Georgia Driving Records

Your Georgia driving record is an important government document that records essential aspects of your personal driving history. Your GA DMV driving record holds information about licenses you have been issued, endorsements you have received, violations you have committed and much more. Your driving record is increasingly being used by insurance companies and even prospective employers to gauge your level of risk as a driver and help determine both your insurance premiums and employability. Learn more about employability as an industry CDL driver in our guide. Verifying your driver record information, therefore, is important in order to correct any potentially costly errors. Driver records, also called driving history reports, are provided to any driver who requests one to verify information, protect against identity theft or simply to learn more about what information his or her particular record contains. Georgia offers four types of reports and various ways of requesting them. The following topics will explain these records in detail, while you review your options for requesting them.

What types of Georgia driving records are available?

Four types of Georgia DMV driving records are available to residents who want to review their information. These GA DMV driver records include the certified and uncertified versions of your three-year drivers record and your seven-year GA driver report. There is no difference between certified and uncertified records in terms of the information they provide. However, certified records may be used for official purposes, such as for use as evidence in a court of law, and uncertified records are meant only for personal use. Certified drivers records can also be sent to a third party, such as an employer or an insurance company, on your behalf. Additionally, you will not be able to download or print the uncertified version, as it is available for online viewing only. Your personal driving record is available for a fee that varies between the three-year report and the seven-year report. These prices are the same for the uncertified and certified versions of the report. The Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) accepts payment in various forms, including checks, cashier checks or money orders.

What information is on your Georgia driving record?

A Georgia DMV record search will yield a substantial amount of information about details related to your driving. Your GA personal driver record will also include information like your address, date of birth and gender. When you check driving record information yourself, you will find a list of all major licenses you have been issued, along with their classes, expiration dates, types and a complete description of any restrictions on those licenses. Learn more about license suspensions and restrictions in our guide. You will also receive a list of your driving privileges, like non-commercial, commercial licenses and limited permits. Finally, all personal driving history records contain information about any citations or withdrawals the drivers have received. For driving citations, each entry discusses the reason for the citation, the date the violation occurred, whether the citation involved an accident, whether you were convicted and much more. For withdrawals, personal driver records include a description of your offense, the withdrawal type (suspension, revocation, cancellation, etc.), the date the violation occurred and the withdrawal expiration date. Your DMV driving record will also include any DUI offenses you have committed and any points currently on your license. Review more information about DUIs in our guide.

What information is not included in your Georgia driving record?

Your Georgia driving record contains information related to your driving, and generally does not feature non-driving-related details. As such, your drivers record will not include any convictions or violations you have committed that are not related to driving, such as disorderly conduct, larceny, assault, theft, etc.

How to Check Your Driving Record Online in Georgia

If you are wondering how to get a copy of your driving record, Georgia offers various options for doing so. You can get a copy of your GA driving record information quickly and efficiently by ordering it online. If you need to view your report right away, however, you will need to order an uncertified copy, as the certified report must be printed by the DDS, certified and mailed to you. To request your personal driving history online, you must create an account with the DDS, at which point you will be able to choose either the viewable, uncertified motor vehicle record (MVR) or the certified copy. To pay for driving records online, you must use a valid credit card. The online ordering process may be the most convenient way of obtaining your record, especially if you only need to view it, but do not need a physical copy. However, checking your DMV driving history is also possible by using other methods.

Order Georgia Driving Records in Person

You may check your GA driving record in person at the DDS Customer Service Center nearest you. To check your Georgia driving history in person, be sure to bring proper identification. Review more information about proper forms of identification in the driver’s license section of our guide. You may request a driving record other than your own by visiting a Customer Service Center. However, you will need to provide a signed authorization. The authorizing form you bring must be the original, not a fax or copy.

Order Georgia Driving Records by Mail

To get a copy of your GA driver record by mail, you must submit a completed application or a request letter. If you are getting a copy of your GA driver record using a letter, be sure to include your full name, date of birth and driver license number. Make sure to specify whether you are requesting a three-year report or a seven-year report. Include payment for your report by using a personal check, cashier’s check, company check or money order. Also, be sure to include a self-addressed stamped envelope with your application. The copy of driving record information you will receive by mail will be certified, so you will be able to use it for official purposes. Mail your completed form or letter to:

Georgia Department of Driver Services
MVR Request
P.O. Box 80447
Conyers, Georgia 30013