Georgia Death Records

Death records in Georgia certify the cause, date and location of an individual’s death in the state once a medical professional has confirmed the death. Before you ask how to obtain a death certificate, make sure a medical examiner has completed the proper paperwork and sent it to the state to process. A Georgia death index is a public record of all the deaths that have been documented since the year 1919 and helps individuals search for the records they are searching for. Although difficult to deal with after the loss of a loved one, a death certificate is necessary for settling accounts and estates of the deceased. A death certificate search online can be a simple way to secure the documentation you need. Find a death certificate online, by phone or mail and continue reading the sections below for more information.

Get Georgia Death Certificate Online

You can get a Georgia death certificate online quickly and easily in just a few simple steps. If your primary concern is, “How long does it take to get a death certificate?” then ordering your death record document online is a good solution. To access public death records for an individual, all you have to do is provide a photocopy of your ID, complete and sign the request form and pay the application fee. By ordering a copy of death certificate online, you know your application will be processed right away and you will receive the certified record in just a few days. Place your death certificate request now with a reputable third-party vendor by clicking here.

Order a Georgia Death Certificate by Mail

If you are wondering how to get death certificate in Georgia by mail, then you first need to be aware that you will have to obtain a copy of the death records request application. Find an application for death certificate by going online or paying a visit to a County Vital Records Office, which is often out of the way for many people. After you have an application, you will still need to send it to the State Office of Vital Records in Atlanta, where your request runs the risk of getting lost or delayed. To order death certificate by mail, the entire process takes a minimum of eight weeks, which is a long time to wait if you are trying to handle the affairs of your loved one.

Obtain Georgia Death Records in Person

In order to request death certificate in person, you will have to locate the nearest County vital Records Office and take time out of your day to get there. You may have to take time off work to make it to the office since it is only open during business hours, and if you live in a busy city, then you will run into traffic on your way there. Instead of taking time out of your busy day to get a death certificate and stressing more than you already are, considering ordering it online. The death certificate application process takes minutes and you can complete your request wherever internet service is available. Order a death certificate through our third-party provider’s secure online platform now by clicking here.

Who is eligible to order death records in Georgia?

In Georgia, death records can only be obtained by immediate family members of the deceased and legal representatives of the family. Immediate family members who can order a death certificate in GA are defined as children older than 18 years of age, parents, grandparents, siblings and spouses. Regardless of your relation to the deceased, when you request a death certificate, you must present a valid and tangible reason for needing the document. If a legal representative is seeking a copy of death certificate, then he or she should present a photocopy of his or her credentials. Government officials may also seek copies of death certificates, in which they must present a legal reason for doing so and their professional identification as well. 

Types of Georgia Death Certificates

When you find death certificate in GA, you can only receive one form of a death record. All copies of death certificates order in the state are certified copies and can be used for any legal or official purposes. A certified copy of death certificate lists the name of the deceased, his or her cause of death, the time of death, the county of death and the date and time the death was officially recorded by medical examiners.

Uses for Georgia Death Records

Death records can be used for a variety of different reasons, whether you need them to resolve matters of the deceased or for your own personal record keeping. A copy of death certificate can be used to claim life insurance benefits or cease Social Security payments. Legal representatives work with the family to settle any estates, which can include bank accounts and real estate holdings, and carry out the last will and testament of the deceased. Spouses or children of the deceased need death records to claim Medicaid, pension payments or other benefits the deceased was eligible to receive. To be prepared for any circumstance, it is best to keep a couple of copies of a death certificate in your personal files.

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