How to Renew a Car Registration in Georgia

Georgia vehicle registration renewal must be completed by car owners before the expiration dates. DMV vehicle registration renewal can be completed online, in person or by mail, in most cases. To renew car registration in GA, car owners must learn how to verify identity and then pay renewal fees. After renewing car registration, a car owner should ensure he or she displays the updated sticker on the vehicle’s license plate to provide proof that the registration is up-to-date. It is important for car owners to review how to renew car registration in Georgia, so they can ensure this registration is current with the Georgia Department of Revenue to avoid traffic tickets or penalty fees. Before attempting to renew car registration online, a car owner will receive a notification in the mail that his or her registration is nearing the expiration date. If a vehicle has expired car registration, it is illegal for the car owner to attempt to operate it on public roads. Before driving a car, an owner must renew expired car registration and pay all fees with a local tag office. To learn more about car registration renewal and the methods available to renew registration in GA, review the sections below.

Renew Registration Online in Georgia

Vehicle registration renewal in Georgia can be completed online in most counties. Before attempting to renew car registration online, a car owner can review the renewal notice for an online option or call the county tag office to confirm online renewal is available. DMV vehicle registration renewal cannot be completed online by a car owner if he or she:

  • Had a recent address change that is not updated on the registration yet.
  • No longer lives in the county that sent the vehicle registration renewal
  • Cannot pay the renewal fees by credit card, debit card or electronic check.
  • Does not have the vehicle’s Renewal Identification Number available.
  • Is attempting to renew registration for a vehicle that weighs 8,500 pounds or more.

To renew car registration in GA online, a car owner must first visit the Department of Revenue’s Vehicle Registration Renewal website and choose his or her county. When renewing car registration online, the car owner is also notified of the additional convenience fee applied to the transaction, which may differ by county. When following the steps for how to renew car registration online, a car owner may also find the county delays delivery of the registration renewal if the fees are paid with an electronic check. If he or she still wants to continue to renew car registration online and agrees to the terms and conditions, the car owner is then prompted to enter the Renewal Identification Number. The system asks for additional information to confirm the vehicle and car owner’s identity before moving through the online car renewal process.

After vehicle registration renewal fees are paid through the online system, the car owner receives a confirmation that the renewal is complete. A renewal car registration document is mailed within five business days, unless the car owner paid with an electronic check and is susceptible to a processing delay. To find out more about how to renew car registration in Georgia using the online system, download our free, comprehensive guide.

Georgia Vehicle Registration Renewal in Person or by Mail

When renewing car registration in GA in person, a car owner must first locate his or her county tag office. Car registration renewal can only take place at the tag office in the county in which the car owner currently resides. When attempting to renew expired car registration in person, a car owner must present a valid Georgia identification card or driver’s license and the renewal notice that was sent. Additionally, in-person vehicle registration renewal in Georgia requires the car owner to present proof of auto liability insurance and proof that the vehicle has passed an emissions test, if applicable. Many counties in the metro Atlanta area require an updated emissions test for each vehicle before renewal is granted. The DMV vehicle registration renewal notice informs car owners if an emissions test is required. Download our guide to read more about GA emissions testing. Before car registration renewal is complete, the car owner is also responsible for providing fees and taxes with an acceptable form of payment. Each county accepts different types of payment, so a car owner should review these acceptable payment methods before visiting the county tag office.

When completing vehicle registration renewal in GA, in-person visitors in specific counties may also utilize the self-service kiosks at local county tag offices. Kiosks can be a faster and more convenient way to renew car registration at a tag office. If a self-service kiosk is available, DMV vehicle registration renewal in Georgia can be completed by a car owner if:

  • The vehicle is registered in the correct county and associated with an updated address.
  • Proof of liability insurance is already on file with the Georgia Department of Revenue.
  • A Vehicle Emissions Inspection is already on file with the Georgia Department of Revenue, if applicable.
  • The car owner has a valid Georgia driver’s license on hand.

After renewing car registration on a self-service kiosk successfully, the machine prints out the updated registration. This allows the car owner to skip the line at the tag office and complete the registration renewal instantly.

To renew car registration in Georgia by mail, a car owner should follow the instructions outlined on the renewal notice. The process for how to renew car registration by mail, including the documents needed, payment methods for fees and mailing address are available on the notice. To find out more about renewing expired car registration by mail, download our free guide.