Georgia Quick Start Program

The Georgia Quick Start Program is a workforce training program provided to qualifying companies throughout the state at no cost. The Georgia Quick Start training provided through the program is tailored to the company’s needs and goals. Workforce training in Georgia provided through the program involves classroom or on-the-job training and all programs are uniquely designed for each employer to ensure employees learn proper and efficient techniques for increased productivity. GA Quick Start Program eligibility requirements for companies that want to participate must be met before an individual training program is developed for the approved applicant. Learning how to apply to the Georgia Quick Start Program is a necessity for a company that wishes to receive assistance and employee training through the free program. To learn more about who qualifies for the Georgia Quick Start Program, how a company can apply for free employee training and the benefits provided by the program, read through the following information.

What is the Georgia Quick Start Program?

Georgia Quick Start training is provided to new or current employees working at a company that qualifies for this free service. The workforce training in Georgia provided by the program is uniquely designed specifically to meet the company’s needs and may include technical or customer service training. The types of training designed through the Georgia Quick Start program may include sharpening employees’ current skillsets or teaching them new skills. A company who qualifies for the Georgia Quick Start Program consults with representatives about what is needed from employees for continual training or new hire education. The GA Quick Start Program representatives implement programs that enhance workers’ skills and knowledge, leading to the company’s competitive growth and the additional hiring. Quick Start training may be beneficial to companies that focus on hiring military veterans.

The goals of the Georgia Quick Start Program are to assist qualifying companies in meeting production and profit goals so they can improve the community and offer jobs to more residents. With assistance from Quick Start Program representatives, companies have been able to teach employees how to complete various tasks efficiently, including:

  • Assembling aircraft parts.
  • Growing bacteria for vaccines and medicines.
  • Manufacturing metal products for production.
  • Providing customer service and sorting client inquiries by phone or online.

The Georgia Quick Start Program team collaborates with a qualifying company’s leadership team to create a unique program that will give the company a competitive edge in the industry and the ability to grow quickly. Companies may qualify for GA Quick Start training if they are relocating to the state or expanding with additional locations in Georgia. To learn how workforce training in Georgia is developed through the program with the assistance of the team, download our informative online guide.

How to Apply to the Georgia Quick Start Program

GA Quick Start Program eligibility requirements are reviewed when a company applies for free services with the program. Once companies learn how to apply to the GA Quick Start Program, a representative interviews them to decide if employee training is beneficial to the businesses and will benefit the state’s economy. Georgia Quick Start training is offered for free to qualifying companies that are able to provide important details about new projects and expansion goals.

The Georgia Quick Start Program application process involves the company first contacting the program administrator by email, phone or mail. To meet GA Quick Start Program eligibility requirements, a company representative must provide the program with the following information:

  • Number of jobs the project or expansion may create in the area
  • Types and functions of jobs that will need to be filled
  • Industry sector and the hiring timeline for potential jobs
  • A timetable of the project, including when jobs will be opened
  • Additional technology skills employees must learn or additional training needed

When determining who qualifies for the Georgia Quick Start Program, the program representative will ask the company representative questions about the organization’s goals, employee hiring and training needs. For example, employers seeking benefits for ex-service members may inquire about training such employees in new skillsets. The company representative may be required to provide past profit and earnings statements, as well as future business plans and goals to the program representative for review. If the Georgia Quick Start training representative feels the company has beneficial and realistic goals for future projects and that a useful training program can be implemented by program workers, free training may be offered.

Who Qualifies for the Georgia Quick Start Program

To determine if GA Quick Start Program eligibility requirements are met, a company must provide details of the upcoming project or expansion to a program representative. Georgia Quick Start training is not provided to a company that applies to the program if the project or expansion does not benefit current employees, offer a substantial number of new jobs to the area or benefit the local community in some way.

The workforce training in Georgia through the program is provided by the Technical College System of Georgia, but can also take place on site at the company or through mobile labs. The companies that qualify for the Georgia Quick Start Program can easily define their training and educational goals so the program’s team can develop specific strategies and techniques to train new or current employees. Georgia Quick Start training is denied to companies that cannot offer production goals, new hiring statistics and growth projections for projects or expansion plans. To find out more about how to apply for the Georgia Quick Start Program and how eligibility is determined by program representatives, download and review our detailed online guide.