How to Register & Title a Vehicle in Georgia

Georgia car registration must be valid and updated for the legal operation of a vehicle throughout the state. Completing car registration online for a newly obtained vehicle or a new resident is not possible, but existing car registration renewals can be completed online. New car registration must be completed through a local County Tax Commissioner’s Office or a county tag office after the purchase is complete. DMV car registration in GA also includes a new title if the vehicle has just been purchased by a new owner. A new resident must complete the steps for motor vehicle registration in Georgia if he or she plans to take up permanent residency in the state. Registration of vehicle information is available through the Georgia Department of Revenue Division of Motor Vehicles. Residents wondering, “How do I register my car in GA?” should note the process can be completed by mail or in person. To find out more about getting car registration in Georgia, including how to obtain a newly purchased vehicle registration, how to get a car registered after moving and the information requested when applying, review the following information.

Obtaining New Car Registration in Georgia

Residents may wonder, “How do I complete the process for registering my car in Georgia?” after they have made new car purchases in the state. If the car is new, dealership associates usually get car registration for customers without them having to make independent trips to local county tag agencies. Residents who are getting car registration themselves should gather the required documents necessary to obtain registration and title for the vehicle. The process for how to get car registration in GA cannot be completed unless a resident already has a valid Georgia driver’s license or identification card.

To obtain a car title in GA, the new car owner must have the title assigned to him or her by the dealership or the previous owner. A Georgia car title can be signed over to a new owner, but the name presented must be the new owner’s full, true and legal name, and must match his or her identification card or Georgia drivers license. If the vehicle title is unavailable from the previous owner or is invalid, a registration certification from a non-title county or state must be presented along with identification. To apply for a vehicle title in the new owner’s name, a Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin (MSO) may also be accepted by the tag office. Additionally, proof of a new auto insurance policy with acceptable policy limits must also be presented before a car title and registration are issued to the new owner.

The process for how to get car title in Georgia can be completed at a local county tag office, or the required items and registration fee can be mailed to the local office. Car owners attempting the registration of vehicles by mail should ensure all mandatory forms and identification are included to prevent processing delays. Learn more about new vehicle registration by downloading our free guide.

How to Get Car Registration in Georgia After Moving

Before car registration in Georgia can be issued to a new resident, he or she must learn how to obtain a state drivers license or identification card. To complete the first step to obtaining DMV car registration, a new resident can contact the Georgia Department of Driver Services for a license or an ID card. Once obtained, new car registration can be applied for through a local tag office. Additionally, a Georgia car title must be issued to the new resident, and should also be obtained for each vehicle he or she owns. To get registration of vehicle and a car title documents, in addition to Georgia identification, the resident must present:

  • Proof of vehicle ownership and proof of valid auto insurance in Georgia.
  • An acceptable Georgia identification card or driver’s license.
  • A completed Form MV-1 Tag and Title Application.
  • A completed emissions inspection, if applicable.
  • Applicable fees and taxes.

When applying for Georgia car registration, a car owner must also present a completed Form T-17 Statement of Title Held by Lienholder, Security Interest Holder, or Leasing Company, if the vehicle is leased. This informs the Department that the current title is held by a leasing company.

A GA vehicle title and motor vehicle registration must be applied for within 30 days of establishing residency in the state. However, the process for how to get car title documents in Georgia does not need to be followed by new residents for certain types of vehicles. Travel trailers, cars with model years 1962 or older and off-road vehicles are just a few types of vehicles that do not require titles.

Georgia DMV Car Registration Application and Information

For new car registration in Georgia, a car owner must complete the Form MV-1 Tag and Title Application and turn it in with other documentation and fees. The car registration application requires a signature from the vehicle’s owner and can be printed and completed at home and mailed to a tag office or completed in person and submitted. To get car registration in GA, the application asks the owner to provide information on the vehicle including the Vehicle Identification Number, usage, fuel type and odometer reading. When applying for GA registration, the owner must also provide the legal names of the owners (if multiple owners exist) and lessees or liens, if applicable. Motor vehicle registration applicants who mail the application to a local county tag office should note their applications will not be processed until proper state-issued identification is presented. To learn more about the information needed when getting car registration and a vehicle title in Georgia, download our free and comprehensive guide.