The UI Way2Go Debit Card in Georgia

The UI Way2Go debit card in Georgia is meant for use with your unemployment benefits. The Georgia UI Way2Go debit card is a replacement for paper checks that makes receiving unemployment insurance benefits payments easy and convenient. The Georgia Department of Labor deposits your benefits onto your Way2Go debit card so that you may use them immediately. However, you may not spend more than is posted to your card. Comerica Bank issues the Georgia Way2Go MasterCard and the Go Program administers the benefits. If you are wondering, “How do I get the Georgia UI debit MasterCard?” then you should know there are a few steps involved in receiving the credential after getting approval for unemployment benefits. Understanding the benefits of the Georgia UI debit card is vital for recipients of the government subsidy so that they can use it wisely. To find out more about the Georgia unemployment debit card, read the following sections.

How do I get the Georgia UI debit MasterCard?

Getting the Way2Go unemployment debit card is easy. When filing your UI claim with the Georgia Department of Labor, simply leave your direct deposit information blank. The GDOL automatically issues a UI Way2Go debit card for filers who do not enter direct deposit information. If you want to switch to a Way2Go unemployment MasterCard from direct deposit, then you can do so by visiting the GDOL website and canceling your direct deposit option. Your Georgia UI Way2Go debit card arrives automatically by mail. Activate your Georgia unemployment debit card immediately upon receipt by calling the customer service number and selecting a PIN. Your new Georgia unemployment Way2Go MasterCard receives all future benefit payments. To learn more about the Georgia UI debit card, download our complete guide.

Benefits of the Georgia UI Debit Card

Georgia UI debit cards come with a variety of benefits. For example, the UI Way2Go debit card in Georgia is designed to make receiving and spending your benefits as easy as possible. Benefits of the Georgia UI debit card include the following:

  • When your Way2Go card receives a deposit, you receive automatic notification by either phone or email.
  • There is a toll-free customer service number if you need assistance or have to make a balance inquiry.
  • The Georgia Way2Go card comes with web access to your account and a complete transaction history.
  • Your Way2Go unemployment MasterCard works wherever debit MasterCard is accepted.

The Georgia UI Way2Go debit card program does not require recipients to have a personal bank account, adding another layer of convenience to participation. Furthermore, your Georgia unemployment insurance debit card is part of the Federal Depository Insurance Corporation (FDIC) program, meaning your benefits are protected and secure.

How does the UI Way2Go debit card in Georgia work?

After answering the question, “What is the Georgia UI Way2Go debit card?” the next step is to learn how the unemployment card works. Your new Georgia unemployment debit card works like any other debit card. Simply present it when making a purchase as you would any other and money automatically comes out of your UI account. When using your Way2Go debit card, you may even ask for cash back and the cash total deducts from your benefits. Your UI MasterCard works exclusively with your Georgia unemployment insurance benefits. Way2Go MasterCard accounts will not accept deposits or funds outside of your unemployment benefits.

For questions regarding your Georgia UI Way2Go debit card or how it works, you may contact customer service using the toll-free number. The Go Program, which administers the Georgia Way2Go UI debit card, maintains a website where you may find additional resources should you have questions or wish to report an issue. Should disputes arise concerning your Georgia UI unemployment debit card, you may contact the program’s customer service. For instance, if you think there is erroneous transaction activity, if you need further information on a transaction or a receipt was misprinted, then you may contact customer service. Dispute matters should be handled as soon as possible.

Georgia UI Way2Go debit card security is your responsibility. Never keep the PIN and the card in the same place. Keep your Georgia UI MasterCard in a secure location and do not share your PIN with anyone. Should your Way2Go card become compromised and you do not take appropriate measures to re-secure your account, you may be liable for any funds deducted from your account.

Using the Georgia Unemployment Debit Card With Banks and ATMs

The UI Way2Go debit card in Georgia has unlimited access to cash using any MoneyPass ATM locations that are in the network. Simply use your UI debit card as you would at any other ATM, insert it and enter your PIN. Once your Way2Go card is accepted, you may select either the checking or savings option and then press the button for cash withdrawal. Then, enter the amount you wish to take out. Your Georgia UI Way2Go debit card also works at any teller window in banks or credit unions that honor MasterCard. Your Way2Go benefits card allows you to make an unlimited number of balance inquiries as well.

Your Way2Go MasterCard also works outside the MoneyPass network and you may use other ATMs to withdraw cash if you desire. However, services fees apply when using out-of-network ATMs. To avoid service fees when using your UI Way2Go debit card in Georgia, look for the MoneyPass logo on the ATM.

Lost or Stolen Georgia UI Way2Go Debit Card

If your Georgia Way2Go unemployment insurance debit card becomes lost or stolen, then you must report it immediately to the UI debit MasterCard customer service using the toll-free number. Avoiding unemployment insurance fraud is best done by reporting the missing debit card immediately to the proper authorities. One of the benefits of the Georgia UI debit card is that there are no charges for reporting it lost or stolen. You can learn more about reporting a lost or stolen UI Way2Go debit card by downloading our comprehensive guide here.