The Child Care and Parent Services Program (CAPS) in Georgia

The Georgia Care and Parent Services Program is intended to help low-income families who seek out affordable, safe care for their children. The CAPS Program is designed to provide help in all Georgia counties through the Department of Family and Children Services. Subsidized child care in Georgia means that families will receive financial assistance through state and federal funding to cover the cost of quality child services. All applicants who wish to become a part of the CAPS program should first learn details about applying, eligibility and the benefits provided. Petitioners must meet the CAP Program eligibility requirements to qualify for government assistance. The mandatory Georgia CAPS Program qualifications that applicants must meet as well as information about benefits are noted in the below sections.

What are the CAP Program eligibility requirements in Georgia?

Families who wish to become part of the CAPS Program in Georgia must meet the eligible requirements first. Approval for the Georgia Care and Parent Services Program essentially means that the state prioritized new applicants based on specific needs and eligibility. To be approved for the CAPS Program all applicants must meet the Georgia CAPS Program qualifications and meet the criteria of a priority group defined by CAPS policy. Priority groups are essential, as they determine the order in which assistance should be provided. Once funding for the CAPS Program becomes available, the families who are at the top of the eligibility list, or the highest priority group at the time, will receive the assistance first. Some priority groups include:

  • Child Protective Services (CPS) and Court Ordered Supervision Cases
  • Children with special needs
  • Minor Parents
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families(TANF) applicants, recipients and families transitioning from TANF
  • Families with very low income as defined by CAPS
  • Grandparents Raising Grandchildren (GRG)

Each of these groups may have special conditions. For instance, children with special needs must have the condition documented by a licensed medical professional. Likewise, parents must be younger than 21 years of age and enrolled in school or employed to qualify for the minor parent group. Other priority groups that the CAPS Program considers include:

  • Persons experiencing domestic violence
  • Persons whom are considered homeless
  • Persons whom have experienced a natural disaster
  • Children enrolled in a Georgia Lottery funded Pre-K class
  • Children in Georgia Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) Custody

As far as CAP Program eligibility is concerned, there are set requirements that must be met in order to qualify for child care services. The CAPS Program qualifications include being a resident of Georgia, proof of the child’s citizenship and current immunization records, employment for a certain number of hours per week and meeting the CAPS income guidelines. Income plays an important role in CAP Program eligibility requirements, as it determines which applicants meet the low-income qualifications and which applicants earn too much to be approved. For a family to be considered for the Child Care and Parent Services Program in Georgia, their total gross income must be equal to or less than the maximum allowed income for that family size.

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What benefits come from the CAPS Program in Georgia?

The Georgia CAPS Program can subsidize the cost of child care services for children who meet the programs requirements. Families that meet the CAPS Program qualifications can choose their child care provider or continue using the child care provider they have already implemented. The CAPS Program will reimburse all authorized child care providers up to a certain dollar amount. Eligible families will be required to pay a fee directly to the child care provider in order to share in the overall cost of care. The fee for receiving CAPS benefits will depend on income, number of children receiving subsidies and family size. Subsidized child care benefits in Georgia will be determined on a need basis. The Division of Family and Children Services will determine the exact dollar amount provided for care.

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How do I apply for the Georgia Care and Parent Services Program?

Applying for the Georgia Care and Parent Services Program is a very straightforward process. To submit an application for the CAPS program online, beneficiaries must visit the state website. Applicants will needs to create an account online through the site and complete the application online. From this web portal, applicants are also able to check the status of their subsidized child care application. Like SNAP and other welfare programs, petitioners will need to be prepare to supply financial information. For applicants who do not have internet access, a paper application can also be submitted for the CAPS program. The paper application can be requested from the Department of Family and Children Services and mailed to the applicant or picked up in person. Once the application for CAPS is completed, the applicant can either mail, fax, email or return the application in person to the local office.