How to Apply for Unemployment Insurance in Georgia


To file for an unemployment claim in Georgia, an applicant must first make sure he or she meets the eligibility requirements. Applicants may file for unemployment only after the necessary conditions are met. Once they are sure they are eligible for unemployment insurance benefits, they can check to make sure they have all the proper information and documentation at the ready to file a claim. Applicants who incorrectly fill out a Georgia unemployment registration form may experience delays or not receive compensation at all. It is important to understand where to sign up for unemployment as well as what is needed to apply for the benefits. To learn more about how to apply for unemployment online and by other methods in Georgia, read the sections below.

What You Need to File for Unemployment in Georgia

Your unemployment EDD application requires quite a bit of information. You will need your Social Security Number along with identification, such as a driver’s license or passport, as well as your personal contact information, of course. Before you apply for unemployment benefits in GA, you must have your complete work history for the previous two years. This history requires:

  • Names, addresses and telephone numbers of employers.
  • Employment dates.
  • Salary or wages information.
  • Total compensation.
  • Details of how the separation took place.

Before filing your unemployment registration, you will also need to provide your bank routing number and account number. Upon approval of your application for unemployment insurance, the Georgia Division of Labor (GDOL) will need your bank’s routing number and your account number to enable direct deposit. If you are a non-citizen, then EDD registration requires your alien registration number and the expiration date on your employment authorization document.

Georgia unemployment insurance applications for former federal employees require special forms and pay stubs for the preceding two years. Former military personnel wondering how to apply for unemployment benefits need to furnish their DD214 Member 4, “orders to report,” “orders of release,” their military earnings and leave statement and/or their most recent W2 from their military service. For those applying for UI insurance for the first time since their discharge and who do not reside in Georgia, they need to contact the workforce agency in whatever state it is in which they currently live.

Lastly, anyone registering for unemployment who has been affected by a disaster such as major storms or earthquakes and needs Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA) must provide their most recent tax returns or records of quarterly tax payments if they are self-employed or a farmer.

Where to Apply for Unemployment in Georgia

How can I sign up for unemployment in Georgia?” is a query commonly asked by state residents in need of employment assistance. For those seeking unemployment benefits there are options. The most convenient is, of course, doing so via the internet. How to apply for unemployment online is a frequently asked question. The online application for employment can be found on the GDOL website and is easily downloadable. However, there are exceptions. If you live in Georgia, but have not earned any income there, yet have earned income in another state, then you must file an unemployment application for that state through a GDOL career center, where you can register for employment services simultaneously. If you live outside of Georgia and have not earned any income in Georgia for the preceding two years and need to know where to register for unemployment benefits, then your unemployment benefits application belongs with the workforce agency in the state in which you currently reside.

Where to Sign up for Unemployment in Georgia

Filing a claim for unemployment benefits in Georgia can be done online. In order to file an online unemployment insurance application, you will need internet access and a valid email address. Be sure that the email account you use is accessible only to you, as much of the information you will receive is of a confidential nature. If you want to obtain an online unemployment application, but do not presently have an email account, then you can obtain one by using any number of free, web-based email services. Simply visit one of the sites offering email services and create an account. The GDOL does not provide email addresses.

To make filing for an unemployment claim online easier, take care to adjust the settings on your web browser and the filters on your email client to accept email from the Georgia Department of Labor and prevent them from winding up in your spam or junk mail folder. Online GA unemployment insurance applications that find their way into a junk mail or spam folder may escape your attention. Delays in processing an unemployment EDD application may occur if they are not received, filled out and returned in a timely manner as a result of being filtered into a spam or bulk mail folder in your email account.

For those preferring to avoid an online application for unemployment insurance benefits, you may submit an application for unemployment benefits by visiting a Georgia Department of Labor career center and working with the staff there to submit your application in person.

To learn all the details about the unemployment application process, click here to download our comprehensive guide.