Georgia Background Checks

A Georgia background check is an investigation into the public records of an individual, and can include various types of details that provide insight into that individual’s history. A criminal background check is one of the most requested types of background checks, and the information that it reveals can be useful to a variety of parties. This type of background investigation includes an individual’s arrest data, as well as any convictions and incarceration records. Government entities within the state of Georgia are typically responsible for managing and releasing these criminal records. An online background check through a reliable third party can provide additional details, such as previous addresses and employment history. More details on GA background checks can be found in the sections below, including an explanation of what they are and why people use them. You can also learn about the different ways to obtain a background check and get your background check instantly by submitting your request through a trustworthy third-party provider.

Get Your Background Check Online in Georgia

Getting a background check online is one of the most efficient ways of obtaining a comprehensive background investigation. The background check services that a secure, third-party website provides not only include criminal records, but many other types of details, as well. These online background checks can provide information on an individual’s prior addresses, work history, education, credentials and finances. Typically, these background check details require an applicant to request records from multiple sources, in addition to state government entities. A trusted third-party website is licensed by the state of Georgia, as well as other organizations, to obtain these details for you. Learning how to get a background check online is quick and simple, as it only requires three pieces of information: the subject’s name, his or her date of birth and his or her Social Security Number. You will also need a credit card in order to pay for the investigation. Request your GA background check now through a reliable third-party provider.

Get Your Background Check by Mail in Georgia

In researching how to do a background check, you may find that requesting records by mail may be an option. A criminal background check can be obtained from a local sheriff’s office or police station, and different counties and precincts within the state may have different procedures for obtaining these records. A background investigation through the Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC) can only be requested via mail if the individual being investigated is currently residing outside of the state. Additionally, a Georgia background check of this type only applies to fingerprint-based checks, as the GCIC does not provide name-based searches, unlike a secure third-party provider. An out-of-state resident must register on the Georgia Applicant Processing Service (GAPS) website and request to be fingerprinted at his or her local police station. That fingerprint card must then be mailed to a third-party in California that is contracted with the GCIC. Unlike an online background investigation, this method will only produce state criminal records. Submit your online background check request today through a trusted third-party provider and get results in seconds.

Get Your Background Check in Person in Georgia

Obtaining a background check in person offers more options than requesting one via mail. Criminal background check services are available through many law enforcement offices throughout the state. Contact your local sheriff’s office or police precinct for details on how to request a background investigation in person. A GA background search can also be conducted in person through the GCIC at fingerprinting sites located across the state. To know where to get a background check in person, contact the GCIC for a list of official sites, and find the site nearest you. The person requesting the background investigation must register on the GAPS website as a state applicant and receive an account number. An in-person investigation, unlike a third-party online check, will only reveal an individual’s criminal records in Georgia, and it also involves the cooperation of the individual being investigated. To efficiently obtain a comprehensive background check, fill out an application online through a reliable third-party provider.

What is a Georgia background check?

A background check is way in which an individual can investigate his or her public records, or those of someone else. A Georgia background check focuses mainly on an individual’s history in Georgia, particularly his or her criminal history. Georgia law allows public access to these criminal records through databases, fingerprint investigations and third-party providers. While this is the type of information many people look for in a background investigation, a search can also include other details, depending on who is conducting it. Government background searches offered by state agencies typically focus on criminal records and may contain information on past residences. Obtaining a background check online through a trusted third-party site can reveal more information. Background checks for employment purposes may need to include the more comprehensive information provided in an online investigation. Visit a trustworthy third-party provider now to get a detailed background check quickly and effortlessly.

Why do Georgians use background checks?

A background check for job placement is the most common reason someone may use this kind of investigation. Background checks for employers not only provide criminal information on a candidate, but they can also provide details on a candidate’s educational and professional background that can be corroborated with the information that he or she provides on his or her resume. An online background check can be particularly necessary if a prospective employee will be working with vulnerable populations, such as the elderly, the disabled or children. Background investigations are also necessary when renting a home to a tenant, as they can reveal if the tenant has had issues paying rent in the past. To get a full background investigation instantly, simply submit your request through a reliable third-party provider.