Georgia Employment Development and Education Assistance FAQs

  1. Q: Do I need to fill out a FAFSA when I already qualified for aid last year?

    A: A new FAFSA must be completed and submitted each award year. It shows if there have been any financial or household changes for the student. The FAFSA can also be used as an application for the HOPE Scholarship and Zell Miller Scholarship.

  2. Q: Can I get help filling out the FAFSA?

    A: Your school’s financial aid advisor can assist you or your family members when completing the FAFSA. Last year’s tax return will also be needed when completing the application. Information on completing the FAFSA correctly is available on the Georgia Government Student Aid website.

  3. Q: Can I receive financial aid if I participate in dual enrollment?

    A: Students who are enrolled in high school or currently being home schooled in high school may want to enroll in secondary education for dual enrollment. The dual enrollment scholarship program provides funds for qualifying students for the fall, winter, spring and summer terms and can assist with undergraduate tuition, books and school fees.

  4. Q: How does the Georgia Student Finance Commission help with financial aid?

    A: The Georgia Student Finance Commission (GSFC) administers over 20 scholarships state-wide to eligible colleges and universities. The organization also offers free financial aid assistance to all Georgia students to ensure they learn about educational finance assistance opportunities they may qualify for.

  5. Q: What’s the difference between an educational loan and a grant?

    A: A loan needs to be paid back by the student based on the terms, conditions and interest rates agreed upon with the financial institution. A grant is provided to a student and does not require payment, but the student must adhere to all qualifications of the grant to receive aid.

  6. Q: What will the Department of Labor ask for when I file an Unemployment Insurance claim?

    A: As an individual resident, the DOL will require you to show government-issued identification and an Employer Separation Notice, if applicable. To claim disaster benefits, you must show your recent income tax return if you are a farmer or self-employed. Noncitizens claiming Unemployment Insurance must also show a complete Employment Authorization Document.

  7. Q: What are the computer requirements for filing an online Unemployment Insurance claim?

    A: You must have Javascript and your computer’s pop-up blockers must be turned off. To access the application or claim form, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader or another program that allows you to view PDF files.

  8. Q: Do I need to fill out an Applicant Status Affidavit to complete my Unemployment Insurance claim?

    A: Yes. If you are claiming unemployment benefits and are 18 years of age or older, then you must sign and complete the Applicant Status Affidavit when visiting the DOL for your interview. The document attests that you are a legal U.S. citizen or a qualifying noncitizen.

  9. Q: Can I opt to receive paper checks for my Unemployment Insurance benefits?

    A: No. Starting in 2012, the Department of Labor eliminated paper checks to issue unemployment benefits. The Way2Go Debit MasterCard is the new way for beneficiaries to access benefits and can be used at any retailer that accepts MasterCard.

  10. Q: I filed an appeal for an Unemployment Insurance benefit change. Should I stop claiming benefits while my appeal is processing?

    A: No. You must continue claiming unemployment benefits while your appeal is processing. If you are awarded benefits after the hearing, then they cannot be issued if you were not continuing to file claims throughout the process.

  11. Q: My Unemployment Insurance benefits just expired. Can I apply for an extension?

    A: State and Federal Unemployment Insurance benefit extensions are only available for beneficiaries who have exhausted their benefits during a time of high unemployment. Extended benefits may not be available in Georgia at the time of your application.

  12. Q: There was a bad storm in my community. Can I claim Disaster Unemployment Benefits?

    A: To claim Disaster Unemployment benefits, the United States President must declare a disaster in the area. If no disaster was declared by the President, then Disaster Unemployment Benefits are not available.

  13. Q: I’m receiving Unemployment Insurance benefits and forgot to report wages last week. What should I do?

    A: Contact the local Georgia Department of Labor career center immediately. Failing to report wages can result in an overpayment of benefits or the accusation of government assistance fraud. Report the wages as soon as possible and you may be asked to pay back the benefit overpayment.

  14. Q: Can I repay a benefit overpayment online using a credit card?

    A: No. To repay an overpayment of benefits online, you must set up an online user account and use a checking or savings account to pay the balance. The system requires an account number and routing number to complete online payments.

  15. Q: I am an employer and I disagree with a former employee’s Unemployment Insurance benefit claim. How long do I have to dispute it?

    A: You need to file an appeal for the Unemployment Insurance benefits claim within 15 days of receiving notification. Both parties are notified of the appeal and the DOL will investigate the claim and speak with you about the employee.

  16. Q: My company wants to participate in the Georgia Quick Start Program to train employees. Will we qualify?

    A: You must have a new project or plans for expansion to receive assistance from the Georgia Quick Start program. If your current employees simply need skill expansion or reeducation, then you may not qualify for a free training plan from the program.

  17. Q: Does a business participating in the Hire a Georgia Veteran Campaign have to hire me if I prove I am veteran?

    A: While the program encourages local businesses to consider veterans as potential employees and to advertise jobs to veterans throughout the state, they are not required to hire veterans to fill positions. Employers should choose new employees who are qualified for the open positions.

  18. Q: My employer fired me because my position was eliminated. Can I file a wrongful termination claim?

    A: Georgia is an employment at-will state, meaning the relationship between employee and employer may be terminated at any time, for any legal reason. If you were terminated due to a lack of work, then it is a legal reason for termination.

  19. Q: My employer did not offer me the raise he said he might. Did he break the law?

    A: Georgia does not recognize the implied-contract exception to the employment at-will law. Therefore, if a verbal contract is made between an employee and employer, it is not legally recognized and does not need to be upheld by the employer.

  20. Q: I have less than 60 days to file my employer discrimination charge with the EEOC. How can I file quickly?

    A: If you are filing a claim with the EEOC online, the portal will provide special instructions on how to quickly submit all relevant information for your claim. If you choose to submit the claim by mail or by phone, you can enter your zip code on the website for information on the closest EEOC office to process the claim.