Georgia Bill of Sale Forms

A Georgia bill of sale is an important form that provides the necessary evidence that a motor vehicle or motorcycle transaction between a buyer and a seller has occurred. The bill of sale form is extremely important when it comes to motor vehicles and motorcycles, as it also shows proof of the odometer reading at the point of sale. The odometer reading from a vehicle bill of sale declares that the seller accurately reported the number, and that the buyer has acknowledged the reading to be true. It is important for all motor vehicle sellers to understand why a bill of sale for a car is important, and how to properly fill out the bill of sale form in its entirety. Motorcycle drivers should also learn about the motorcycle bill of sale and why it is necessary. Any driver who purchases a new or used vehicle should make sure to ask for a legal bill of sale. For more information on DMV bill of sale documents, continue reviewing the sections below.

Why is a Georgia bill of sale important?

Drivers can easily download or print out a Georgia bill of sale form from the Department of Revenue website. The bill of sale document, otherwise known as Form T-7, allows sellers and drivers to complete a vehicle sale transaction and provide proof of doing so. The standard form for the bill of sale can be used to legally transfer a motor vehicle or motorcycle between owners. This handy Georgia sale document serves a variety of purposes, whether to keep a record of the sale for tax season, prove the mileage reading at the time of purchase or act as a statement of the buyer’s agreement of the purchase. Ultimately, the vehicle bill of sale or the used car bill of sale will protect the seller in case the buyer does not register the vehicle or ends up abandoning it. The state of Georgia does not require a bill of sale for official use, but it is recommended as a form to keep for protective purposes.

Generic Georgia Bill of Sale Information

Georgia drivers can find a template for a bill of sale online that they can download and print for their personal use. A standard bill of sale will require specific information from both the buyer and seller, which includes, but is not limited to:

  • The date of purchase or transfer
  • The seller’s personal information
  • The buyer’s personal information
  • The current odometer reading at the time of purchase
  • The purchase price
  • The trade-in allowance
  • The taxable amount
  • The Georgia sale tax due

After the proper bill of sale information for a car or motorcycle is completed on the generic form, both the purchaser and the seller must sign the bill of sale in order to make it official. Download our free guide to review more details about completing bills of sale in Georgia.

How to Write Your Own Georgia Bill of Sale Form

Drivers should also understand that vehicle bill of sale documents in Georgia do not need to be generic or downloaded from the internet, but instead, can be written by sellers, as long as the proper information is provided. The information necessary for a seller to write his or her own bill of sale form includes the name of seller or transferor, the complete address for both the buyer and the seller (no P.O. Box allowed), the date of sale, the complete vehicle description (VIN, make, model, year), the lienholder created at time of sale, the date of lien (if applicable), the purchase price, the vehicle odometer reading and the signature of the buyer and the seller. As long as the above-mentioned information is provided and filled out accordingly, the bill of sale will officially become a proof of car purchase. This information can be used simultaneously for a used vehicle bill of sale or a motorbike bill of sale. After the buyer signs the bill of sale document, a copy should be provided to both the seller and the buyer. The buyer can bring his or her copy of the standard bill of sale to the local county tax commissioner’s office in Georgia to be used for necessary vehicle registration and car titling tasks.

Can someone else fill out the Georgia bill of sale document for me?

Not just anyone can create a bill of sale form in Georgia and use it to transfer a vehicle title into his or her name. Drivers should note that a DMV bill of sale can only be filled out on behalf of a seller if there is limited power of attorney involved. If the true owner is being represented by a family member who has power of attorney for motor vehicles, then he or she may write and sign the vehicle bill of sale on his or her behalf. First, however, a limited power of attorney for motor vehicles form must be downloaded prior to drafting a personal, legal version of the bill of sale. Read more information on bill of sale forms by downloading our complimentary guide.