Veteran Disability Compensation in Georgia

What is VA disability compensation? VA disability compensation in Georgia is a tax-free monetary benefit for veterans who have been disabled due to injuries or diseases acquired during military service. VA disability compensation benefits cover physical or mental disabilities, which may be covered even if they appear years after separation from active duty. Veterans may apply for VA disability compensation if they meet minimum disability requirements and other qualifications. To be eligible for veteran disability compensation in GA, a veteran’s disability must have a certain impact on the veteran’s life. Veterans with dependents may receive an additional allowance if their total combined disability rating meets eligibility requirements. Veterans with severe disabilities or a seriously disabled spouse may also receive an additional allowance. To learn more about the VA disability application process and related topics, you can continue to read the following sections.

Georgia VA Disability Compensation Eligibility Guidelines

Eligibility for VA disability compensation depends on the severity of a veteran’s disability. Veterans applying for VA disability compensation in Georgia must provide proof of their mental or physical disability through documentation from hospital and doctor visits. The VA will confirm each disability by performing a VA Compensation & Pension (C&P) exam during the claim review process.

Some veterans may ask, “How does the VA disability compensation work if my disability is not linked to a specific service event?” These veterans may enroll in veteran disability compensation if they fit into an established “presumed disability” category. For example, a veteran may be eligible for VA disability benefits in GA based on the fact that he or she was a prisoner of war or served in Southwest Asia during the Gulf War. To learn about other “presumed disability” categories and more specific information about qualifying for VA disability compensation, you can download our comprehensive guide.

How to Apply for VA Disability Compensation in Georgia

The VA disability application process begins with collecting your discharge/separation papers, any service treatment records in your possession and medical evidence gathered from doctor and hospital visits. You may apply for VA disability compensation in GA in any of the following ways:

  • Online
  • In person at a VA regional office.
  • By mail or fax

You may also apply for veterans disability compensation by working with an accredited representative or agent. These individuals are specially trained by the VA to assist claimants as they enroll in veteran disability compensation programs.

After reviewing your Georgia VA disability application, medical records and C&P exam results, a VA claims processor will make a decision on your claim. The veterans disability application process can take three or four months, as the VA may require this amount of time to fully process an application. If your application for VA disability is denied, you are entitled to appeal the decision.

For more specific instructions to help you apply for VA disability compensation, you can download our complimentary guide today.

Other Types of Veterans Disability Benefits in Georgia

If you are eligible for VA disability compensation benefits as described above, you may also be eligible for other types of disability-related compensation by the VA. To find out if you may enroll in VA disability compensation options listed below, contact your nearest VA regional office for more information. Other Georgia VA disability compensation programs include:

  • Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC): This tax-free monetary veterans disability compensation is payable to the surviving spouse, child or parent of a veteran who died while on active duty, active duty for training or inactive duty training. It is also payable to survivors of veterans who died from their service-related disabilities.
  • Special Monthly Compensation (SMC): This higher rate of VA disability compensation is payable to veterans who need special aid due to their disabilities. The amount of this “Aid and Attendance” benefit is based on the level of need and aid the veteran requires.
  • Additional Disability Benefits: Additional VA disability compensation benefits include access to Service-Disabled Veterans Insurance and Veterans Mortgage Life Insurance policies. Furthermore, veterans may be eligible for other veterans benefits. Examples include VA health care benefits as well as HUD-VA Supportive Housing (HUD-VASH), which provides housing benefits for veterans.