Salvage Titles in Georgia

A salvage vehicle title in Georgia is issued to an eligible car that has been deemed a total loss because the cost of repairs was priced higher than the vehicle’s value. If a salvage title is issued to a vehicle, the owner may choose to rebuild the vehicle up to the state’s standards so it can be legally operated on the road, once again. The process for how to obtain a Georgia salvage title includes applying for the title with the Department of Revenue (DOR) Motor Vehicles Division. To apply for a Georgia salvage certificate, a car owner must complete the necessary form, but the car cannot be operated on public roads until it passes inspections and is deemed a successful rebuild. Car owners may ask, “What is a salvage certificate?” when reviewing the steps for rebuilding a total-loss vehicle. The process for how to get a salvage title is completed through the DOR by the car owner or the insurance company. A GA salvage certificate application asks for important information about the vehicle, and must be completed and submitted in order to receive a salvaged title. To learn more about obtaining salvage vehicle titles and their uses, review the following information.

What is a salvage certificate in Georgia?

To receive a salvage vehicle title in Georgia, a car must have at least two component parts that are inoperable and need to be replaced. A salvage certificate may be issued to a vehicle if two more of the following components are not functioning:

  • The entire front assembly, including the hood, fender and bumper.
  • The engine and transmission.
  • The vehicle’s frame.
  • One complete side of the vehicle, including the fender, quarter panel and doors.
  • The entire rear assembly, including the floor panel, roof (may be a soft top) and quarter panel.

A GA salvage vehicle title can be requested if a total loss claim was completed through an auto insurance company and the owner, or the insurance company, decides to retain the vehicle. The process for how to get a salvage title must be followed by one of the parties involved. Car owners wondering what salvage certificates are should note that the issuance of a certificate does not give the car owner the right to drive the vehicle on public roads or the insurance company the right to resell the vehicle legally. A Georgia salvage title only acknowledges that the vehicle was deemed unrepairable and is currently inoperable, while maintaining the vehicle’s record with the DOR. Before attempting to resell a totaled vehicle, a GA salvage vehicle title must be obtained from the DOR. To learn more about Georgia salvage titles, download our free guide.

How to Obtain a Georgia Salvage Title

To apply for a Georgia salvage certificate, the car owner or the auto insurance company must complete all necessary forms and turn them into the DOR within 30 days of vehicle acquisition or within 30 days of the total loss claim completion and payment. A GA salvage certificate application is submitted for a salvage title if there is extensive damage to the vehicle, it was deemed a total loss by the insurance company and no repairs have been made. A salvage vehicle title can also be requested if a vehicle was damaged while in transit, is unrepairable, the manufacturer has disclaimed the car or if the vehicle never had a certificate of title. A salvage title also applies to vehicles that were titled in other states as salvaged, total losses, “fire” or “water.”

A car owner wondering how to get a salvage title in Georgia should first ensure his or her vehicle is eligible for this type of title. He or she should then complete a salvage certificate application and submit it to the DOR to obtain the title. If a car owner is obtaining a vehicle salvage title in GA with the purpose of rebuilding, he or she can then attempt to apply for a rebuilt title when repairs are complete. The repairs must be made by a licensed rebuilder, and the vehicle must pass inspection, which may include emissions testing, at one of the state’s inspection facilities before a rebuilt title is issued. After the salvage vehicle title is turned in for a rebuilt title, the car can be legally driven throughout the state. To learn more about how to obtain a Georgia salvage title, download our informative guide.

Completing the Salvage Certificate Application in Georgia

To obtain a Georgia salvage vehicle title, an application must be submitted to the DOR. The salvage certificate application asks for several pieces of information about the vehicle, itself and the car owner. The process to complete the application for salvage title includes the car owner or the insurance company providing the vehicle’s year, make, model, odometer reading and current title number. To apply for a Georgia salvage certificate, the legal vehicle owner’s information must also be completed on the application. When filling out the GA application for salvaged title, the section inquiring about the vehicle’s lienholder and the mailing address for the title must be completed, along with a valid signature. A completed salvage certificate application is mailed to the DOR for review before a title is issued to the applicant.