV practice exam can be a very useful tool to prepare for the real drivers license test after passing drivers education. Drivers ed and practice exams are just two of the many driver-related services available to Georgia residents. A DMV practice test, along with other services, can be made available directly through the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS). Other options are available through reliable, third-party providers licensed by the state.

Traffic school may be a necessary DDS resource in Georgia if you have been issued a ticket for committing a traffic violation, or if you need to get points removed from your drivers license. Your driving record may need to be reviewed, first in order to see how many points are on your license to determine whether you can attend traffic school to clean up your driving record. Others may need to see your DMV driving record if you are applying for a job that will require you to drive, and these records can be easily obtained through the DDS.

A VIN check is another driver-related service that is available in the state of Georgia, and is useful if you are planning on purchasing or selling a vehicle. In addition, the DDS and the Department of Revenue (DOR) require car insurance for all drivers and vehicle owners in the state, and it can be a confusing process knowing which insurance provider to choose. Cheap auto insurance quotes can be obtained, compared and contrasted with the help of trusted third-party services.

Sometimes, a background check that includes driving records, financial records and other information is needed when applying for a job or renting a home. The sections below provide details on all of these products and services mentioned, and how to access them in the state of Georgia. Additionally, you can find more information on licensed and trustworthy third-party providers that offer these products and services online.

Georgia DMV Practice Tests

The Georgia DMV practice exam offers vital help for prospective drivers preparing to take the written DMV test. The GA DMV practice test helps you study more efficiently by reinforcing the information available in the DMV drivers handbook. It also provides you with the confidence of knowing you are well prepared for the official exam, allowing you to approach the written test with as little stress as possible. The Georgia DMV allows residents more than one attempt at the written exam before they must re-submit an application and pay a new fee. However, scheduling each test can be time consuming, as you are not able to repeat the exam on the same day, and may even have to wait as many as 30 days if you fail too many times. As a result, DMV practice exams are crucial for anyone who wishes to pass the test on the first go-around and move on to the driving portion of the exam as quickly as possible. Read More

Georgia Traffic School

Georgia traffic school consists of classes that teach the fundamentals of traffic laws and defensive driving. DMV traffic school differs from other types of driving courses, particularly driver’s education, in that it is intended for licensed, experienced drivers, rather than individuals who are just learning to drive. A defensive driving course is one of the official names for this type of school in Georgia. Many drivers use these courses to help improve negative driving records or because they have been ordered by the court to attend. Although traffic schools are typically associated with drivers who have committed traffic violations, anyone can enroll in these courses to improve their driving skills. Review more details about traffic violations and penalties in our guide. Georgia has many ways for students to attend traffic school. However, completing traffic school online is not an option, and drivers who wish to attend these classes must do so in person. Read More

Georgia Drivers Education

Georgia drivers ed is an educational program that instructs new drivers on the basics of traffic safety, as well as driving techniques. Drivers education is most typically associated with teenagers, as it is a requirement for many teens in Georgia to complete this program in order to drive a motor vehicle. Georgia law allows new drivers who are 16 years of age to obtain a state driver’s license. As of 2007, however, new drivers of this age must successfully complete a driver’s education course in order to qualify for a driver’s license as part of the Joshua’s Law requirements. Review more information about first-time drivers in our guide. These driving lessons typically consist of a theoretical classroom portion, as well as practical training. Read More

Georgia Driving Records

Your Georgia driving record is an important government document that records essential aspects of your personal driving history. Your GA DMV driving record holds information about licenses you have been issued, endorsements you have received, violations you have committed and much more. Your driving record is increasingly being used by insurance companies and even prospective employers to gauge your level of risk as a driver and help determine both your insurance premiums and employability. Learn more about employability as an industry CDL driver in our guide. Verifying your driver record information, therefore, is important in order to correct any potentially costly errors. Driver records, also called driving history reports, are provided to any driver who requests one to verify information, protect against identity theft or simply to learn more about what information his or her particular record contains. Georgia offers four types of reports and various ways of requesting them. Read More

Georgia VIN Checks

A Georgia VIN check is an essential service that allows car owners and buyers to learn more information about a particular vehicle. The 17-digit GA Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) provides information like the vehicle’s maker, its year of manufacture, the vehicle’s origin and much more. Although they have been in use since the 1950s, VIN numbers were standardized in the 1981, and they have become increasingly important in identifying vehicles since then. Through a vehicle identification number check, consumers are able to review essential details about a car’s history and status, uncovering information that even the car’s owners may not know. For example, VIN numbers can be used to research a car’s past title information, any recall notices that model has received and much more. A VIN lookup, therefore, is an essential part of both buying and selling a car, as it helps arm both the buyer and seller with all relevant details about the car in question. Looking up VIN information is so important, in fact, that the Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR) warns drivers not to purchase a vehicle without first requesting one. Read More

Georgia Auto Insurance

Car insurance in Georgia is required by law for anyone who intends to drive a vehicle in the state. Your GA automobile insurance must adhere to certain basic requirements in order to ensure you are able to meet the financial responsibilities that arise after a traffic incident, particularly if you are the driver at fault. However, cheap auto insurance options exist for consumers who are willing to compare coverage prices at various companies. Depending on your particular needs, certain companies might offer substantially cheaper insurance. Unfortunately, comparing quotes can often involve a sizable time commitment, especially if you must contact each company individually. This is why online car insurance comparisons are the optimal solution for those asking, “What is the cheapest car insurance?” By comparing rates automatically based on your particular needs, this service allows you to find the most affordable options with as little effort as possible. Find the cheapest auto insurance available through automatic quote comparisons from a verified third-party provider. Read More

Georgia Background Checks

A Georgia background check is an investigation into the public records of an individual, and can include various types of details that provide insight into that individual’s history. A criminal background check is one of the most requested types of background checks, and the information that it reveals can be useful to a variety of parties. This type of background investigation includes an individual’s arrest data, as well as any convictions and incarceration records. Government entities within the state of Georgia are typically responsible for managing and releasing these criminal records. An online background check through a reliable third party can provide additional details, such as previous addresses and employment history. More details on GA background checks can be found in the sections below, including an explanation of what they are and why people use them. You can also learn about the different ways to obtain a background check and get your background check instantly by submitting your request through a trustworthy third-party provider. Read More