Veteran Employment Assistance Programs in Georgia

There are many veteran employment assistance programs in Georgia designed to help veterans transition back into civilian life with gainful and suitable employment. Georgia Operation Workforce is a website implemented by the Georgia Department of Economic Development’s Workforce Division to offer resources and tools for employment search assistance. Georgia veterans employment assistance is also administered through several other programs to ensure veterans ease back into civilian life with profitable and local job opportunities. Veterans may review Georgia Operation Workforce eligibility requirements to learn how to qualify for veteran’s assistance available through the website. Finding out how to apply for jobs with Operation Workforce includes reviewing resources that veterans can use to connect with potential future employers throughout the state. To learn more about what is Operation Workforce in Georgia, how to apply and to review additional veteran employment assistance offered in the state, read through the following information.

Veteran Employment Assistance Programs in Georgia

In addition to the Georgia Operation Workforce program, there are additional GA veteran employment assistance programs available for veterans to assist them in obtaining employment quickly and successfully. Job assistance for Georgia veterans is administered by the state Workforce Division. Veterans can contact the department for more information on assistance programs. Some of the most useful veteran employment assistance programs in Georgia include the following:

  • Hire a Georgia Veteran Campaign: This Georgia Operation Workforce campaign assists veterans with gaining employment by encouraging employers to sign a pledge to support veterans. Employers who pledge to participate in the program focus on marketing their companies’ available job opportunities to veterans.
  • Troops to Trucks: As a Georgia veterans employment assistance program, Troops to Trucks helps military personnel break into the transportation industry and obtain driving jobs throughout the state. With exposure to employment and training opportunities, veterans in the program can quickly become properly licensed and available for employment.
  • Veterans and Spousal Licensure Act: This program expedites the transfer of military licensures into civilian credentials. The veteran employment assistance program in GA allows veterans to qualify for employment opportunities and connect with potential future employers.
  • Veteran Fast Launch: This veteran employment assistance program in Georgia is administered by the SCORE Foundation and offers free software and services to assist veterans in starting their own businesses. The program encourages veterans to overcome the challenges of becoming small business owners by assisting with planning, implementation and management.
  • Boots to Business: This program also offers job assistance for Georgia veterans who are interested in starting their own businesses. Implemented by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), Books to Business offers education on small business startups and information on available free resources for veteran entrepreneurs.

In addition to these veteran employment assistance programs in Georgia, the Veterans Business Outreach Program (VBOP) is also available to former armed forces personnel interested in opening their own businesses. It provides entrepreneurial advice, counseling and mentoring from small business experts to veterans considering entrepreneurship. To learn more about Georgia veterans employment assistance programs available throughout the state, download our informative online guide.

What is Operation Workforce in Georgia?

The Georgia Operation Workforce Program is an online resource dedicated to assisting veterans in searching for employment opportunities. Veterans wondering “What is Operation Workforce in Georgia?” should explore the web portal and the resources and tools available on the website. Georgia veterans employment assistance provided through the online program allows users to create a profile, upload a resume and search for jobs from employers who support veteran employment. The Georgia Operation Workforce web portal offers veterans information and access to:

  • The Georgia Department of Veteran Service.
  • The Georgia Department of Labor Veteran Resources.
  • The Georgia Department of Driver Service.
  • The Technical College System of Georgia.
  • The Georgia National Guard Family Support Foundation.

Georgia veterans’ employment assistance through the Operation Workforce website also includes links and access to the Wounded Warrior Project and the Hire Our Heroes program. The assistance provided on the GA Operation Workforce web portal is designed to assist veterans in obtaining the training, education and job opportunities they need to become employed civilians. To learn more about the resources available on the website and Georgia Operation Workforce eligibility requirements, download our comprehensive online guide.

Applying for Georgia Veterans Employment Assistance

The Georgia Operation Workforce program and its resources are available strictly for veterans who have served the country and now need assistance with employment. To meet Georgia Operation Workforce eligibility requirements and to receive benefits from additional programs implemented by the Georgia Department of Economic Development’s Workforce Division, veterans must prove they served in the military. To learn how to apply for jobs with Operation Workforce, applicants must first enter their Military Occupational Job Code into the web portal. This allows potential employers to understand the skillset and background the prospective employee possesses.

The Georgia veterans employment assistance program also allows veterans to create an online account and store resumes, cover letters and additional details through an online profile. The GA veteran job assistance program also encourages registered online users who have verified their veteran status to search through local jobs for which they may be suited. The Georgia Operation Workforce website may recommend open job postings based on a registered user’s skillset and experience. Another benefit for ex-service members offered by Operation Workforce is the opportunity to connect with some of Georgia’s top employers to inquire about the types of employees they are looking for.