How to Apply for TANF in Georgia


Before a beneficiary begins the TANF application in Georgia, he or she must first establish that they meet the basic eligibility requirements for the program. Knowing as much as possible about the TANF application process will help eliminate unnecessary headaches that may arise. It is important for all prospective petitioners to understand what to expect from the TANF application form including the different application methods. Petitioners often wonder, “How can you sign up for TANF program and when can you apply for TANF benefits?” Knowing how to apply for TANF program in Georgia is crucial for households experiencing a hardship and in need of cash and employment assistance. As it stands, Georgia residents have limited ways to apply for TANF program benefits. To streamline the TANF application process, prospective petitioners can review the below information and discover when the best time to sign up for TANF program benefits will be and the options for requesting benefits.

How can a TANF application in Georgia be submitted?

A Georgia TANF application form can be submitted in a few different ways. A TANF application can be completed and submitted in person, via the mail or by fax. To begin the application for TANF benefits, applicants should understand that a paper application is currently the only TANF application that can be accessed. Before attempting to begin the TANF application process, it is recommended that TANF beneficiaries contact their local Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS). It is recommended that all TANF beneficiaries visit their local DFCS office to first retrieve their application form for TANF as well as have any questions addressed. Visiting the DFCS office to fill out the TANF application form can be beneficial for first-time applicants, as they can have a professional within the field assist them throughout the process.

Once the application for TANF benefits is completed, then the applicant must return the form to the local DFCS office. Returning the application directly to DFCS in person is the best way a TANF application can be submitted as it ensures that the application is received. However, applicants are also offered the opportunity to submit a TANF application via mail or via fax. All applicants should determine the ways in which they prefer to sign up for TANF program benefits that match their circumstances or lifestyle.

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What information is necessary for the TANF application in Georgia?

The information gathered to sign up for TANF program benefits in Georgia relies heavily on income, family composition, citizenship and more. The TANF application will ask questions to confirm that the applicant is eligible for benefits. The information furnished in the form will assist officials in determining if the petitioner meets the TANF requirements for enrollment. Information about family members within the household will be needed including the number of adults, students and members with disabilities. During the application process, application will also need to furnish proof of household gross income, employment for all working household members and earned income outside of wages. Other financial information needed on the TANF application form can include:

  • Immediate need for assistance
  • Monthly rent and utility payments
  • Any medical expenses
  • Any court-ordered child support expenses
  • Household benefits and resources

Petitioners must also note information regarding parents not living in the household and if any family member has received TANF benefits in the past. The TANF application is quite comprehensive and can require a significant amount of personal information before an applicant is considered for benefits. It is important for all applicants submitting an application form for TANF to be as thorough as possible, as proof or documentation may be required to corroborate the application.

Are there any Georgia TANF application penalties?

Being as truthful as possible on a Georgia TANF application form is always recommended. Beneficiaries who provide false information on their application for TANF, whether about themselves or someone they are applying for, will receive penalties for doing so. In addition, hiding or providing false information about the familial composition, income or where an applicant lives will also result in penalties through the program. TANF application penalties come in the form of denial of TANF benefits for a specific timeframe for the first offense and potentially losing all benefits for TANF for repeated infractions. All applicants should be as honest and upfront as possible on the TANF application form to avoid unnecessary penalties.

When should a Georgia TANF application be submitted?

TANF applications in Georgia can be submitted year round. There is no specific enrollment period for when you can apply for TANF benefits, and applications can be submitted whenever a beneficiary chooses. It is worth noting that once an application is approved, then TANF assistance will usually begin on the first day following the month that the TANF application was stamped as approved. The entire TANF application process can take time, so it is important for applicants seeking immediate assistance to contact their local DFCS office directly. For more information regarding the TANF application process and expedited benefits, download our free guide today.