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Tips For Purchasing the Health Insurance Through The Marketplace

In the state of Georgia, some health insurance companies will not offer individual coverage in the coming year. Utilize the Health Insurance Marketplace to find providers that will offer assistance in paying monthly premiums and lower deductibles. The Marketplace is tailored to your particular state, income level, household size and healthcare needs. You can find insurance that meets the minimum federal requirements with’s helpful tips.

Understand Income Requirements

Unlike some other assistance programs, the Marketplace relies on your anticipated income for the upcoming coverage year. This means that before you apply, you should take stock of any changes to employment status, work or living arrangements that will impact your monthly earnings. To calculate your expected household income, you must consider earnings from both your spouse and you, or other working members of your household. If you anticipate a change to the number of dependents you will claim on your taxes for the next year, you should account for these changes when filling out your application, as these changes will impact the plans for which you can qualify.

In Georgia, if you make $20,000 or less a year and have children, you may qualify for a government subsidy of $300 or more towards your monthly premium. You may also qualify for low deductibles of $100 to $200 a year. This may mean that you pay a small fee for regular doctors’ visits.

On some health plans in Georgia, you may not have a deductible, and may only be responsible for paying a monthly premium for your family’s health insurance.

Types of Plans Available

There are several kinds of plans available in Georgia that dictate how many hospital and physician options you have when seeking care. Some plans include vision and dental, whereas others ask that you add on this coverage for an additional cost.

Typically, HMO plans restrict your available doctors and hospitals to those inside a designated network. This is a great choice to save money and to gain the best access to your benefits.

PPO plans may allow you to see a specialist or go to a hospital outside your network, and still use your copay amount; however, you could pay more or not receive access to certain benefits.