TANF Program Benefits in Georgia


An important part in deciding whether to apply for TANF benefits in Georgia is knowing exactly what the program entails. The TANF benefits program provides cash assistance to low-income families in order for the children to be cared for properly and offers employment assistance to reduce welfare dependency from needy parents. Benefits from TANF are essentially provided to encourage the formation of two-parent families or to maintain stability within a one-parent household. All applicants should understand important factors regarding the TANF benefits program before learning how to apply for temporary cash assistance. For example, knowing how long do TANF benefits last for approved applicants is a great first step, especially since benefits only provide enough assistance for beneficiaries to become stable, not to last a lifetime. For more information regarding TANF benefits in Georgia, including the time limits for approval into the TANF benefits program, continue reviewing the information outlined below.

What type of Georgia TANF benefits are provided to approved beneficiaries?

TANF benefits in Georgia provide cash assistance to approved families that meet the TANF eligibility requirements. The exact amount of cash assistance that the TANF benefits program provides a family will be dependent on a few factors. It is hard for applicants to know in advance the sum of cash benefits from TANF that they will receive, which is why submitting the application for approval will be the best way to determine assistance. The financial assistance that is provided by the TANF program can be applied to a variety of areas, including food, shelter, utilities, transportation, clothing, laundry, home supplies and other expenses within the household. The mission of the TANF program is to encourage marriage fundamentals, prevent and reduce out-of-wedlock pregnancies and promote job preparation by providing cash and work assistance. Overall, the cash benefits for TANF are intended to reduce welfare dependency of families and allow them to become more self-sufficient over time.

How long do TANF benefits last in Georgia?

Georgia TANF benefits are not infinite. Benefits from TANF do have an expiration. TANF assistance in Georgia will be limited to a certain number of months in a recipient’s lifetime. This means that once TANF benefits are allocated to a particular familial unit, there will be a set period in which cash assistance can be provided. Once the TANF assistance period expires, then beneficiaries will no longer be allowed to receive benefits. However, there are certain exceptions to this rule when it comes to extenuating circumstances. For example, a TANF extension is possible if there are justified reasons. This justification can be due to particular hardships that a beneficiary is facing, which includes domestic violence, physical or mental incapacity or other familial issues. In order for beneficiaries to find out if they are eligible for extended TANF benefits, they must contact the Division of Family and Children Services in Georgia.

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Are there conditions that must be met for TANF benefits in Georgia to continue?

For a family to continue to receive TANF assistance in Georgia, they must meet the benefit requirements. If a parent or relative receives TANF cash assistance for his or her child, then he or she must agree to maintain the requirements of the TANF benefits program in order to continue to receive assistance. This includes things such as:

  • Training for a job
  • Continued search for employment
  • Following all child-support rules
  • No abuse of alcohol or drugs
  • Agreeing to take parenting classes
  • Vaccinating the child and enforcing school attendance

TANF benefits could be repealed from the family unit if any of the above-mentioned issues are not completed or scheduled. If a beneficiary has TANF benefits denied, then he or she may be able to request an appeal to regain assistance. Petitioners will need to know how to appeal a TANF denial as well as provide evidence that they are still eligible for enrollment in the program.

How are Georgia TANF benefits calculated or determined for approved families?

TANF benefits in Georgia are calculated based on a few important factors. The TANF benefits program considers income and finances mostly, as the program is geared toward needier families seeking financial assistance. The TANF application will ask about the household’s earned income, the amount of money the family has and the value of things the family owns or pays for, such as child support and childcare expenses. Calculations of cash payment benefits for TANF recipients also uses the number of family members within the household, specifically noted the number of adults and children within the benefit group. The TANF benefits program considers whether the home has one or two caretakers for the dependents in the household.

The Georgia Division of Family and Children Services determine TANF benefits based on the above-mentioned criteria. Exact dollar amounts for cash TANF assistance cannot be estimated in advance and can fluctuate depending on different circumstances. Downloading our free and comprehensive guide today can help provide more information regarding TANF benefits.