Georgia Traffic School

Georgia traffic school consists of classes that teach the fundamentals of traffic laws and defensive driving. DMV traffic school differs from other types of driving courses, particularly driver’s education, in that it is intended for licensed, experienced drivers, rather than individuals who are just learning to drive. A defensive driving course is one of the official names for this type of school in Georgia. Many drivers use these courses to help improve negative driving records or because they have been ordered by the court to attend. Although traffic schools are typically associated with drivers who have committed traffic violations, anyone can enroll in these courses to improve their driving skills. Review more details about traffic violations and penalties in our guide. Georgia has many ways for students to attend traffic school. However, completing traffic school online is not an option, and drivers who wish to attend these classes must do so in person. More details on traffic school are provided in the information below, including why people attend, the benefits of going to classes and how to enroll.

What is traffic school in Georgia?

Traffic school in Georgia is meant for licensed drivers to receive a refresher on the state’s traffic laws, as well as how to become better behind the wheel. Also called a driver improvement course, this class is typically taken by drivers who have been issued a traffic ticket or wish to remove points from their licenses. The Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) manages the administration of defensive driving classes. However, no driving school course is directly taught by an employee of the DDS. Rather, a driving course of this kind is administered by an independent school that is licensed by the DDS to teach this class. Traffic schools must be attended in person in the state of Georgia. Online driving school is not presently considered an acceptable form of attending traffic school for purposes of improving a driving record or if traffic school is ordered by the court. Read more about different types of driver courses in our guide.

“How much is traffic school?” is an important question a Georgia driver may have, particularly if he or she is legally obligated to attend. Driving classes cost $95 if used for reinstating a Georgia driver’s license, eliminating points from a driving record or any other legal reason, regardless of where you attend the traffic school. Affordable traffic school options exist for students who want to take this course for other reasons, and potential students should know that traffic schools are not allowed to charge more than $95 for this course. Many traffic schools may charge less than $95 for students who are not legally obligated to complete this course. Upon completion of this driving class, a student will receive a certificate that he or she can use for a several reasons.

Why do drivers in Georgia attend traffic school?

Traffic school is used by Georgia residents for a variety of reasons. A defensive driving course may be used simply to improve one’s driving skills, although this tends to represent a minority of the drivers who enroll in these courses. Most driver improvement course students take the class because they have committed a traffic violation. Some drivers are ordered by a court to take the class in order to reinstate a suspended license. Many drivers attend driving school in order to remove points from a driver’s license. A point is a negative mark on a driver’s license that can negatively affect a driving record. The Georgia DDS allows a state resident to eliminate no more than seven points from his or her license every five years. Completion of a defensive driving class at a licensed school is necessary in order to have these points removed from a license.

The Benefits of Traffic School

Attending a DMV traffic school has several advantages, depending on the reasons for which you enroll. A defensive driving course, at its most essential, will teach you how to become a safer driver and may also prevent you from committing future traffic violations. If you attend driving classes because of a court order, successful completion of these classes may help you avoid further legal repercussions, such as fines or incarceration. Completing a driver improvement course may also help you remove points from your license, which can help improve your driving record. Many employers may request to see your driving record as part of a background check, particularly if the job for which you are applying requires driving. Having a clean driving record may improve your chances of getting hired. Voluntary traffic school completion may also earn you a discount on your automobile insurance if you present your certificate of completion to your insurance provider.

How to Enroll in Traffic school

Before enrolling in traffic school, be sure to remember that the state of Georgia only recognizes in-person instruction as a valid course format. Taking traffic school online is prohibited if you are intending to use this course to reinstate a driver’s license or to remove points from your license. As such, online traffic schools are seldom, if ever, licensed by the DDS. A list of affordable traffic school options in the state is available through the Department of Driver Services. Before you enroll in a school, you should determine whether the school’s location and your schedule will make it feasible for you to attend classes. Remember that you are required to attend six hours of classes, and some schools may mark you as absent from a class if you arrive late. By law, DMV traffic school pricing cannot be above $95 for the entire course. The fee must be exactly $95 if you are enrolling in order to reinstate or remove points from your license, or if you have been ordered to enroll by a Georgia court. Learn more about reinstating your Georgia driver’s license in our guide.