Georgia License Plates

A Georgia DMV license plate is mandatory for car owners who operate their vehicles throughout the state. Car registration plates offer easy and quick identification and allow law enforcement to confirm a car owner’s details and valid registration with the Department of Revenue (DOR) Motor Vehicles Division. New registration plates in GA should be ordered when a car owner moves to the state. A resident may need to get license plate tags when the current one is stolen, missing or damaged. The process for how to get license plate tags includes visiting a local county tag office to apply and paying a license plate fee. Replacing license plate tags is mandatory if a resident obtains a different type of vehicle, such as a motorcycle or a commercial truck, which requires a specific plate. To legally drive, a car owner must also renew license plate tags before the expiration date by paying the renewal fee and placing the new decal on the plate. To learn more about how to replace license plate decals/tags, the process for renewing license plate tags in GA and the customized plates available, review the sections that follow.

The Importance of Car Registration Plates in Georgia

A Georgia DMV license plate is important to obtain for new residents and to keep updated for car owners, because it links the car to a record with the DOR. New registration plates show law enforcement or other officials that the car has completed registration with the DOR and that important details are on file. The GA car registration plates also allow law enforcement to quickly look up car owner history information and the car registration renewal dates through an online system while patrolling. With an updated DMV license plate, a car owner avoids fines and penalties. After getting a license plate, new car owners can legally operate their vehicles on roads throughout the state. A car license plate also allows for quick identification after a hit-and-run or following another unlawful action that was committed by a driver.

Obtaining a Georgia DMV License Plate

The process for how to get license plate tags should be followed when a resident buys a new car that does not already have a tag or when a new resident takes up permanent residency in the state. To get new license plate credentials, a resident must visit a local county tag office and complete an application for a new tag. A new vehicle registration plate fee is also required before the plate is issued. A Georgia DMV license plate should be obtained for new residents within 30 days after moving. New car buyers should get license plate tags within seven days of purchasing the vehicle. A new resident must replace license plate tags with a Georgia plate so that the vehicle is registered in the DOR system and all details are recorded. The license plate renewal notice is not available for new residents until their vehicles are registered in Georgia and have updated plates. If a new resident is stopped by law enforcement without replacing car registration and license plates in GA after 30 days, he or she may receive a fine. To learn more about how to replace license plate tags and/or vehicle registration documents, download our comprehensive guide.

Renewing License Plates in Georgia

When renewing license plate tags in GA, a car owner must send in the renewal fees and confirm all recorded information. The process for how to get license plate credentials renewed can be completed online, in-person or by mail. To renew license plates in Georgia, a car owner must know when his or her vehicle plate is up for renewal. A DMV license plate renewal notice is sent in the mail to all car owners before they are required to renew vehicle registrations. Generally, renewing license plates must take place at least 30 days before the registered car owner’s birthdate each year. In some counties, GA car registration plates are renewed using a four-month, non-staggered schedule that takes place January 1 to April 30 each year. For instance, in Talbot County, car plate renewal dates follow a four-month staggered schedule. Business license plate renewal dates are assigned based on the first letter of the business’s name. To find out when to renew license plate in GA and the renewal fees associated with the process, download our informative guide.

How to Get Georgia License Plates Customized

Specialty Georgia new registration plates can be obtained from local county tag offices for additional fees. To get license plate tags with specific military specializations, a car owner may need to show proof of unique qualifications, including military ID tags, a death certificate or a marriage certificate. For car registration plates that contain specific letters or numbers, a car owner must apply for a prestige plate with the county tag office. If a tag office does not have the exact specialty DMV license plate a car owner desires, he or she may be issued a Temporary Operating Permit and the new plate is then sent to the car owner, once available. The process for how to get license plates that are customized or specialized is the same as obtaining a standard license plate. If a specialized car license plate is damaged or lost, it must be replaced. Replacing license plates that are customized requires car owners to follow the same process as replacing regular plates, but additional customization fees must be paid when ordering a new plate.