How to Replace a Car Registration in Georgia

Car owners who have lost car registration in Georgia should request a replacement renewal decal or plate from the Department of Revenue as soon as possible. A copy of car registration is required to prove a vehicle is adequately registered with the state and can be operated legally. To replace car registration in GA, a car owner must contact the Department of Revenue to send notice that the registration or renewal decal is currently missing, and that a replacement needs to be obtained. It is illegal to have duplicate car registration in Georgia, and if a car owner finds the original registration after retrieving a new one, he or she must destroy it or turn it in to a local tag office. The process for how to replace car registration should be followed by car owners if they have lost, misplaced or damaged the original car registration documentation. If replacing car registration because the original was stolen, a car owner should consider filing a police report to ensure the vehicle’s plates or registration are not used illegally. Car owners cannot replace car registration online, because they are required to verify identity with a local tag office, first. To learn how to obtain a DMV copy of registration, including the application that must be completed, review the information below.

How to Replace Car Registration in Georgia

DMV lost registration in Georgia warrants the car owner asking for a replacement registration license plate or renewal decal. A DMV registration copy may be requested by a car owner because the original was lost or destroyed, or because the mailed registration was never received. If a copy of car registration is requested from the county tag office because the original is damaged, the car owner is asked to turn in the damaged plate or documents. Keeping duplicate car registration in Georgia is illegal, so all damaged or found documents and tags must be returned. If a DMV lost registration was never received after attempting to register or renew a vehicle with a county tag office, the car owner can request a new one. The request to replace car registration must be completed by the car owner within 90 days of the mailing date. A car owner is also required to obtain a police report to record that the license plate and registration was never received. This is a preventative action to combat the illegal use of the license plate or registration documents by a third party.

When replacing car registration, a car owner must visit the county tag office or send in mandatory documents and fees. The process for how to replace car registration is similar to renewing registration, because the car owner must prove identity and pay fees to the tag office. To learn more about copy of car registration documents in Georgia, download our informative guide.

Requesting Duplicate Car Registration in Georgia

To request a copy of lost car registration in Georgia, a car owner must visit the county tag office with the proper documentation and identification, which includes specific forms and items that may or may not apply to your personal situation, like police reports and damaged vehicle documents. In addition, replacing your car registration requires the applicable fees.

If the duplicate vehicle registration is requested by a car owner because he or she did not receive it in the mail from the Department of Revenue, fees may not be applicable. However, to replace car registration documents in GA, a police report must be presented to the county tag office, and there may be fees associated with filing the report. If the DMV copy of registration and Georgia license plate requested is for a prestige or customized license plate, the requestor must complete a Special (Personal) Prestige License Plate Application (Form MV-9B). The forms and fees can be submitted by mail to the local county tag office or taken to the office by the car owner. To find out more about the requirements when replacing vehicle registration in GA, download our comprehensive online guide.

Application for Replacing Car Registration in Georgia

A car owner cannot replace car registration online in Georgia, but a copy of the application needed for replacement is available online for review. The Application for Replacement License Plate (Tag) and/or Decal is required when completing the process for how to replace car registration, whether the tag was lost in the mail or stolen. The form asks for specific information to verify the car owner’s identity and to learn what happened to the existing registration.

When requesting duplicate car registration in GA, the application asks the car owner to choose whether the registration decal, license plate, or both need to be replaced. The lost car registration application also asks the reason for replacement and the vehicle information, including the Vehicle Identification Number and license plate number. The DMV lost registration application also reviews the applicable fees and instructions for submitting the request. When attempting to replace car registration, the car owner must thoroughly complete the application in blue or black ink, obtain a notarization and submit it, along with the fees and other necessary documents for registration replacement.