How to Replace a Car Title in Georgia

A lost car title in Georgia must be replaced by a car owner so there is proof that he or she owns the vehicle. A lost Georgia car title is ordered by a car owner through the local county tag office. Before a car title replacement is issued to a car owner, he or she must complete an application for the replacement title and may need to pay a fee. The process to replace car title documents can only be completed by the vehicle’s owner, and if the car is sold, a transfer of title must be completed, instead of a replacement. A car owner should never possess a duplicate car title, and if an original is found after ordering a replacement, it must be destroyed. When attempting to replace lost car title papers, a car owner may claim the title was never received in the mail, or that he or she has misplaced the document. Either way, replacing car title documents is important so that the car owner has all the required paperwork for the car, and can legally prove or transfer ownership. To find out how to order a GA car title copy after one is lost or damaged, read through the following information.

When to Replace Lost Car Titles in Georgia

A car owner must replace lost car title papers when he or she cannot find the title, it has been stolen or if it is mutilated and illegible. Before reporting a lost car title to the county tag office, a car owner should first contact the bank, credit union or financial institution that was listed on the car title previously, if applicable. A GA car title replacement may not be needed by a car owner if a lienholder still exists for the vehicle, because the institution holds the title until the vehicle is paid off. However, a duplicate car title should be requested by the vehicle owner if there is no longer a lien on the vehicle, and the institution that previously held the lien does not have the title. A stolen car title should also be replaced immediately by the car owner, and he or she should file a police report to record the incident.

The process for replacing car title papers should also be followed if the car title was never received in the mail by the car owner. If a replacement car title was ordered but never received, the car owner must file for a duplicate. A Georgia car title copy is sent to the car owner once he or she completes the request process and proves the title was never received in the mail. Learn more about replacing car titles by downloading our free guide.

Replacing Damaged Car Titles in Georgia

A Georgia car title replacement should be ordered by a car owner if the title is damaged or mutilated. It is important to replace car titles if the damage inhibits the ability to read the owner’s name or the vehicle information on the title paperwork. When replacing car titles because they are no longer legible, a car owner must visit his or her local county tag office and bring:

  • A completed Tag and Title Application (Form MV-1).
  • The damaged original car title.
  • The replacement title
  • Additional supporting documents, if applicable.

When completing the application to replace car title documents, the car owner must select his or her reason that explains the need for the replacement title. When applying for a duplicate car title because the current title is damaged, the car owner is also responsible for turning in the damaged title to the tag office. While requesting a car title copy, in some cases, the new title may be updated with the car owner’s married name, if needed. He or she must provide a marriage certificate or other supporting documentation, and must complete the application for a change name on car title using the updated married name. For an updated Georgia car title replacement, the car owner must also submit additional documentation, including a letter of lien satisfaction if the financial institution was listed on the original title but the vehicle is now paid off. After successfully completing a request for a duplicate car title, the car owner is presented with a new document. The words “Replacement Title” are printed on the new title when it is issued to a car owner.

Replacing a Lost Car Title in Georgia

If a car title replacement application is completed with a county tag office but the title does not come in the mail, the car owner should apply for a duplicate title. If the application for a duplicate car title is received by the office within 60 days of the date of the initial request for a GA car title replacement, a replacement title is sent to the car owner and the fees are waived. When lost car title occurrences are due to mailing incidents, car owners must complete the Tag and Title Application and the Report of a Georgia Certificate of Title Lost in the Mail Affidavit (Form T-216). The affidavit must be signed by the vehicle owners and notarized before submitting to the county tag office. When all documents are sent in, a lost Georgia car title replacement is provided to the car owner. Neither a lienholder nor an attorney can request a duplicate car title from the tag office. To learn more about replacing car titles, download our complimentary guide.