Georgia Birth Records

Georgia birth certificates are official accounts of births that take place in the state. This vital record is your first form of identification and is needed to obtain every other form of legal identification. While an original birth certificate is issued after the birth takes place, many people request copies for various purposes so the original can be safely kept. You can request a copy of a GA birth record in a couple of different ways, including online or by mail. Before you decide how to obtain birth certificate copies, please note that Georgia only offers copies of births that occurred after January 1919 to immediate descendants, legal representatives of the registrant’s family and government officials at the state or federal level. When you apply for a birth certificate, you are expected to provide a signature, present a photo ID and pay a service fee so your request can be processed. Continue reading the sections below for more information on requesting a certified copy of a birth certificate.

Order a Georgia Birth Record Online

Ordering a certified birth certificate in Georgia is convenient and easy when you request it online. This is because the birth certificate application can be completed and processed much faster than it could be through other methods. You order a birth certificate form on your own time and know it will be received without delay. Simply upload a copy of your picture ID, provide an electronic signature, pay the application fee and press submit so your request can be quickly processed. You should receive the duplicate of birth certificate in the mail within a few days, safely and securely. To order birth certificate online from a trusted third-party provider today, press this link here.

Request Georgia Birth Certificates by Mail

To request a birth certificate copy by mail, you need to obtain a copy of the application first. You have to access the birth certificate application online and in person before you can fill it out, which means printing it out or going out of your way to visit your County Vital Records Office. Then you will have to find a stamp and hope your birth certificate request reaches the State Office of Vital Records in Atlanta without delay or damage. After you have submitted your form, it could take eight to 10 weeks to receive your birth certificate. If you are already planning on printing your birth certificate application online, then you might as well order your certified birth certificate through a secure third-party provider by clicking here.

Obtain a Georgia Certificate of Birth in Person

The only way to order birth certificate in person is to visit a County Vital Records Office, which you first must locate by searching online. Your copy of birth certificate can be ordered immediately, but you will have to take time off work to visit the office since it is only open Monday through Friday during business hours. Additionally, you may be subject to waiting in long lines once you are there.

Types of Birth Certificates in Georgia

A certified copy of a birth certificate in Georgia only comes in one form, unless you need a signature verifying the authenticity of the certificate. These are called apostille or exemplified birth certificates and are usually used for visa purposes since a foreign embassy has to take precautions when verifying your identity. Any replacement birth certificate or extra copy of a birth certificate you request, regardless of where you order it from, will be a certified copy and can be used for any official purpose.

As mentioned above, these certified birth certificate copies can only be ordered by specific individuals. Along with the person named on the certificate, immediate family who can request a certified birth certificate copy include the parents named on the document, legal guardians, grandparents, adult children and siblings of the registrant. Spouses of the named individual are also able to request a birth certificate copy as long as they provide a copy of their marriage certificate, a copy of the spouse’s photo ID and a notarized letter granting permission from the spouse. Siblings or adult children of the registrant must provide a copy of their own birth certificate that names the person on the birth certificate they are requesting.

Uses for Georgia Birth Records

As mentioned previously, you need a birth certificate in Georgia to obtain any other form of official identification. Uses for a certified birth certificate include applying for a regular photo ID, a driver’s license and a Social Security card. If you plan on getting a passport so you can travel abroad, you cannot do so without providing a copy of your birth certificate. This process could take weeks, so it is best to keep two copies of your birth certificate in your personal file. Additionally, birth certificates are used when enrolling your child in school or registering for medical services. Sometimes, government assistance programs will also request a photocopy of a birth certificate if other forms of identification do not suffice during the application process. In some cases, an employer will request a copy of a birth certificate in order to confirm a prospective employee’s identity.

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