SR-22 Insurance in Georgia

An SR-22 certificate is required when the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) reinstates a license after suspension. Georgia SR22 insurance is adequate auto liability insurance that is paid in full by a driver. Drivers may question, “What is an SR22 in GA?” When required to carry cheap SR22 insurance, drivers should shop around to different, reputable insurance companies that offer the insurance. Hunting for the cheapest SR22 insurance can be a priority for drivers on a budget. However, paying the policy in full and ensuring the proper SR-22 form is filed with the DDS is the most important step in the process. During the driver’s license reinstatement process, the DDS orders the driver to ensure filing of the SR-22 for a predetermined period of time, usually three years. To find out more about how to get SR22 in Georgia, the purpose of an SR22 filing and how to find the proper insurance to meet all DDS qualifications, review the sections below.

What is SR22 in Georgia?

SR22 insurance is not actual insurance, but is a certificate that is submitted to the DDS by an insurance company or a driver, when requested. Drivers are asked to present an SR-22 in Georgia due to a suspended drivers license for a number of reasons, including:

  • Failure to provide proof of insurance to law enforcement.
  • Accumulation of too many license points in a period of time.
  • Failure to appear in court or to pay a traffic fine.
  • Felony involving use of a motor vehicle.

When a driver attempts to reinstate a driver’s license after suspension or revocation, the DDS will request proof of insurance. Additionally, an SR22 form may also be requested by the DDS for a period of time. A Georgia SR22 filing is not completed by a driver, but the driver must purchase adequate auto liability insurance, pay the policy in full and ask the insurance company to complete and sign the form. The process for how to get the SR22 insurance is followed by the driver, but the auto insurance company is responsible for completing the form correctly and thoroughly. The SR-22 filing is then completed by the insurance company by turning it into the DDS. To learn more about Georgia SR22 requirements, download our free guide.

When is SR-22 in Georgia required?

When an SR22 car insurance policy is required, the DDS will inform a driver about the period of time in which he or she must file the form with the Department. If a license is suspended for not having proof of insurance, the driver may need to simply show proof of insurance when reinstating. An SR-22 is requested if the driver has committed multiple offenses and suspensions for not having proof of insurance and for other suspension reasons. If an SR-22 form is required and the form is not submitted to the DDS before the previous auto insurance policy expires, he or she may face another driver’s license suspension. Generally, SR22 insurance must be kept and submitted to the DDS for three years after regaining driver’s license privileges from a suspension. The process for how to get an SR22 insurance certificate must be followed by a driver whose license was suspended for not having proof of insurance for the second time or more. Even if drivers do not own vehicles, SR-22 forms must still be turned in to the DDS as a “Non-Owner’s Policy” to keep their licenses active. If the driver does not turn in a Georgia SR-22 to the DDS, he or she will lose driving privileges, and the license is suspended again.

Drivers looking for cheap SR22 insurance should keep in mind the policy must be paid in full for at least six months at a time and carry the state insurance limits to be accepted by DDS as adequate proof of insurance. After finding the cheapest SR22 insurance in Georgia, drivers should never let their policies lapse so they can avoid penalties for lapses in coverage and additional driver’s license suspension. Each driver’s license suspension may have different qualifications for reinstatement, so all drivers should check with the DDS to learn about their specific reinstatement qualifications. To find out more about an SR22 filing and when it may be required for reinstatement, download our informative guide.

How to Find Cheap SR22 Insurance in Georgia

Georgia SR-22 policies can be obtained at many auto insurance companies throughout the state. Before shopping for cheap SR22 insurance, a driver should inform a company that he or she needs an SR22 form for the DDS. After purchasing the insurance policy, an insurance company representative will complete the SR-22 form and submit it to the DDS. If an SR-22 insurance policy is cancelled, the insurance company sends a notification to the DDS of the cancellation. The driver’s license is cancelled upon notification of the GA SR-22 insurance cancellation and the driver must meet the DDS’s requirements for another reinstatement. After obtaining an auto insurance policy, a driver can switch insurance companies during the term without repercussion if he or she finds cheap SR22 insurance in Georgia, as long as there is no lapse in coverage. Adequate proof of continuous SR22 insurance must be given to the DDS to avoid a suspension or cancellation. To review more details about how to get SR22, download our comprehensive guide.