Georgia SNAP Benefits


SNAP food benefits in Georgia are issued to needy families who qualify for the program and need financial assistance to provide enough nutritionally balanced meals to family members. Food stamps benefits can only be spent on approved food items that contribute to the nutrition of beneficiaries and their family members. GA SNAP benefits are meant for use on items that will keep a family healthy, active and productive. Since benefits for food stamps program applicants are only awarded for a predetermined amount of time, all families that meet the eligibility requirements for SNAP should strive to eventually achieve self-sufficiency and financial independence. A benefit card food stamp is issued to approved applicants, and is loaded with the monthly benefit allotment calculated for the family. The EBT food stamp card can be used at qualifying retailers to purchase eligible food items. It is important for SNAP food benefits recipients to know what items are acceptable for purchase using these benefits, and which items cannot be bought using the EBT card. To find out more about what GA SNAP benefits can be used to purchase, items that cannot be purchased using benefits and how SNAP benefit allotment amounts and issuance dates are calculated, review the information provided below.

Eligible Georgia SNAP Food Benefits Purchases

When attempting to utilize SNAP food benefits in Georgia at a qualifying retailer, a beneficiary should only choose food items approved for purchase. The program encourages benefit recipients to spend the benefit card food stamp on nutritious items that will be used to create well-balanced and hearty meals for all family members. While there are some regulations on how food stamps benefits are used, most food items can be purchased using the benefits. Georgia food benefits can be used to purchase:

  • Fruits and vegetables.
  • Dairy products, including milk and cheese.
  • Grains, eggs and breads.
  • Meat, including fish and poultry.

Additionally, benefits for food stamps program in GA can be used to purchase seeds or plants that are meant to produce edible items, herbs or spices for the family. SNAP benefits can also be used to purchase ice, water or food supplements that are meant to assist in meal replacement, including Ensure. While the SNAP benefit program is designed to encourage beneficiaries to make healthy and budget-friendly food choices, food stamps can also be used to buy items that are often considered “junk food” or “luxury items.” There are no regulations preventing a beneficiary from using his or her food stamp benefit card to purchase cookies, cakes, potato chips, soft drinks, lobster or steak. To learn more about SNAP-eligible food purchases, download our free guide.

Ineligible Purchases Using Georgia SNAP Benefits

Georgia food stamps benefits cannot be used to purchase all items available for sale at qualifying retailers. A benefit card food stamp is not an eligible form of payment when a beneficiary attempts to purchase alcoholic beverages, tobacco products or household supplies, such as cleaning products or paper products. SNAP program benefits also cannot be used when purchasing beauty or toiletry items, including soap, medication or vitamins. Many supplements are not eligible for purchase with SNAP benefits, including energy drinks that do not have nutritional labels. GA benefits for food stamps program recipients also cannot be utilized when purchasing pet food, pet supplies or other non-food items. If a SNAP benefit holder attempts to purchase any non-eligible items, the food stamp EBT card will be declined, and the beneficiary will be asked to buy the items using cash or another form of adequate payment. To find out more about what Georgia food stamp benefits may not qualify for purchase, download our comprehensive guide.

Georgia Food Stamps Benefits Amounts and Issuance

The amount of Georgia SNAP food benefits issued to a beneficiary each month depends on his or her family characteristics and income. All SNAP program benefit recipients are required to inform the Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) if any family characteristics or earned income change, as soon as the change occurs. This allows the representative to accurately calculate food stamps benefits for the beneficiary and to confirm continued eligibility for the program. After completing the application process for the SNAP benefit program, a DFCS representative uses a formula to confirm program eligibility and calculate the benefits available to the approved applicant. The SNAP benefit applicant receives a notification in the mail informing him or her of the monthly benefit allotment, which can fluctuate depending on the income, family characteristics and any changes that take place. The amount of GA benefits for food stamps program allotted to a beneficiary in the first month depends on the date in which the recipient completed the application process for the program.

A benefit card food stamp is issued to an approved applicant, and is sent in the mail with the first month’s benefits already available for use. After a SNAP food stamp application is filed and the interview is completed, SNAP benefits are available to an approved applicant within 30 days. In some cases, GA food stamps benefits are available to beneficiaries within seven days of completing the application process. For expedited SNAP food benefits eligibility, the applicant must prove he or she qualifies to receive benefits quickly. An extremely low income, no access to resources and prominent need for financial food assistance benefits must be proven throughout the application process for expedited benefits. To learn more about Georgia SNAP benefits, download our free guide.