TANF Benefit Extensions

Applicants may have the ability to extend TANF benefits in Georgia as long as they meet the necessary criteria. A TANF benefits extension is not granted to everyone and can only be approved for circumstances that are deemed worthy by the Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS). Many applicants wonder, “How can I extend TANF benefits?” especially after they find out that TANF benefits are not intended to last a lifetime. TANF benefits assist families in need on a temporary basis, with a specific timeframe attached. However, there are circumstances in which a Georgia TANF extension can be requested and approved by the state. Before an applicant can request to extend TANF benefits, he or she must first understand what the process entails. Continue reading for more information about how to get a TANF extension in Georgia as well as the TANF extension requirements that must met.

How long can I receive Georgia TANF benefits?

There is a limit that Georgia TANF benefits can be provided to an approved family unit. While the federal government caps TANF benefits at five years, the state has much shorter limit on cash assistance. Beneficiaries who need to get a TANF extension in Georgia will need to prove that they are undergoing a hardship and rely on the benefits for self-sufficiency. It is important for applicants to be aware of their TANF benefits extension date in order to avoid denial of benefits before having the chance to request the extension. Petitioners who extend TANF benefits successfully will have a new limit to when benefits will end.

How can I extend TANF Benefits in Georgia?

Applicants who wish to get a TANF extension in Georgia must first know when the end date for receiving benefits will be. A TANF benefits extension should be requested well in advance of that end date in order to avoid a lapse in benefits. For all beneficiaries who wish to extend their TANF benefits beyond the lifetime limit, it is recommended that they visit or call their local county DFCS office in person to have any questions answered. At this time, a Georgia TANF extension cannot be granted online. Proof of extenuating hardships will be required, which usually warrants an in person visit.

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What are the TANF extension requirements in Georgia?

A Georgia TANF benefits extension is not provided to everyone, and all beneficiaries requesting an extension will need to qualify or risk denial of TANF benefits. The main component for a Georgia extension of TANF benefits comes from families fitting the criteria of hardship. Hardship exists for a family when an issue is preventing them from attaining self-sufficient as a familial unit. The TANF extension requirements for hardship must be met, in at least one or more of the following categories:

  • The family unit is experiencing continued domestic violence
  • The family unit has an ongoing child protective services case and the circumstances surrounding the case hinder the family from becoming self-sufficient
  • Disability of a relative approved for benefits or other eligible household members create a barrier for employment
  • A household member is unable to find employment due to mental and physical incapability

If a family meets at least one of the above-mentioned criteria, then extending TANF benefits is entirely possible. The Division of Family and Children Services will review the hardships detailed by the family unit to decide if they meet the TANF extension requirements and notify them accordingly upon decision. In some cases, proof of hardship may be necessary to get a TANF extension, which can come in the form of a medical note, legal document or police report. For example, when an adult TANF grantee declares family violence issues then they must provide documents of the family violence, which can come in the form of completed or signed statements from the victim, civil or criminal court orders, medical, police, or court reports or a written statement from friend, relatives, neighbors, co-workers or clergy.

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How long can I receive a TANF benefits extension in Georgia?

Beneficiaries who are approved for a TANF benefits extension in Georgia should be aware of how long the extension will last. It is commonly misunderstood that a Georgia TANF extension will double or reset the original time limit. However, extending TANF benefits due to particular hardships will be awarded for as long as the beneficiary meets the criteria for a TANF extension. This means that once a TANF extension of benefits is granted for a specific reason, the DFCS will periodically check in with the beneficiary and review the extension of benefits in order to see if the qualifications still apply.