How to Transfer a Car Title in Georgia

A Georgia car title transfer must occur when a resident purchases a new vehicle or when a new permanent resident has a car title from a different state or country. The process for how to transfer car title information in Georgia may differ, depending on the car owner’s situation and the purpose for the transfer. To transfer title documents, a car owner must visit a local county tag office and present the original title, along with a transfer fee. Additionally, to transfer car title paperwork, the tag office may ask for forms and applications for a new title to ensure all information is correct and valid. The transfer of title is completed by a tag office, but is recorded with the Georgia Department of Revenue Motor Vehicles Division, so all records match. In some instances, transferring car title documents from one state to another may require the tag office to contact a lienholder or a financial institution, because the new resident does not yet own the vehicle outright. Some residents may wonder where to transfer car title papers when they purchase new vehicles from private sellers. For those asking, “How do I transfer car title information?” along with those seeking information on title transfer procedures after a move, review the following information.

When is a Georgia car title transfer needed?

The steps for how to transfer car titles must be followed when a car owner claims permanent residency in Georgia and has a license plate and car title for a different state or country. Transferring the title in Georgia allows the Department of Revenue (DOR) to record vehicle and owner information in the system to keep track of vehicle history and ownership. The transfer of title in GA must also be completed when a resident buys a car. If the purchase was made at a dealership, the car title transfer paperwork is usually completed by the dealership, so the new car owner does not need to visit a local tag office. However, a car buyer must transfer titles with the assistance of the previous car owner if he or she is involved in a private sale. It is important that both parties know where to transfer car titles and how to complete the process thoroughly to ensure the new car owner is the listed vehicle owner when the transaction is concluded. Transferring car titles to the new vehicle owner is important, so the previous owner no longer has legal or financial responsibilities associated with the vehicle. To learn more about car title transfers in Georgia, download our free guide.

How to Transfer a Title in Georgia to a New Owner

A Georgia car title transfer must be completed within 30 days of a new purchase. When transferring car title information between a private seller and a vehicle buyer, there are specific responsibilities for both parties involved. The process for how to transfer car titles in Georgia begins when the car buyer and seller visit the tag office in the local county where the buyer resides. To correctly transfer titles to the new owner, the back of the original car title form must be completed by both parties and turned in to the tag office. To complete a car title transfer, the vehicle seller must fill out:

  • The date of the sale and the date of the title transfer.
  • The full, legal and true name of the buyer (must match the name on his or her drivers license).
  • The car buyer’s current address.
  • The exact odometer reading at transfer of title.
  • The seller’s printed name and signature.

Note that during title transfer, the seller can check a box to inform the buyer and the DOR that the odometer reading for the vehicle is inaccurate, if this is the case. This may occur if the car has more than 99,999 miles on a five-digit odometer, over 999,999 on a six-digit odometer, if the odometer is not working properly or if there is another reason the mileage is incorrect.

To transfer car titles in GA, the buyer must review the information completed by the seller and sign his or her name if all information is correct. To complete a transfer of title in GA with joint owners, both buyers must sign the back of the original title. When a vehicle title transfer is complete, a new title and registration is issued in the buyer’s name. To find out more about how to transfer car title information during a private sale, download our detailed guide.

Transferring Car Titles in Georgia After Moving

A resident must transfer title documents in Georgia if he or she is now a permanent resident in the state, but the title and vehicle registration were originally recorded in a different state or country. To complete a transfer of title after moving, the car owner must visit a local county tag office and provide:

  • The current vehicle title issued in the car owner’s name.
  • A completed Title/Tag Application (Form MV-1).
  • A completed Certification of Inspection (Form T-22B).
  • Proof of Georgia liability auto insurance.
  • A valid Emission Inspection Certificate, if applicable.

When transferring a Georgia car title, if the car owner’s previous state or country did not issue titles and the vehicle is a model year 1986 or newer, he or she must have a Certificate of Inspection Form completed by Georgia law enforcement. Additionally, a transfer car title without a previous title means the car owner must present the previous state or country’s vehicle registration documents to the county tag office.