Georgia Driver’s License Point System

The Georgia demerit points system is a way for the Department of Driver Services (DDS) to keep track of how many violations drivers commit within a period of time. When a driver gets a certain number of points on license credentials in a period of time, he or she may face consequences in addition to the violation fees, including a driver’s license suspension. Drivers may ask, “How long do points stay on your license in GA?” so they can avoid driver’s license suspensions and other penalties. The Georgia point system includes a different number of points allotted for each type of violation a driver commits. For some minor violations, no penalty points are issued to a driver’s record. Information about the Georgia driver point system should be reviewed by drivers so they understand how points are accumulated and what can happen if too many points accumulate over a specific time period. To learn more about speeding ticket points, the purpose of the system and the consequences for having too many demerit points for speeding, review the following sections.

The Georgia Demerit Point System

Georgia careless driving points are added to a driver’s record if he or she has committed a violation that warrants points. The demerit point system issues a specific number of points to a driver based on the severity of the violation that was committed. For example, six GA driving points are added to a driver’s license if he or she is convicted of aggressive driving. Four drivers license points are added to a driver’s record after he or she is charged with improper passing on a hill or curve. The points on drivers license added to a record range from two to six per violation. However, speeding violations that are under 15 miles per hour over the posted speed limit do not include the addition of any demerit points onto a driver’s record. To learn more about the demerit point system in GA, download our free guide.

The Purpose of Georgia Drivers License Points

Georgia driving record points are reported to the DDS and kept on the driver’s record to flag irresponsible and dangerous drivers. The driver point system gives more incentive for drivers to safely operate motor vehicles at all times. Since the accumulation of penalty points can lead to suspended drivers licenses and other consequences for drivers, they are likelier to drive safely and obey all Georgia driving laws while operating motor vehicles.

The accumulation of driver license points also encourages drivers to consider taking the appropriate safety measures, such as attending an educational driver training course to prevent a license suspension or additional consequences. The DDS offers Georgia driving record points reduction for drivers who have points on their records and qualify to complete a drivers education course. To qualify for demerit points reduction, the driver must complete a DDS-certified Driver Improvement course and submit the certificate of completion to the DDS by mail or in-person at a Customer Service Center. Drivers who want to reduce the points on their licenses can complete this six hour, in-person classroom course, but cannot take the same course twice. To find out more about reducing careless driving points, download our comprehensive guide.

Consequences of Too Many Demerit Points for Speeding in Georgia

The amount of penalty points issued to a driver before he or she is subject to a drivers license suspension depends on the age of the driver. If 15 or more demerit points accumulate on a driver’s record within 24 months and he or she is 18 years of age or older, a drivers license suspension is issued by the DDS. If a driver who is younger than 18 years of age receives four demerit points for speeding or for other types of violations, he or she will also receive a drivers license suspension. Most drivers license suspensions for too many points on a GA license are valid for one year.

After receiving a suspension for the accumulation of demerit points in Georgia, a driver must meet all DDS requirements for reinstatement before he or she can legally drive in the state again, including paying reinstatement fees and meeting insurance qualifications. When too many GA speeding ticket points are accumulated and a driver’s license in suspended, the driver may still qualify for a limited driving permit for transportation to work or school. If a driver receives a drivers license suspension due to points system accumulation for the second time, he or she may face a longer license suspension period of three years.

Upon the receipt of a conviction by the court system or law enforcement, the DDS adds careless driving points to the driver’s record. A different number of GA driving points may be associated with various violations. For example:

  • 3 penalty points: Disregard of traffic control device
  • 1 point: Operating a vehicle while text messaging
  • 4 demerit points: Speeding in a work zone 24 to 33 miles per hour over posted limit
  • 6 points on drivers license: Unlawful passing of school bus

The Georgia demerit points are calculated based not just on the past 24-month period, but in any 24-month period.