Did Georgia accept the ACA Expansion?

The Affordable Care Act Medicaid expansion plan was made available to Georgia and all other states in the early 2010s. The ACA Medicaid expansion aims to keep more low-income people in good health by offering Medicaid benefits to those who previously could not apply for the program. Yet, the federal government did not make the Obamacare expansion mandatory. Instead each state has been given the option to take part in the expansion. When most people hear about the expansion, they usually ask themselves questions like, “What is the expansion of Medicaid?” or “How will my Medicaid benefits be affected?” Before those questions can be answered, it is important to know if your state has accepted or opted out of the ACA expansion. For Obamacare Medicaid expansion details and to learn if Georgia has accepted the expansion of Medicaid, continue reading the below topics.

The ACA Medicaid Expansion in Georgia

Since the Georgia Affordable Care Act Medicaid eligibility requirements broaden with the enactment of the expansion, the federal government gave state officials the option to accept it. While there are many reasons a state may not accept the expansion, the ACA Medicaid expansion cost to states is one of the most prominent reasons for state officials to oppose the expansion program. Even though the federal government would fund a large portion of the Affordable Care Act expansion of Medicaid, the program could still end up costing the state of Georgia a lot of state funds overtime. Washington D.C. and 31 states have accepted the Medicaid expansion. However, Georgia law makers decided against the expansion. The funding as well as the lack of state control that would come with accepting the expansion is mainly way Georgia officials voted against it.

Georgia Affordable Care Act Medicaid Eligibility

If Georgia had accepted the expansion, then the Affordable Care Act Medicaid eligibility standards would have changed who can enroll in the program. The Affordable Care Act Medicaid application standards are far less strict than previous guidelines. The expansion changed the requirements, making income level the only aspect of an applicant considered to gage program acceptance. In states that accepted the expansion, applicants who earn less that a percentage of the Federal Poverty Level are eligible for Obamacare coverage. This would allow more low-income individuals and families to receive Medicaid benefits. Adults who do not have children, are not disabled or elderly would have the opportunity to enroll in Medicaid, as they would not have had the opportunity to do so before.

Since Georgia did not vote the Affordable Care Act expansion in Georgia into law, the new Affordable Care Act Medicaid eligibility requirements are not in affect. Previous standards for enrollment have not been changed. This means that those with qualifying low incomes who are pregnant, disabled, a minor, a parent of a minor or are elderly can qualify for Medicaid assistance in Georgia. Adults with no children are unable to receive Medicaid assistance in Georgia regardless of income.

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How to Apply for Georgia ACA Medicaid

What is the Obamacare Medicaid expansion application process in Georgia? There is no ACA Medicaid application since the state has not accept the expansion plan. However, if you still need Medicaid coverage and believe you have met the existing eligibility requirements, then you can still learn how to apply for Medicaid benefits in Georgia.

You can submit the Georgia Medicaid application in person by visiting a local Georgia Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS) office. You can also call an office or the department to have an application sent to your address. However, the easiest application method can be found through the internet. The state of Georgia and the federal government have online systems that allow you to submit your application electronically. This method will also give you faster results. All applicants will find out if the Georgia Medicaid program has accepted them via the mail.

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Additional Details on the ACA Medicaid Expansion in Georgia

Georgia did not accept the Affordable Care Act Medicaid expansion and existing beneficiaries will need to meet the existing Medicaid eligibility requirements to continue to receive coverage. Enrollees from states that accepted the ACA Medicaid expansion who receive medical care in Georgia will need to seek compensation from their home state. Medicaid from Georgia will not cover costs from medical bills in other states and Medicaid from other states will not cover medical expenses acquired in Georgia.

If you do not have a permanent residence in Georgia, then you will have to apply for Medicaid in your home state or officially move your address to Georgia. When applying for Medicaid benefits using the ACA Medicaid application or the standards Medicaid application, you must tell the truth. Giving false information during the Medicaid enrollment process is a serious offense that comes with legal consequences. Georgia residents applying for Medicaid in a state that accepted the Obamacare expansion will not be able to enroll out of state, even if they meet the income requires for that jurisdiction. Always give true information when applying to a government program.

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