Education Loans in Georgia

Whether it is the Student Access Loan program in Georgia or Federal Carl Perkins loans, educational loans provide financial assistance to students when their available grant and scholarship funding does not cover all educational costs. Students may qualify for both Perkins Loan funds as well as the Student Access Loan program. To understand eligibility for service cancelable loans in Georgia, students must fully understand the requirements for work during enrollment and after graduation. For some programs, such as the Georgia veterinary education loan repayment program, students must work in a specific field and be enrolled in particular courses for eligibility for these loans. Learn more about loan financial assistance, such as the Federal Carl Perkins loans, the service cancelable loan fund and other educational loans available in Georgia in the sections below.

How do I apply for Perkins Loan in Georgia?

To qualify for Perkins Loan funds, your college or university must agree to administer the Federal Carl Perkins Loans to students enrolled in degree or certificate programs. Your main guide for Carl Perkins Grant requirements will be your school. Although the Carl Perkins loan application dictates a standard interest rate, the available funds will depend on your school. Perkin Loan funds can be borrowed each academic year up to a specified award limit. The Carl Perkins Loan is given based on availability. You may receive less depending on how soon and in what year you apply. When you apply for Perkins Loans in Georgia, you should be sure that your school participates. You must also prove that you have a gap in funding for your college or university education to receive this loan. To meet Perkins Loan requirements, you must fill out your FAFSA each year. You are eligible for the loan if you are attending either undergraduate or graduate programs, including professional certificate programs. Additionally, you can be enrolled full-time or part-time at participating institutions to apply.

Each college level has a different guide for Carl Perkins Grant award limits. As an undergraduate, you cannot borrow as much as you can as a graduate student. Additionally, professional programs have a separate yearly award limit. You can only receive Perkins Loan assistance in Georgia for a designated time in all of your educational pursuits. Therefore, if you receive a Perkins Loan throughout your undergraduate degree, depending on how long it takes you to complete your degree, you may not be eligible for the loan to pursue a graduate degree.

What is the Georgia Student Access Loan Program?

The Student Access Loan Program in Georgia provides a low-interest loan to students in both university and technical college programs in the state. The loan is available each year to students who are enrolled in eligible schools. Eligibility for the Student Access Loan is determined by residency and need for educational finance assistance. The SAL application procedure includes completing a FAFSA before the Student Access Loan deadline to receive funds for the academic year. SAL program requirements allow loan forgiveness for certain students who choose to work in designated public service or STEM careers after graduation. However, students can only receive Georgia SAL program forgiveness if they work in an approved career for a designated length of time. Additionally, technical college students have different limits on loan amounts each year than students who attend Georgia universities and colleges. Students can still apply for the SAL program if they do not intend to participate in a qualified career. However, loan cancellation may not be available for these students. To learn more about loan programs and their requirements, download our comprehensive guide.

What is the Georgia Service Cancelable Loan fund?

Service cancelable loan funds assist Georgia National Guard (GNG) members in continuing education. The loan program provides tuition funds to cover full-time or part-time enrollment in an eligible institution. The Georgia National Guard Service Cancelable Loan application must be signed by the GNG before students can submit it to their school’s financial aid office.

Eligibility for GNG loan funds is determined by verified Selective Service enrollment and academic standing while enrolled in school. Students applying for the Georgia National Guard Service Cancelable Loan must be residents of the state. If a student is a member of the military, then he or she may qualify under residency exceptions for military personnel. There is an award limit on service forgivable loans in Georgia, as students must either complete their education within the time limit or discontinue the award for the remainder of their education.

If you fulfill all requirements for the GNG loan, then you will not have to pay back the total loan amount. Your repayment amount will depend on your length of National Guard service as well as your academic standing. As a Georgia National Guard Loan recipient, you must serve in the Georgia National Guard while you attend college. Find out more about GNG and other loans by downloading our complete guide here.

What is the Georgia Veterinary Education Loan Repayment Program?

The Georgia Veterinary Education Loan Repayment Program provides funds for veterinarians who practice in Georgia counties where there is significant need. The Georgia Vet Loan Repayment program is only available to vets who work in cities where the population is reasonably small. The state of Georgia will assist in paying a portion of the vet’s loan payments while he or she works in the critical need area. Students who wish to apply for this program must meet all program requirements before the Georgia veterinary education loan repayment program deadline and submit the qualifying proof of service as a veterinarian. When learning how financial aid is applied to education costs, it should be noted that the funds are supplied directly to the institution where the student attended veterinarian school.