Georgia Vital Records

Georgia vital records consist of documents that serve as evidence of specific important events in a person’s life commonly referred to as life events. Also called vital statistics, these records typically include information on an individual’s birth and death as well as details of marriage and divorce, if applicable. A bureau of vital statistics unique to each state is usually responsible for keeping these records. The department of vital records in Georgia is referred to as the Georgia Department of Public Health Office of Vital Records. This office has a central location in Atlanta and 159 local county offices that not only manage these records but also provide certificates of these records to state residents or other parties who may need them. Some of these vital statistic records, such as birth certificates, are essential in proving an individual’s identity and his or her status as a citizen of the United States for legal purposes. Petitioners often request copies of vital records when learning how to obtain health benefits from the government.

The department of vital statistics allows you to apply for the four most common types of records mentioned in the previous paragraph: birth, death, marriage and death. The GA vital records office provides several ways in which you can request records for yourself or another individual, provided that you have the necessary information for that individual. The office of vital records is partnered with a trusted third-party provider to offer birth and death certificates online. Birth records can requested from as far back as 1919, although some county offices may be able to offer records from before that year. The office of vital statistics also lets you request vital records via mail. Keep in mind, however, that you will need to complete and submit a separate application for each type of record. Finally, vital certificates can be requested directly at the central Office of Vital Records in Atlanta or at any of the local county offices located throughout the state. The information below provides more details on the different types of vital records available in Georgia as well as who is eligible to obtain them, how they are used and how to request them.

Georgia Birth Records

Georgia birth certificates are official accounts of births that take place in the state. This vital record is your first form of identification and is needed to obtain every other form of legal identification. While an original birth certificate is issued after the birth takes place, many people request copies for various purposes so the original can be safely kept. You can request a copy of a GA birth record in a couple of different ways, including online or by mail. Before you decide how to obtain birth certificate copies, please note that Georgia only offers copies of births that occurred after January 1919 to immediate descendants, legal representatives of the registrant’s family and government officials at the state or federal level. When you apply for a birth certificate, you are expected to provide a signature, present a photo ID and pay a service fee so your request can be processed. Read More

Georgia Death Records

Death records in Georgia certify the cause, date and location of an individual’s death in the state once a medical professional has confirmed the death. Before you ask how to obtain a death certificate, make sure a medical examiner has completed the proper paperwork and sent it to the state to process. A Georgia death index is a public record of all the deaths that have been documented since the year 1919 and helps individuals search for the records they are searching for. Although difficult to deal with after the loss of a loved one, a death certificate is necessary for settling accounts and estates of the deceased. A death certificate search online can be a simple way to secure the documentation you need. Read More

Georgia Marriage Records

A Georgia marriage license is issued once the intended couple have applied for one and have been approved by a county court office. Then, a marriage certificate is authorized after the marriage has been officiated. Marriage records are open to the public, and anyone seeking a copy of one can obtain it easily. However, certain documents are private and have restrictions on who can request certified copies. When you seek a copy of marriage certificate, there a very few ways you can access the papers, which include through Georgia’s State Office of Vital Records and through a county Probate Court. Read More

Georgia Divorce Records

Divorce records in Georgia indicate a dissolution of marriage has been legally recognize by the Superior Court. A divorce certificate is issued once a marriage has officially been dissolved and is an essential vital record for rearranging your life after a divorce. You might wonder, “How do I get my divorce papers?” after your divorce is finalized. Fortunately, the process for obtaining divorce documents is fairly simple, although it may take some time to receive the papers you need after you have submitted your request. A copy of divorce papers can be ordered through the State Office of Vital Records or the Superior Court in which the divorce was filed. Read More

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